What 17 Myths Men have about Women Orgasm?

What 17 Myths Men have about Women Orgasm?
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When a man sees a pretty girl walk up-to him, wearing a small dress, high heels, styling a statement making accessory and wearing make-up that is just right, in his mind, he almost instantly thinks about sex. For women, having an intimate relation is more emotional than visual or physical. Have intimacy in mind, did you know the myths men have about women orgasm? To give pleasure to a woman , it is important to know the women body parts or in other words – female anatomy.

Men and women are very different in all aspects of life. Bedroom matters confirm the commonly used statement that men are from Mars and women from Venus, totally different planets. How men think about sex is not the same way women do, and this has been a source of so many bedroom fights for couples. For the longest time, men have had the confidence that they are the sex geniuses and know everything including the female anatomy. As a result of this, they have developed some myths over time most of which have come to be known as the truth. Women have however come out in attempts to kill these myths and make men understand that every woman functions differently.

Here are 17 myths men have about women orgasm.

1. The larger the penis the faster a woman will reach orgasm

This is a common belief which for the longest time has even led women to check out the size of the penis before deciding to settle down with a man. Men on the other hand have been pushed towards trying out penis enlargement products to avoid being left out. The fact however is that penis size makes very little difference if any because a woman’s vagina is made up of muscles that expand and contract to accommodate the size of the penis.

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2.  You will know when she is faking orgasm

This is another myth that has been out there and men have been living with the deception that they will be able to tell when a woman fakes orgasm. The truth however is, only the woman knows what is happening to her and whether what she had was real or fake orgasm.

3. There has to be orgasm for sex to be complete

Women enjoy sex and can get satisfied without reaching orgasm. In most cases women can attest to the fact that sometimes they themselves are not aware of whether they have reached orgasm or not.

4. Condoms delay orgasm

Condoms are used as protective measures against unwanted pregnancy. They are made in a way that will ensure the sex experience is not compromised. Fact therefore is that condoms do not delay orgasm.

5. All sex positions work for every woman

Women are different from each other and what works for one might not work for another. This applies even to sex positions whereby what can be the best position for one person is dreaded by the other. For successful orgasm, comfort is important and hence the man needs to know what works best for his woman.

6. Vibrators can be used and the orgasmic experience will just be the same

Vibrators are just accessories used as alternatives for sexual pleasure, but truth is that they can never replace a sexual partner. This is just a gadget that you cannot communicate with while the best sexual experience involves lots of communication.

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7. Quickies do not work for women

When a woman is going in for a quickie, her mind registers just that and since sex starts in the mind, she has a higher chance of reaching orgasm within the few minutes. While it is true that women need time to prepare for sex, quickies work too depending on how much they were longing for sex. Clitorial stimulation help reach orgasm faster.

8. Gentle sex is more enjoyable for women

This is considered a myth because the kind of sex women enjoy varies from person to person. There are people who will never reach orgasm when having it gently. They need wild sex to be able to feel the impact. On the other hand, some prefer the gently cuddly feeling for them to reach orgasm.

9. The only purpose of sex is to get an orgasm

As stated earlier on, men and women are very different in every way. For women, sex is a way of connecting with their partner and communicating the deepest feelings that cannot be communicated verbally and this can be achieved irrespective of whether they reach orgasm or not.

10. Women get orgasm easily

This is a myth because the time it takes for a woman to get orgasm depends on many factors including their state of mind at that particular time. There are times when she can go on and on even for hours and still not manage an orgasm.

11. It is possible to get multiple orgasms in one session

This is an outright myth, because orgasm is usually the peak of the sexual experience and after that, another one can be attained when that session comes to an end and another one begins, though not immediately.

12. Orgasm can last for hours

Sex can last for hours and hours but orgasm does not even last for a minute. It starts and ends almost immediately marking the end of sexual gratification for the woman. The act can continue, but after orgasm the woman is deriving very little pleasure.

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13. Orgasm can only be attained by vaginal sex

Any other form of sex can lead to orgasm and sometimes women even reach orgasm without sex or just by little stimulation. This depends on many factors such as the state of mind and how frequently she gets sex.

14. Women do not crave for sex

This myth has been going round for such a long time, but truth is, even women are sexual beings and they too can get aroused when they see a sexy man. Sex is in the mind for both men and women and just like men crave for it, women also have those moments.

15. There is a problem if she does not reach orgasm

Sexual enjoyment and orgasm are two very different things for a woman. Failure to reach orgasm does not mean there is a problem with any of them, but just nature.

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16. Both parties should reach orgasm at the same time

This has never been possible because the two people are very different. Even when it appears like both of them reached orgasm at the same time, paying close attention will make you realize they were seconds apart.

17. Orgasm amounts to sexual satisfaction

These are totally different feelings and not dependent on each other in any way. Sexual satisfaction is attained when the woman is comfortable, while orgasm can be reached any way.

These are the myths related to women orgasm that men have been carrying for centuries. Knowing the female body and behavior better would not only improve the physical satisfaction, but would also improve the emotional bonding between partners. What are some of the other myths you know around women orgasm?

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