5 Accessorizing tips to accentuate your outfit

It’s a competitive world – be it your social network or corporate environment. Dressing, style, clothing forms a big part of your overall confidence. Each one of us would have experienced a major boost in morale receiving an unexpected compliment in the elevator, or at your daughter’s ballet class. We all love compliments, don’t we?

What you wear becomes an important contributor to how you feel. If you feel good, things around you are merrier. Clothing forms a major component of how you look. If you are dressed well, your confidence increases. Changing clothing or wardrobe no doubt is very expensive. Going for expensive designer brand does not suit everyone’s wallet.

Here we present 5 accessorizing tips to accentuate your outfit.

They will help you look trendier, stylish and make your overall outfit look expensive without breaking the bank.


Spice up and add a bling to your clothing with the right choice of trendy jewelry. Bauble necklaces, oversized statement necklaces or trendy chandelier earrings will never go out of fashion. Consider investing in few quality Statement Necklaces and get some unavoidable neckline stares.

Choose colors that are neutral and can be interchangeable with different outfits and fabric. With colored prints, go for neutrals – gold, silver, black or white. With plain outfit, go for bold hues like turquoise, orange or yellow. Knowing the right way to wear statements is important.


Never leave out your hair without giving it some treatment. The easiest and simplest thing to do is blow dry them. A great blow dry can truly add to your personality, even if your outfit is average. A wide brush can amplify the volume of your hair. Make sure they are conditioned and apply a texturing or styling product to keep your hair in check all day. You may also go for slick up do, nicely tied hair into a refined bun to enhance your cheekbones and for a tidy look.

Accessorizing tipsTIP 3 – NAILS

Manicure & pedicure turn things around a 100%. An easy way to look your best is to keep your hands & toes polished. Chipped polish & hangnails look absolutely classy. Getting regular manicures & pedicure is the mantra you should follow. Choose neutral colors and avoid flashy neons that may look unprofessional. A sophisticated manicure would let you show off your toes in sandals and provide more footwear options.


A great way to improve your confidence is to wear a unique and noticeable perfume to accentuate and improve an outfit. How a perfume smells differ entirely from person to person. Find something that smells great with the oils in your skin. Light perfumes for spring & summer which heavy scents for fall and winters works great.


Last but not the least, shoes can enhance or flatten any outfit. Appropriate shoes for casual, dressy, fancy outfits is essential. Choice of wrong footwear can completely make or break all your effort. An appropriate footwear would make an outfit come together and look complete so that you do not look over or under dressed for the style you intended for.

Stick to classic styles and colors. Glam you wardrobe with accessories like trendy jewelry, great perfume, manicure & pedicure, a nice hair do and a pair of shoes complementing the outfit.

So accessorize yourself and hope you get the additional glam you were looking for.