Why Women Cheat: The Unfaithful Wife

Why Women Cheat: The Unfaithful Wife
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Why women cheat? Has this thought ever crossed your mind? Across the globe, there is infidelity or adultry in relationships. Infidelity in marriage is heart breaking, but it happens all the time. Signs of infidelity always exists. But in most relations, by the time the partner realizes that, it’s already too late.

Our society has been talking about the reasons why do men cheat from decades. Men cheat, and so do women. We have all heard of an unfaithful wife. Reasons why women cheat is very different than why men cheat. Here we would like to share some reasons of women cheating. Reasons for wife cheating her husband could be plenty. This by no way is an excuse or justification for this unforgiving behavior. This is just shedding some light on what goes wrong in the marriage that leads the wife to take the path of being that unfaithful wife. If you see signs of any of these in your marriage, it’s time to take action. Change the dynamics, before its too late.

Reasons Why Women Cheat:

1. The Low Self-Esteem Wife:

Being a woman means, being a mother to someone, a wife to someone. The job of a house-maker is not easy. She keeps the family together, runs all errands and it can be exhausting. Home-maker, being a thankless job, at times could be frustrating. With time, a woman cares less about her own self. As she grows old, her age shows and she looks physically unattractive. The self esteem is low, and she no longer feels wanted or desirable. Looks do take a toil and she is not sexy anymore. Her marriage and her relationship is taken for granted.

why women cheat

In this situation, what happens if a man comes into her life and makes her feel wanted. He compliments her and shows interest in her. She feels desired and so her self esteem rises. A person with high self esteem is also happy. And so the woman leans towards this new man and begins to cheat in her relationship. She will always show signs of cheating, if the partner is noticing.

2. The Emotionally Starved Wife:

The ‘I am so lonely wife’ falls in this category of infidelity. The women who seek relationship outside of the marriage, are emotionally starved. The husband is too busy and the wife stays home all day. She has no one to talk to during the day and the husband comes home late and has no emotional connect with the wife.

Take other situation wherein both husband and wife work and are too busy in their schedule. They have everything materialistic in their life, but objects cannot fill in for the emotional need that humans have.

Then there are other women who long for a child in the family and for financial or medical reasons, cannot have one. In all these situations, women are longing to have someone with them to share time with. They seek emotional attachement.

In such condition, if a man steps in and strikes the emotional vacuum in her life, she would melt and risk her relationship. This is one very common reason why women have affairs outside the marriage. Research has shown that even women with good moral character, when emotionally starved, turn into unfaithful wives.

3. The Revengeful Wife:

Infidelity in relationship by men is very common. At times the only reason why women cheat her life partner is because she wants her husband to go through the same pain that she went through when she was being cheated. Women, when decide to get back, can be really bad. She would do everything on earth to get back to her man.

A devoted wife and mother, sees her world shattered if her husband cheats on her. She spent every minute of her time for her family. Her life revolves around the members of the family, and just a small sign of cheating, can destroy her palace of dreams.

So an angry and hurt woman can cheat in a relationship. She wants her man to go through that dilemma of ‘is my wife cheating’ all the time.

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4. The Thrilling Wife:

With time marriages get boring and predictable. The romance takes the back seat. People do different things in life to retain excitement. They get thrilled by adventures. Women seek excitement when the relationship gets boring. However instead of going for an adventure sport, some women get thrilled by having an affair outside the marriage. They are serial cheaters and cheat just because they get some kind of kick in that. They love their husbands and are not planning on leaving them, but just need something extra to keep the excitement going.

Unfaithful woman who resort to cheating for this reason, don’t go too far. The world comes crumbling down when their act is revealed.

5. The Sexually Deprived Wife:

sexually deprived womenWomen need sex, just as men. If she isn’t getting enough at home, she will look outside of marriage. As the romance in marriage fades, the sex graph goes down. As a man ages, his testosterone goes down and then become less inclined to have sex or develops sexual dysfunction. A wife then has a husband who comes to bed and reads a book or watches football.

He also avoids getting into positions that lead to ‘sex’ discussion. Ignoring a women’s sexual need would lead to the pain of cheating over a period of time. When a woman no longer feels that her husband needs her sexually, she feels uncared and deprived in the relationship.

She will step outside of the marriage for physical satisfaction.

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6. The Materialistic Wife:

Women crave for physical, emotional and ‘financial’ needs. Every women wants the best of clothes, shoes & jewelry. Money is driving factor for most decisions in today’s materialistic life. A man should earn enough, so his wife could spend.

If the wife sees financial crisis all the time, she would have to hold herself back on materialistic possessions. In such cases, she can go to an extreme situation of finding a rich man and fulfilling her materialistic needs with him. In return she would give physical pleasure.

It is unfortunate that this is one of the reasons why women cheat their husband, but it is not uncommon.

7. Wife Stuck in Relationship:

Marriages at times, serve as an eye opener. When you date someone, you step forward to marry  because you like that guy. Just after you are  married, you realize that everything you really liked, does not exist anymore. It’s like meeting a new person altogether. Your expectations just go down the drain. In search of living the life the woman imagined, she would look outside of marriage to see if there are options. She would think that stepping out may help her feel better.

It does, but those are unrealistic expectations to improve.

8. The Mistreated Wife:

Women in so many households that are tortured emotionally and physically. They are mistreated to the extent that they show marks on their body. They are physically assaulted and even raped in marriages. Usually these women either do not have any family support or they do not have the courage to step out and tell the world that her husband is such an asshole.


Now with a marriage like this, any man who walks in and listens to her agony, they just get driven in search of true love.

9. The Ready to Dump Wife:

Other reasons woman cheat is just to find a way to move out of the relationship. Woman may have an affair just so she can give the man a reason to break the relationship. That’s exactly what she wants. She wants to dump you, but cannot think of any other easy way than making you feel that she is cheating on you. So yes, woman do cheat on purpose. If this is the reason, why she is cheating, she has already gone too far in her decision.

10. Pre-Menopause:

Pre-menopause is a very common reason why women cheat. It may sound unbelievable, but relationship experts says that harmonal changes may be a reason for a wandering unfaithful wife. Women experience sexual flashes and increased biological needs in their pre-menopause days. During this time, if their increased sex demand is not satisfied, they step out and cheat their husbands just to fulfill their biological need.

11. Homosexuality:

Homosexuality could be a reason for women cheating her man. She might have always been attracted to other women but choose to get married instead. Her marriage justifies her as ‘normal’ girl when she is not ready to face the odds that may appear if she tells the world that she is homosexual or bisexual. Later in the marriage she may step out and cheat with another woman, in order to fulfill her desires. Signs of homosexuaity in men and women are very different. A man may never know for life that his wife is a homosexual.

Regardless of why women cheat, there is no justification to this behavior. Whatever the reason of infidelity, cheating is an emotional crime. It’s only the cheater who is responsible, no matter why they cheated in the first place. A man and woman should look at solving the marital issues by talking to each other before they go for a couples therapy. Divorce should be the last resort.

One should be legally free, before getting into a relationship with someone else. What do you think are some reasons why women cheat? Have you come across anyone doing so in your family or friend circle. Share your thoughts on what you feel in this situation.

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