Tips to Keep your Nails Stronger

Tips to Keep your Nails Stronger
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So here you are after all, reading this one. You thought it was an article for that fashion freak friend of yours? Nails are fine just let them be, was that you thought?

Well I don’t blame you but it is important to realize that having healthier nails is crucial to our overall body health. You simply cannot ignore that tiny little thing there on your fingers.

Know your nail well

Well let’s start with knowing what your nail truly is. I am sure most of you know that our hair and nails are nothing but keratin.

Keratin, what’s that?

Well, keratin is a protein that also forms the upper layer of your skin. It forms materials that are tough and insoluble.

Nails are great when tendered                        

Like every other body part our nails need proper attention and care. The more you care the better they will be. It is important to keep them healthy not only for the sake of health but also for beautiful hands. We can have no second thoughts over the fact that nails do affect the beauty of our hands. After all, can a hand be truly beautiful without beautiful nails.

What can happen when not attended to

Nails can tend to be weak and thin when not cared. It is also important to keep them clean. Anything that you consume through your hands goes directly into your body. If you therefore do not keep them clean, the dirt might simply go directly into your body when you consume anything. It might also lead to severe health issues when you are working with chemicals and stuff.

So washing of hands and nails regularly is always advised.

Know it’s time for action                              

pink-nailsGenerally we never think that nails may be such a big issue and tend to ignore them. But however you must observe your nails closely and look out for symptoms such as

  • Thinning or thickening of nails
  • Discoloration
  • Pain around the area
  • Constant itching and redness
  • Any other unusual stuff

If you notice any of the above symptoms, go straight to your dermatologist. An expert advice never hurts. These symptoms usually do not persist for more than a seven to ten days maximum. If it goes beyond that, it’s time for action….!!!

Have stronger and healthier nails

There are of course steps you can take to avoid nail issues and make them stronger and healthier as they deserve to be. Consume things that contain vitamin A and Calcium. This prevents your nails from being brittle and also takes care of discoloration and prevents them from being weak and thin.

Use cuticle oil. It might simply be the right choice. For it is important to keep your nails well nourished. Also use moisturizer before sleeping, it makes the cuticles soft and hence avoids that untidy look which is due to tough rough cuticles. Try using a cuticle remover as well.

Shape your nails. A little shaping now and then it won’t hurt. To keep them even and of similar length, a regular filing is necessary. Nails when in shape add to the beauty. Uneven nails are more vulnerable to wear and tear because they keep getting stuck with things such as your clothes etc. Does that mean you need to have a long manicure bill??

Not at all, simply get a decent filer and do it yourself. It’s super simple and easy to do . No bills involved…!!!

Wash your nails with warm water once in a while. Once in a fortnight is just fine. Wash them with warm water and clean them. The nails get cleaned faster this way. Don’t soak them for too long, just a few minutes followed by cleaning then pat them dry using a clean towel.

Nail paints must be removed for some time, allow your nail to come in direct contact of fresh air and take in some oxygen. They will feel more fresh and bright this way. Let them remain natural as they are for once.

Cut your nails on a regular basis. Of course I know you want long nails, but it requires patience. And there is a different limit to which every person’s nail can grow and after that they begin to change shape and give a messy look. So accept and acknowledge the nails you have and cut them before they go all haphazard. Simple trimming would also do.

What’s completely unacceptable?

nail-of-the-weekNail biting….ewwww…it’s now high time to leave that habit of yours. You are no longer a kid. Stop biting your nails. Self control is the key. It leaves them completely ruined and damaged. Do you know it even may lead to disruption of the nail shape permanently……!!!

Painting over the last remains of the nail enamel is a complete NO. With time the nail enamel needs to be removed, it tends to react with the keratin and give a yellowish appearance to it. And of course yellow nails are not in fashion….!!!

Use artificial nails. It is simply out of question. The chemical used for attaching these artificial nails to your original nails is very harmful to your nails. The chemical leaves them weak and thin. It may even lead to effects that persist for a very long period of time.

Have longer nails                                

Of course you want longer nails, they add to your beauty. There are some tips you can use to enhance your nail length.

Massage your nail beds. It helps your nail to grow and nurtures them in the best possible way. Do this on a daily basis.

Take extra nutrients. Consult your dermatologist for what supplements can suit the growth of your nail. Experts know what would suit you well. You never know some advice could just give you the result you have always wanted.

Manicure once in a while does not hurt and it is not only for the fashion bee of your group. Now you know a fashion freak or not, you must maintain stronger nails, not only for your beautiful hands but also your precious health…!!!