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Musical Instruments USB Drive - Hobby Flash Drive - Cello Guitar Piano

Musical Instruments USB Drive - Hobby Flash Drive - Cello Guitar Piano

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Color: Azure Guitar


  • Guitar flash drive for students for a complete cool dude style. A stylish USB drive for kids for schools and colleges. USB flash drive shaped in fun musical instruments are perfect portable storage device for your bight schooler. It is super cute, colorful and stylish pen drive for young adults. Let them have a bit of fun while they learn with this eye catching thumb drive. You can count on this USB pen drive to store plenty of pictures, videos, and other digital favorites wherever you go.
  • Suitable for various of operating platforms. High-quality casing for durability with lightweight design. No external power supply needed, support BIOS, USB-HDD, ZIP start mode. PLUG & PLAY - No need to install any software, just simple plug into the USB port of computer or other devices and use it! COMPATIBILTY - Supports almost all operating system. USAGE - Fast Data transmission speed, suitable for storing digital data for school, business or daily usage.
  • Speed: Read: 12 - 18 Mb/secs; Write: 4 - 6 Mb/secs
  • Shape: Guitar; Color: Azure blue; Material: Silicone
  • Size: 9 cm * 3.2 cm * 0.9 cm; Memory Size: 16 GB


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