Women’s Fashion 2013

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Today’s women’s fashion mainly reads ‘comfort with style’. Gone are the days when people wore and carried around heavy and uncomfortable stuff over one’s body just for the sake of the ‘current trend’. The ‘corset’ days are over. Today’s individual believes comfort is his and her right and fight for it. But the human mind’s romance with style is still in vogue. No matter what the day and age, man and woman still yearns to be in style. Hence, comfort in style is the fashion mantra of 2013. This is true both with Men’s and Women’s fashion trends. Today’s trend tells the woman to wear a natural shaded lipstick and to do away with the lip liner for that younger look. It tells her to let down her hair, be it straight or hanging in ringlets. It tells her to wear bright and light clothes in the summer and sleek and tight clothes in the winter. All speaking of comfort. And the man is now making more visits to unisex parlors than ever before. Now he is also into facials, bleaches and other parlor pampers which were all until a few years back considered ‘women’s nonsense’. Dare one now call it ‘men’s nonsense’? I don’t think so.


We might rather call it ‘the unisex sense’. That is 2013 for you. Stylish accessories have always been a vital part of clothing fashions . But today accessories do not end with handbags, shoes, belts and scarves. It has extended beyond them to include pets, social websites, chat rooms, type of earphones, and what not. Handbags, shoes, belts and glasses of course matter, but the color of your tablet or type of e-book pouch matter too. Gone are the days when school girls wore simple ribbons and bows in their hair. Now they have replaced it with ‘gels’ and ‘streaks’. But I am partial to streaked hair. I just love them, if not overly done. The highlights reflect more joy and color on the person sporting them. Talking of joy and color in fashion, we got to talk about online shopping and its various comforts and edges over ‘real shopping’. Women’s clothing websites offer a plethora of types, colors, designs, and models of attire and in myriad hues, complete with efficient dispatch, return, re-fit and made to order facilities. With this kind of dexterity and trust offered by online shopping websites, real-time shops stand little chance.

With players like Eva Mendez, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton and Gipsy Dharma setting and changing fashion trends by the minute, the insiders and middle men of the fashion industry are always hard pressed to keep up with the pace, but the world of fashion, then and now has always been the same: a ‘survival of the fittest’. Adding to the frenzy are online VIP boutique lounges and e-boutiques that exist virtually yet physically for all purposes. Yet the world of fashion thrives on perched on its ever restless axis, enveloping all in its wake with its special excitement, passion, secrets, success, glory and sheer spirit. So women’s fashion 2013 is definitely the place for you to be in if you want to be in style.