Your New Year’s Eve Guide to Looking Sexy this Year

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New Year’s is almost here, and chances are high that you have been invited to a party of some sort, or you simply have planned on going out to enjoy the occasion. Whether you are going to a close friend’s house, hanging out with your boyfriend, or watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop firsthand in New York, dressing up is always a fun part of the festivities. During New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, practically anything goes: from bejeweled eye shadow to feather boas, this is a time where you can essentially pull off whatever you want. However, you might as well do it in style! If you have been struggling to come up with some sexy, hip, or fashionable New Year’s Eve outfits, then this guide will help you out.

The Little Black Dress

Everyone adores the little black dress, and it’s for a good reason: it’s both sexy and versatile. Black goes with everything—and not only that, but you can find your little black dress in a plethora of different styles. Some little black dresses have interesting strap designs, such as a one strap dress, or even a strapless dress with one long sleeve. Many sexy party dresses – including little black dresses – come with new sheer cut-outs, which is a very stylish and sexy option.

The Sequin Dress

Now, the sequin dress might not be everyone’s favorite, but during the New Year festivities, sequins are totally apropos. Like the little black dress, the sequin dress is versatile; you can choose from a variety of colors to wear. Some of the best colors to wear for the New Year are black, silver, purple, and gold, but it’s completely up to you on which color to wear. Remember, during the New Year, being bold and daring with your fashion sense is absolutely acceptable and highly encouraged. Don’t be afraid to rock a silver sequin dress with a pair of black high heels, along with a chunky silver and black necklace.

The High Low Dress

This dress is not only sexy, but eye-catching as well. It is hard to not take notice of someone wearing this dress, because it is sexy in the front, but beautiful, graceful, and flowing in the back. If your goal this year is to appear sophisticated and sexy at the same time, then make sure to get your hands on a gorgeous high low dress. Your high low dress can be in all black or it could even have sequins on the bodice just to add a little bit more of a New Year’s flair. Whichever option you consider, your high low dress will accomplish the appearance of grace and sophistication that not many other dresses can pull off.

Remember, these three dress options can be enhanced with your own personal choice of sparkling jewelry, soft cardigans, or four-inch heels. The opportunities are truly endless when it comes to New Year’s fashion; just remember the going over the top is perfectly acceptable.