17 signs that indicate your partner is cheating on you

17 signs that indicate your partner is cheating on you
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Cheating in relationships has become the norm for both men and women. This however is a very selfish act because the cheating partner is just out to get self gratification irrespective of how the other partner will feel when they find out. Experience has shown that spouses who are caught cheating usually tend to repeat the vice sooner or later. When faced with a cheating spouse, the best solution is usually leaving them, unless one is ready to stand the behavior. Most people who find themselves in this dilemma say that they stayed hoping their partner would change and that if they knew this would go on they would have quit the relationship the moment they started suspecting.

There are a number of signs that will give you a heads up when your partner is cheating, and the most obvious ones are discussed below.

There are discreet ways by which you can catch a cheater.

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1. Communication breakdown

Your partner is suddenly disinterested in letting you know what they are feeling or planning to do. He/she does not value the talks you were having previously and does not even make a point of calling when you are not together. While this could be as a result of other issues he/she is going through, it can also be a sign that they are cheating.

2. Starts fights

Whenever you initiate a discussion, your partner is always trying to create a quarrel out of it. This could be because he/she is looking for a way to justify his/her actions and the only way to achieve this is to make sure the two of you are not in good terms.

3. Tells a lot of lies

You have realized that your partner lies to you over very petty issues and is never ready to take responsibility for any of his actions. This is one of the signs that s/he is cheating on you and feels like every time you ask him/her anything you are suspicious.

4. Sudden changes in hobbies and habits

Your partner is diverting from his normal routine and adapting new ones and does not want to give you any explanation on that. He/she is suddenly listening to different music genre, watching different movies and hanging out in different places. If this was just a lifestyle change, chances are they would have discussed it with you. But this silent shift could be a sign that he/she is seeing someone else and is slowly adapting their habits.

5. No longer interested in sex

This is the clearest sign unless it is as a result of some medical or emotional conditions. When you realize that all of a sudden your partner is avoiding you in the bedroom, there is a 95% chance that he/she is getting sexual satisfaction from elsewhere.

Secretive Couple with Smart Phones in Their Hands6. Discrete on social media

Your partner refuses to accept your friend request on social media, or blocks you and tries to give you all the security related reasons for that. His/her account is so private that you cannot even see a single photo if you are not his/her friend. If you observe such behavior you better run for your life before you get a rude shock.

7. Becomes secretive

Your partner’s phone has passwords to all files and folders; he/she is always walking out of the room to receive calls and freaks out when s/he finds you holding his phone. You do not need any more evidence, it is right there in front of you. It is because s/he does not want to risk you coming across their flirty conversations with the other partner.

8. Smells differently

Every day your partner comes home smelling differently and you cannot attach the smell to any of their perfumes. This most likely is because they have been cuddling with the person who was wearing that perfume. This could however be a bit shallow because there is also a chance that s/he caught the smell while hugging some friends. To ascertain this, find out whether it is the same smell everyday because if it is, then chances are it belongs to their other partner.

9. Inconsistent with plans

Whenever you plan to do stuff together, s/he is always coming up with excuses as to why it cannot happen. This is a clear sign that your partner is making some other plans with another person and prefers disappointing you other than them. This should tell you that you are no longer their priority and chances are someone else has taken your place. At times the excuses could be genuine, however, if your partner is frequently inconsistent with plans, something else may be going on.

10. Always talking about someone else of the opposite sex

Even if he/she is talking about this person in a negative way, this is a sign that he/she is constantly thinking about them. In most cases, cheating partners talk ill of their other partners to make sure you never suspect.

11. Listen to your instincts

There is always this voice within telling you that things are not well. While you cannot and should not take any action based on that, it should be your starting point towards trying to find out if your partner is cheating.

At times the other person could be the ex. You should look at signs that suggest your partner is not over ex.partner-cheating

12. Excludes you from his/her social life

Your partner is all of a sudden not comfortable hanging out with you in the company of his/her friends. This could be because he/she is cheating and is afraid that someone in the group might make a comment that will create suspicion.

13. Unexplained expenditures

Your partner is no longer willing to account for his/her expenses. You might also come across meals receipts for two which he/she will always try to justify. This is a clear sign that they are cheating and you need to start strategizing on how to handle the issue.

14. His/her friends act different towards you

Your partner’s close friends will tend to cover up for them when they are cheating and as such, they might prefer having lesser conversations with you. This should tell you that they are hiding something from you and are afraid that if they hang out with you a lot they might make a comment and will create suspicions.

15. Defends cheaters

When you are having a conversation with your partner about the vice and you realize he/she is defending it, there is a chance that he/she is of the same feather.

16. Gets confused when you give them a surprise visit

Your partner cannot hide their confusion when you give them a surprise visit even in the office. This is because they realize you would have caught them red handed if you had just arrived few hours earlier.

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17. All of a sudden acting too nice towards you

When you notice that your partner is suddenly buying you gifts out of nowhere, giving you compliments all the time, this is one of the signs that things are not good. This is so especially if he/she has not been doing it in the past. The motive behind such behavior could be to flatter you into thinking you are the only one in their lives.