Teen Jewelry – Trendy Picks for 2013

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Vivacious, vibrant & full of life. That’s how teens are. This 2013, teenage fashion goes lively & vibrant. If you are searching for an extraordinary piece of teenage jewelry, you need to consider buying from the latest teen jewelry trends. Fashion keeps on rolling and what is important for a fashion savvy teenager is to keep updating the closet based on the new season.

So what is hot this year? Lets pick a few jewelry pieces that are trendy this season for teenage girls:



This season you would see a lot of charms for both necklaces and bracelets. With all its delicacy, charms work well for layering. A lot of design in infinity, cross, best friends have rocked for teenagers in 2013. For the very trendy 2013 look, have a few charms in your wardrobe.


Long sweater necklaces are trending for fall 2013. Girls love to style them with full sleeves top or sweaters. The long necklaces in various characters look absolutely trendy. If you love character necklaces, Disney mickey mouse necklaces or Hello Kitty character necklaces have been a hot pick by teenagers.


Unisex Leather Bracelet - Sheild

Unisex Leather Bracelet – Sheild

Leather wraps with and without watch has been selling hot this season. Unisex leather bracelets with some trendy charm and multiple strands of leather have been very popular. Teen celebs have styled them and they are easily available. These have an adjustable string and you can layer them effortlessly for a cool look.


When you style animal inspired jewelry, it is exotic and that sparks a conversation. While owl jewelry is absolutely must have, animal prints in cheetah, zebra, leopard has been other strong contenders for teen jewelry.


Gothic Earrings, Necklaces or bracelets have been in style. Giving a raw look, this puck style jewelry calls out ones personality. Gothic is personality jewelry and be very picky what to wear and how to style them in your overall outfit.


Looks trendy with a pair of asymmetrical earrings. Asymmetrical Studs are in a variety of shapes and the best part is that they are very colorful and lively, suiting the teen character. Other than that, if you are one of those creative teens, you can design a pair of asymmetric earrings yourself.


So keep yourself up-to-date on whats new this season. Be original and trendy and create your own teen style. You don’t have to follow others, but you do have to style something that makes others turn around and compliment what you are wearing, the way you are looking, isn’t it? Compliments are just a girl’s thing ! They can’t live without it.

So style in the most wonderful way to bring a cheerful note in your mundane routine.

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