Spring 2014: Trends that will Rule the Men’s Fashion World

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The winter is on. But as the poet says, “if winter comes, can spring be far behind”, the spring is expected to bring about new things that are going to take the world by surprise. As people in different corners of the earth prepare to welcome spring in their own way, the world of fashion is also beefing up for the same. New trends are appearing and people are getting ready to welcome new styles for the spring of 2014. Different fashion shows around the world and the introduction of new garments at the stores are paving the way for the fashions and styles that are expected to rule the world of fashion during this time. Men’s fashion for Spring 2014 is bringing forth the trend of casual wears and streetwears.

Rising Craze for Jumpsuits

Originally, the jumpsuits were used by skydivers and people jumping from the parachutes. And this is from where this garment got its name. It is a one-piece suit, which covers the whole body. Although meant only for the parachuters initially, these garments have moved beyond its original use in skydiving to everyday use. The jumpsuits have already carved out a niche for itself in the world of fashion. They come in a wide range of shades and colours. The wonderful style statement emitted by the jumpsuits is helping to increase the craze among the fashion-conscious customers.

Shirts with Dark Floral Prints becoming Popularfloral-print-men

Different types of styles are gaining ground these days. Many of these styles were once popular and are returning with renewed vigour. However, there are also a few new trends, which are appearing fast. Use of printed dresses was in fashion a few decades back. Tees and shirts having such prints, especially of floral designs, are expected to flood the market during the spring of 2014. The colourful nature outside and the blooming flowers are expected to get a place in the fashion trend of the spring of 2014. Men’s garments with dark floral prints are going to be the in-thing during spring 2014. Back from the fashion trends of the 1950s, these garments, available in soft fabrics, are set to become immensely popular in near future as well.

White is the Colour

Although spring is the season of colours, the year 2014 is expected to see the advent of white as the primary colour. The colourful floral prints will gain ground, but apart from that majority of the dresses, which are going to be in trend are going to be available in white. The colour for spring will be available, yet the white dresses are also expected to be among those having major demands. However, there are quite a few companies, which are expected to introduce dresses of different bright colours, in line with the spirit of spring. However, while different colours might be used to add to the vibrant ambiance of spring, white is likely to rule the roost.

Major accessories will be in Demand

rounded-glassesApart from the garments, which are expected to gain ground in the coming year, several accessories are going to rule the fashion world as well. Sunglasses are expected to become extremely popular among those looking for a casual look. Rounded sunglasses, which had ruled the fashion world in many phases in the past, are going to be extremely popular in near future as well. This form of eyewear is going to be among the most popular accessories in the world of fashion. Besides, different types of bags are also gaining immense popularity with every passing day. These are likely to be an integral part of casual fashion during Spring 2014.

Streetwears to become the Most Craved for Casual Garments

Since their advent on the world stage from the alleys of the United States of America, the popularity of streetwear has never waned. In fact, it has transformed significantly over the years and is expected to remain popular in the years to come as well. These garments have helped to redefine casual fashion in a significant manner. These garments are expected to remain a significant part of the men’s casual wear fashion in Spring 2014.


Different types of companies and brands, are likely to come up with some of the most fashionable garments in recent years. They are expected to become extremely popular among the fashion-conscious people. Prints of different types of artists and arts, tattoos on skin and others are going to be in fashion during Spring 2014. Besides, new forms of dresses are also likely to come up, which are going to redefine fashion to some extent. This form of fashion is expected to come n handy to help you stand apart, even when  others are flaunting some of the most fashionable dresses.

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