Tips when Buying Chandelier Earrings

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Be a girl with mind,

a woman with attitude

and a lady with class….!!!

Your choices make you who you are; you are a woman hence you must take special care of what you choose or what you wear. You can be judged by the way you dress, the way you walk and the way you talk and also the way you accessorize.

Chandelier earrings have been a symbol of class and status since ages. They give you a look incomparable and more beautiful than any other jewellery. They have been gaining a lot of popularity lately.

What are chandelier earrings?

crystal-goldfish-earrings-1[1]You do know what a Chandelier is, it is a large decorative hanging light. You must have seen those long earrings; those things with long chains, people usually call them danglers or drop earrings. You need to know that a chandelier is none of the two.

A chandelier is specially designed to move along, to give that special effect. It will never be thick or sturdy sort of thing, like a drop earrings. It mainly consists of crystals and gemstones. The idea behind such earrings is that they shine at a particular angle; some even shine differently from different angles, especially when seen from across the room. It dazzles like a chandelier……..!!!

Select the right outfit                   

Like every other piece of jewellery you have to consider what sort of outfit you are wearing before selecting it. Those earrings, especially designed to move to and fro whenever you move your head, can cause a lot of difficulty if worn with high collared dresses.

Sometimes it may not be the high collar of a dress but the material of the dress which is vulnerable to getting entangled with the earrings and its delicate design. An outfit with a deep neck usually goes along well with long chandelier. This way it helps to fill the empty space and does not make you look very sober. If you are wearing a dress with neck not as deep, try shorter chandeliers with it.

What I mean here is that you should avoid wearing chandeliers that touch the shoulders of your dress. This way you can keep it from getting stuck again and again and ensure the free movement of your head.

It is often advised that when you wear a chandelier you do not need to wear any other necklace along with it. A chandelier is enough to give the feeling of completeness and perfection.

Handling those earrings

black-chandeliers-1[1]It is the hanging and to and fro movement that the chandeliers owe their beauty to but chandeliers may sometimes include heavy deigns exclusively made for occasions such as marriages or parties.

These therefore tend to have weight. Wearing them can sometimes drag your earlobes down. It then gives a very messed up look. This gives a worn out of compulsion appearance rather than choice.

It is not the only problem when those earrings are heavy, the real problem is that these earrings which tend to pull your earlobe down may cause permanent damage to the earlobe by creating a slit in place of the hole that you place the earring into. Every earring that you wear after it tends to hang down and display that long slit.

It is therefore advised to select earrings that do not strain the earlobe. It is therefore important to try the earrings once before buying and see whether or not your earlobes can handle the weight.

The girl with a budget                                

To be a lady with class you need not necessarily belong to that top rich sophisticated class. Class is in the way you move and how much you believe in yourself. Do not therefore hesitate to buy a pair of second hand chandeliers. It is completely alright if you can get earring good and new at a lesser price. We do have limits but that should not prevent us from having what we desire, especially in an age of globalization. If someone does not want the earrings they can sell it online and reach someone far away who then might need them.

You can also try the other way round, that is, buy a new earring and then selling it off so that the cost is balanced. This way you can get earrings for a special occasion and not strain your budget too much.

You can even look for earrings that use lesser gemstones and more metal, it simply might go well with what you are wearing and save you the cost too. Also consider online shopping and do not forget to compare prices across different sites.

Storage for your earrings                                        

You do not wear the earrings once. You may not repeat the same earring in the same party but you do wear one earring at different places. It is therefore important to know how you store your earrings so that it may be used in future and not lose the shine and beauty of a new earring.

Do not keep the earrings in a box where it is free to slide along the edges when the box is moved or tilted. It may cause damage to your earrings. Especially those delicate ones break too easily. It is impossible to repair a damaged chandelier.

luxury-drop-earrings-multicolored-1[1]Always prefer to keep it laid down along with silk or a smooth cloth spread over the base of the box. This way they do not move when you move the box and also remain as good as new. Avoid using cotton over the base of the box, because it usually gets stuck with the design of the earrings and is later difficult to remove.

Do not keep it in open, may be hanging on the corner of your shelf, that’s a complete NO. These earrings when come in contact of air may discolour or lose their shine.

Hope all this would be helpful when you select your next chandelier. Keep these points in mind, it is still you who choose to be what you want to be and look the way you want to look……!!!