Types of Pants for Women: Formal, Palazzo Trousers

Types of Pants for Women: Formal, Palazzo Trousers
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Ah…pants! Are you looking for different types of pants for women? One of the most underrated pieces of women’s clothing often prone to fashion blunders are pants. But the perfect pair of pants (chosen carefully according to the setting, of course) flatters your body type more than any other garment. It basically wins the Most Versatile Apparel award, because of its ability to match itself with the most number of top clothing – be it shirts, trench coats, blazers, tees, anything.

But it can be quite tricky to navigate through the various types of trousers for ladies.

List of different types of pants for women:

Whether you are looking for formal trouser pants or extremely comfortable yet stylish palazzo pants for women, the choices are endless. Then you also have types of pants that are comfy yet sexy. The choices you have are endless.

Let’s look at the different types of pants for women.

1. Harem Pants

harem pantsWe are talking about harem pants. The comfort level in this type of pants is absolutely high. The trousers gathers at the ankles and at waist. Waistbands, elastic or drawstrings hold the gathers evenly in a herem pant. They come in so many prints, plaids, checks or plains. The material usually used for harem pants are thin, so they do not look bulky with gathers.

2. Palazzo Pants

summer-plazzo-trend-with-hats-2014Yet another funky option are a pair of formal palazzo pants for women. Palazzo pants are basically exaggerated versions of wide-legged pants. Due to the flare, these pants quite simply tone down the inches for people on the heavier side. They go very well with crop tops, and stilettos or pumps. These types of pants are extremely comfortable to be in, easy to pull off, and look quite on the off-beaten path of fashion. They can also make for a good formal and semi-formal wear, once teamed up with a fitted, tailored shirt.

formal pants for women

3. Jodhpurs

jodhpur pantsJodhpurs originated from Rajasthan in India. They were long pants till the ankels and had a snug fit from calves to the ankle. It had reinforced fabric protecting the inner calf and knee from rubbing. Jodhpurs had a flared fit around the thighs and hips. This style was possibly to help the body stay cool in the hot climate.

To allow free movement of the hip and thigh while horse riding, which was the royal game of the Kings during that era, jodhpurs were tailored. These types of pants are very stylish and you will see celebreties style them pretty often.

4. Leggings as Pants

Desktop4Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never worn a pair of leggings before. This is probably the most comfortable wear ever, and you hardly feel like you’re wearing anything- it’s that easy on you. Apart from the plain hued ones to lounge around your home, there are also funky ones available in neon colors and gorgeous prints – Aztec, floral, cartoon, what not – that can even double up as your evening wear for an outing. In case you want something that lends a little more definition to your figure, there are jeggings – leggings that are actually in denim. Sequined leggings are even more fun to sport! If leggings are something you love, you must know the right way to pair leggings with a top or shoes.

5. Stirrups

stirrup pantsStirrup pants (or stirrup leggings) are tight-fitting ladies’ pant tapering at the ankles, very similar to leggings. The bottom extends to a strap or a band that is worn under the foot arch to hold the stirrups in place. The elasticized band material prevents strirrups from getting torn. Stirrup pants originally started as sportswear for women for horse riding and skiing. During the 20th and 21st centuries, they stirrups have become popular as fashion pants.

6. Skort

skort pants“Skort” is a combination garment of skirt and shorts. To be a skort, it needs to look like a skirt with an attached pair of shorts. The fuller cut at the bottom, distinguishes skorts from shorts.

Historically, skorts were made to provide greater freedom for activities like cleaning, biking, sports, gardening for women.

Montgomery Ward claimed in their 1959 Spring/Summer catalog that they were pioneers in the invention of the skort.

7. Hot Pants

fashion hot pantsHot pants also called as “short shorts” are worn as an outer garment. These are short and tight shorts made of nylon, cotton or any other fabric. They were launched by fashion designer Mary Quant in 1960 and have become poular ever since.

Hot pants focus legs and buttocks. Similar to hot pants, if a pair of jeans has legs cut off, it is known as “cut off”. This is also termed as “Daisy Dukes”. If the jeans is cut further more, it is referred as “Jorts”, meaning ‘jeans shorts’.

8. Sailor Pants

sailor pantsThe very retro styled, sailor pants were first worn as uniforms for the navy men. They have a very fashionable touch to them that can’t be overlooked.

Wide bell bottoms and the placement of the buttons on the front are unique characteristics of a sailor pant. The bell bottoms being roomy are very comfortable. The lines have a sharpness to it and the buttons catch the eye. No wonder they’re an evergreen fashion staple.

9. Pegged Pants

pegged pantsTrousers cut full in the waist and thigh area are termed as pegged pants. These taper to gather at the ankle.
Harem and ankle tapered pants together give birth to pegged pants.

Pegged trousers are roomy in the hips and then nips in a little above the ankle bones to create a completely fresh silhouette.

So style them with heels and cinch in your waist to walk like you have nailed this new look. These types of pants were so much in fashion in 80s.

10. Trouser Pants

$T2eC16Z,!y!FIcwGgjoyBSbJCnv1i!~~60_35Okay, so these are perhaps a boon for women, because there are so many different types of trousers for ladies. The trouser pants flatter almost every body shape very well. Pleated trousers, leather trousers, dungarees, chinos, wide-legged trousers, slim-fit trousers, skinny trousers…the list is endless. These are the quintessential picks for a formal or semi-formal occasion. They up the *Official* quotient instantly without making you look intimidating, and also it makes you a well dressed person without much effort, thereby giving you an edge at the workplace. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to be someone referenced for biggest style mistakes at work.

11. Jeans

types of pantsOkay, this shouldn’t even specifically be on this list, because owning the perfect pair of jeans can be called an ‘Essential of Existence’ (especially these days). But an ill-fitting pair can be the lousiest fashion faux-pas, because it can kill an outfit as fast as zero-confidence. However, hunting for That pair (yes, capital t) which fits you to a T is totally trial-and-error. But don’t give up your quest, because it ranks right on top of versatility, fitting with practically everything in your wardrobe. For for almost all normal everyday activities, jeans can be a great choice. So much win.

12. Cocktail Party Pants

A must have, to be honest. Cocktail pant is actually a kind of hybrid between a skirt and a pant. Perfect for a semi-formal occasion, these pants spruce up your outfit when you’re in a surrounding which is a tad conservative or a bit on the chillier side to comfortably wear a skirt. These pants in silk or crepe are a great way to capture people’s attention and yet look unique. Make sure you pair them up with a pair of stilettos and a dressy top to make for a look that’s effortlessly chic. Also these pants are great for office and parties. Get ready to look great and fashionable in some bright cocktail party pants this season.

types-of-trousers13. Rugged Pants / Cargo

22-Cargo-Pants-for-Those-Who-Like-to-Rough-it-OutIf you are looking for sporty types of pants, rugged pants is a great option. Sporting a pair of pants made of a rougher fiber lend a country / rustic shade to your ensemble. Materials like corduroys, khakis or cargoes balance out a look which would otherwise be overly sophisticated, to make way for something more approachable and earthy. Contrary to popular belief, rugged pants do not make you seem too masculine or hefty or wild. They in fact perfectly compliment sharper apparel and gives off an elegant vibe.

14. Neon/ Bold Pants

guess-spring-2012-preview-neon-jeansIn the long list of different types of pants for women, neon bold pants have their pwn spot. This is an answer to all those who think pants are boring? Pull over a neon colored pant or one in a bold shade and watch heads turn. They make an otherwise bland outfit seem instantly exciting, and give you an aura of self-confidence. The only trick is to carry it off, feeling sure about yourself. Team them up with a top in a muted color, for too many attractions would only confuse the onlookers, thereby making you look like a gaudy mess instead of a woman feeling sure of herself. A pair of nude / black / white pumps would complete the outfit and you’re ready to go!

15. Boyfriend Jeans

bfOh hell, YEAH! Just saying the words make us feel easier. Who doesn’t want to change into something that allows their legs to breathe, and yet make them look effortlessly street-smart? They let your legs breathe, (um…Really well) and also make you look stylish within minutes. The ones with a uniform wash, ripped portions, and roughly-sewn hems perfectly lend a rugged, yet casual look to your outfit. Should we mention it looks perfect with almost anything? Just make sure you wear a top that perfectly fits you, lest you end up looking downright baggy. If you are unsure of your looks, try out the 3 basic fashion forward ways to dress up your jeans.

16. Jumpsuits


Jumpsuits are one of those types of pants that were once termed as utility pants. Workmen prefer wearing jumpsuits. They are also very popular as a kids wear. Jumpsuits for women have been in the market for sometime now. They have a bodice attached to the waistline. The long stitching starts at the neckline and goes along the crotch line, both back and front. Jumpsuits have pockets usually stitched on the top.

17. Sweatpants

sweatpantsSweatpants are a very casual soft trousers. They are great picks for comfort or athletics. Sweatpants are also referred as trackpants or jogging pants. Sweatpants help keep your body warm which is great for muscles warm up. They also make you sweat a bit more, thereby having you burn more calories.
When exercising, they give flexibility like nothing else. Based on your likes, there is a whole range of workout pants availble. 

18. Dungaree or Carpenter Pants

dungareesDungarees are typically blue denims that are hard-wearing work trousers. Dungarees got its name from the the word – Dongri, a village near Mumbai, in India. Sailors in the 40s wore carpenter pants. This came into fashion in 40s and 50s.

Dungarees and denims are often compared, however, the two are very different. Denims are made from uncolored yarn. It is dyed after being woven. Dungarees are made from pre-colored yarn. In conclusion, they seem to be the same, yet, there are subtle differences.

Dungarees are very comfortable and practical for heavy lifting.

These are the basic types of pants for women. Seems like pants can practically make or break your outfit. So choose your bottoms wisely, for it can make a huge difference to an otherwise boring or baggy outfit. In those red alert cases, they can even take the attention off your faulty tops. Pants are basically for offsetting the look of your tops, so that you have an overall balanced look in the place of something too baggy or too figure-hugging. Among the various types of pants, make sure what you choose,  suits your body, instead of going by the image of something that looks good on other people.

Mix ‘n match is actually a great option to add even more bling to your ensemble.  This is actually a very fundamental thing to master, but fret not; it’s not as intimidating as it looks. Most importantly, don’t let the rules of the fashion police pin you down! Style is all about expressing your individuality, so don’t forget to wear something that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and expresses at least a little bit of yourself!!