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  1. Geometric Coffee Necklace

    Geometric Coffee Necklace


    The triangle clustered geometric design makes for a simple, yet refreshing fashion accessory. The coffee and off white brushed with gold hang from a plated gold chain. Instantly update your look with this bold necklace with a metallic appearance. Learn More
  2. Exaggerated Shiny Necklace

    Exaggerated Shiny Necklace


    Sweep the party away with this bold exaggerated two toned gold statement necklace.The beauty of this cannot be merely described. It's gorgeous, to say it all! With nice geometry and great detailing, this statement necklace has a bit of shimmer in absolute balance. Learn More
  3. Gold Choker Necklace

    Gold Choker Necklace


    Flaunt a street-chic style with an utterly feminine finish with this gold choker necklace. A unique pattern of chunky chain with pave link pendant and a refined look. If you are looking for an admirable jewelry to revv up a casual ensemble, this statement choker is a perfect accessory. Learn More
  4. Spike Necklace

    Spike Necklace


    Spike necklace has ample triangular gold spikes in punk style, tempered by a chunky gold chain. An edgy glam look of this necklace puts you on the wrong side, and still makes you look fab ! Rock you look with this triangular punk spike collar pulling off a tough-chic attitude. Learn More
  5. Leopard Collar Necklace

    Leopard Collar Necklace


    A signature statement leopard collar finished in gold & black. Make all your friends swoon by this fierce designed collar. Let this collar statement necklace make a mark against a neutral blouse for added sophistication. Learn More
  6. Multi-Chain Luxury Statement

    Multi-Chain Luxury Statement


    Multi-chain luxury statement necklace makes an elegant statement for an evening wear. Featuring 12 layered chains assembled with luxe connectors in a hollow design, withholding pearls and rhinestones. Start a chain reaction of the onlookers with this seriously bold statement necklace with an umph hard to resist. Learn More
  7. Choker Necklace - Gold

    Choker Necklace - Gold


    This oversized gold choker necklace is a wardrobe must in statement making necklace. The nature-inspired influence, our choker necklace features delicate petal-like detailing. The choker in necklace is finished with an adjustable closure for you to wear as a choker or go lower on the neck. Learn More

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