Wedding Dresses 101: Knowing The Different Styles

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Picking a wedding dress can be the most crucial part of a wedding for most brides. Many women consider this as the most special day of their lives and they want to make sure they look their best. For brides who don’t know much about dresses though, they may have a hard time knowing what dress would be best for them and their wedding.

The key to choosing the best wedding dress is to first know all the different types and the features they offer. There are six basic styles that brides can choose from.


The column or sheath dress is a body-hugging dress that runs vertically from the shoulders straight to the floor. It would look best for brides who are slim and who have an hour-glass shape as it highlights their figure.

The column dress is also good for athletic looking brides with a lean shape and for petite brides as it will make them look taller.

This dress is good for intimate or casual-type weddings.

Ball gownball-gown-wedding-dress

This dress is also known as the fairy tale dress. The ball gown dress makes a bride look like a princess with its fitted bodice and full skirt that flares out from the waist down.

While the ball gown dress is not ideal for petite brides, ladies who are pear-shaped would look best with this dress.

It is best worn for large, formal and traditional weddings.


The empire dress is good for almost all body types, including those with pear, apple and hour-glass shapes.

It has a high waistline with the seam just below the bust and the fabric falling down to the floor. It is purely feminine and gorgeously flowing, to flatter every figure.

This is the most forgiving dress next to the A-line.


Like the ball gown, the A-line has a fitted bodice that ends up to the waist. The difference lies in the skirt. As the name suggests, the A-line’s skirt looks like the outline of the letter “A” which flows fluidly from the bust to the floor.

This is considered as the most flattering of all styles of wedding dresses. It hides tummy bulges, makes the bride look taller and make a round figure slimmer.

The A-line is a classic and simple dress that can be worn on any setting.


The mermaid dress is best for accentuating the curves of a bride. It hugs the body tight from top until the knee part highlighting the stomach and hip area. It then flares out from the knees. There is a similar type of wedding dress, the trumpet dress which looks like a mermaid dress from waist up.

The difference with the trumpet dress is it flares out from mid-thigh. Both dresses are best for brides with an hour-glass shape and those athletic brides with a triangular shape.

These are not ideal for apple and pear-shaped brides or petite brides.

Tea-length and MiniTea-length-wedding-dress

Traditional wedding dresses are long and fall to the floor. There are alternatives to this though. These are the tea-length and mini wedding dress. Both of these dresses are good for all body types.

The difference of the two lies on the dress’ height. The tea-length dress falls between the knee and ankle while the mini dress falls above the knee.

These dresses give you more movement and they are great for brides with killer legs.

In knowing the various styles of wedding dresses a bride can make a more informed decision and pick the best one. Before going to your trusted wedding dress shop to try their collection, make sure you get to know each type. And remember this: aside from picking one that looks great and that accentuates your best features, the most important thing is choosing one you’re most comfortable and feel most confident in.

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