Tungsten Ring: The Pros and Cons of an Emerging Fashion

Tungsten Ring: The Pros and Cons of an Emerging Fashion
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Tungsten as a metal has found uses primarily in the fields of making tools and machinery. Recently, in the past few years, tungsten when alloyed with carbon and nickel has found use in the fashion industry in making rings and wedding bands. In the beginning of its introduction, tungsten ring did not become very popular, however, their demand is now growing at a quick pace and it is finding a strong market base in men’s fashion due to its inherent durability. Men are now starting to shift towards tungsten rings for their wedding rings as it is unique and is available in different styles. There are quite a few advantages and disadvantages of wearing such rings and before investing in such rings it is important to have pay attention to the tungsten wedding bands pros and cons. 

tungsten-ring-blackTungsten rings are not made from pure tungsten. Tungsten as a pure element can scratch and bend and hence it is alloyed with carbon and then bound with nickel. The resultant metal is called tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide rings pros and cons also exists just as that with pure tungsten. Certain jewellers use cobalt as a binding agent and it is very important to avoid purchasing rings which have cobalt in them. Cobalt can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions and should be avoided altogether.

Make sure you clarify with your jeweller about the constituents of your ring and if he is not very forthcoming, then look elsewhere.

Tungsten Rings Pros


Perhaps the biggest and foremost advantage of a tungsten ring is its incredible strength. Tungsten carbide is stronger than steel and platinum and can only be damaged by diamonds, which is the hardest compound known to man. Tungsten rings do not bend under any circumstance. They are resistant to scratches and decoloring. Men whose professions entail them work with machinery and tools prefer such rings because they can work without fear of their rings getting damaged. This is a far cry from wearing gold rings which require you to be careful with each movement or risk damaging the ring.


tungsten ringTungsten rings are also very easy to maintain. There is hardly ever any reason to get it polished because it almost never loses its sheen and this, you save on trips to the jeweller that you would otherwise have to make. Platinum, silver and gold, all require regular polishing as they tend to dull with time.

Tungsten however, remains shiny post the first polish for a much longer time than other metals. Due to the fact that tungsten rings do not change with time, it is bought as a symbol of unchanging love between husband and wife.

Skin Friendly

Tungsten rings, those that are bound by nickel, are great for people with sensitive skin as they are hypoallergenic in nature. Thus, those who have suffered from irritations from rings and have forsaken themselves to lives without rings to show their love, can now choose tungsten rings and find joy in that form of expression again.


Tungsten as a metal is much cheaper than other metals. Hence jewelry rings made with tungsten is also cheaper than other types of rings.

Tungsten Rings Cons


Though tungsten rings are strong and durable, people find themselves preferring other rings as tungsten rings are heavier than other rings. Titanium rings are preferred because they look similar to tungsten but are light weight.


diamond-tungsten-ringTungsten rings cannot be resized as other metal rings can. Hence, if you put on a few pounds or lose a few pounds, you may find the ring difficult to put on or too loose to stay in one place.

Jewellers thus give lifetime guarantees with their rings and they allow for changes made due to problems in size.

It is important to clarify this point while purchasing your ring.


People also believe that due to tungsten’s toughness, these rings cannot be removed during emergencies. There is no weight to this argument as medical professionals are equipped to remove the ring without any damage done to the hand.


Engravings on tungsten rings are almost impossible to do in the traditional way. However, laser technology has made it possible to get your own personal engravings on the ring hence discounting this con as well.

These are the tungsten rings pros and cons. Share your story. What would be your first choice for a wedding band.

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