Teenage Asymmetrical Earrings from unused Jewelry

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Teenage Jewelry is still an untapped market. While exclusive stores cater to the teenage fashion trends and ease of wear for girls, one of the most attractive kinds & in demand trendy fashion jewelry is the asymmetrical earrings. Teens just love to style them.

Designing asymmetric earrings is an art. Accessibility to do-it-yourself kits would help anyone to get started. A few mistakes, a few mess ups, but you will get there. Asymmetric jewelry is obviously developed for pieces that go in pairs and is commonly seen in earrings. In asymmetric jewelry the pair is distinctly different, yet something holds them together and makes them look like a pair.

Let’s take a closer look at designing the favorite jewelry for teens – asymmetrical earrings or studs from your existing collection of jewelry pieces. If you are one of those who shop for jewelry every time you visit the mall, you may have a lot of earrings pieces that you no longer wear or are incomplete. Let’s use them and create some new pairs of asymmetric earrings.

Here are some simple tips to design asymmetric earrings.


Before starting on the design, let’s get some leg work done. Explore some earrings from your jewelry collection that you no longer wear. They may be out of fashion or just that you do not want to wear them anymore. It may be that you wore them so many times that you don’t wish to repeat yourself. Select single earrings for which the matching pair is lost or broken. Dig them all out and that’s where we will start off from.


Now let’s try to group them together based on the material used for making the earrings. The material of the earrings you are trying to pair as asymmetric should be similar. Group earrings with a common base like silver plating, enamel, gold plating, polymer, crystal etc. Having an off-synced pair like silver plating with enamel would not be eye appealing.


Now take one pile of earrings that you created in the above step of segregating earrings based on base material. Let’s go one step further and try and group earrings based on the variations each one has – style, shape, size and color. Create a subset of earrings that is in sync and makes a nice visual conversation and is attractive. If you have beaded earrings group, try to see what matches well based on shape, size and color. Try and pair a beaded elongated stud with a beaded circular one. Beaded colorful asymmetry works well in most cases.

Other variations would be on pearls. You can make asymmetric pearl studs based on their shape. Combine a round pearl with a drop pearl earrings. A slight difference in asymmetry brings harmony and adds a bling to the asymmetric relation.


Music Notes Studs

Music Notes Studs

If your collection is so massive that you have too many earrings that can be combined together, go a step down and try to work on contrasts. Wearing contrast colors may at times look awkward. However having a sharp contrast is what makes the asymmetric earrings appealing. If the DNA of the pair makes them look from the same family, you would not go wrong. With some trial you can master the art of making contrasting complementing colors to pair the earrings. Always remember that contrast and bold colors makes the asymmetry much more attractive.


Another trick to pair is by creating a balance with the pair so that the asymmetry tells a story. Pick a theme to create an asymmetric pair. If you are designing the jewelry for teenagers, pick themes that gives the asymmetry a character for teen jewelry. You may pick themes from fruits, or combine different musical notes or just have characters from the same family. Refrain from making off themes that do not create a fusion or blend.

There are some of the ways you can utilize your old collection of jewelry and make them into a fresh pair of asymmetric earrings. These would not only revive your unused pairs but you would also carry your own style or a unique pair of asymmetric earrings. So wait no further and start off by pulling out earrings that you no longer use.

Do share your tips and style on creating and designing asymmetric earrings for girls.

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