Signs your girlfriend is cheating: 14 subtle and discreet signs

Signs your girlfriend is cheating: 14 subtle and discreet signs
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You are reading this article, probably because you have noticed signs your girlfriend is cheating with her ex. Completely understand! If that is the situation you are in your relationship – her behavior, mannerisms and her plans, would lead to subtle signs she still loves her ex.

If your girlfriend is still friends with her ex, you may wonder about your girlfriend’s closeness with him. It is obvious to feel insecure with a history of romantic relationship and your brain would tend to see signs she is not over her ex. Did you happen to catch her staring at an old picture of her ex-boyfriend when she is was unaware of your presence? Does she frequently scan through old emails and text messages from her ex? Have you ever seen her stalk her ex boyfriend on a social networking website? Is she wanting to be part of weekend getaways with a common group of friends as her ex? If any of these is true, these are signs she misses her ex. These are answers to your question – is she over her ex yet?

If this doubt in relationship is nagging you, how do you know if your girlfriend still loves her ex? Talking to people around, we have realized that there are some very common observations and actions that qualify as cheating girlfriend signs. We would like to help you spot these cheating signs early on, so you can be aware of them and not have a relationship with a cheating girlfriend. Learn how to know if your girlfriend is using you to get over her ex by observing signs of her cheating .

Here are obvious signs your girlfriend is cheating with her ex:

1. She appears lost in thought

She may seem lost in her thoughts and at times a little distant and confused with you. When you ask what is wrong, she may reply that it is “nothing” or it is her own problem and she needs to solve it by herself. She may give you reasons about work stress or say she was having problems with a friend you don’t know or something else. If she is keeping him in her mind, these are signs your girlfriend is cheating with her ex.

2. Jumpy when she bumps into him

She appears excited as well as jumpy when she happens to bumps into him at some occasion. After he says good bye and walks away, she may continue to talk about him. Sometimes you may see a hidden smile on her face that she may not be aware of. You may notice that she is more excited and alive than her usual self when she is talking about ex over the phone with a common friend. If thinking about him, seeing him, taking to him, talking about him leaves a smile on her face, there is a hidden meaning to it. Humans tend to be happy with and around people they love. It could be she still loves her ex.

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3. Pondering over old memories

She may like to ponder over all those good memories and talks about them, as if all those moments are still fresh in her mind. She remembers him tenderly and speaks of him as if he is her best friend. These are definite signs your girlfriend isn’t over her ex. Once out of a romantic relationship, its very difficult to be ‘just friends’. Pondering over old memories are signs she misses her ex.

signs your girlfriend isn’t over her ex

4. Frequent comparisons

While you must be so deeply involved in the relationship that you must be looking at best and romantic ways to propose her, she must be still attached to her ex. Does she often compare you with ex and keep you in the negative light? She may be doing it when she is pissed off with you, but the thing is that if she always brings the memory of her ex, it shows signs she isn’t over her ex yet. If she is really over him, there is no need of comparison and she should be happy since she is with you.

5. She keeps in touch with him

Ex-es tends to keep away if the relation is truly over. It is unusual for them to be best friends. If your girlfriend is still in touch with her ex and chats or texts him often, you should be alert. These are signs she still loves her ex and wants him back. Wanting to keep in touch as friends are always considered as ‘sure’ signs your girlfriend is cheating with her ex.

6. Remembers even the small things

If she still remembers all the events in which they were together, she was not able to erase her old relationship slate clean. If she still listens to the songs she used to listen with him, or visits places that she used to go with him, or watches some classics they watched together, she is still hanging on to those memories and not able to break any of them. In that case, her heart is not really yours. Would you not consider these as signs of a cheating girlfriend?

7. Not happy in ex’s new relationship

Did she get irritated when she heard that her ex is dating someone else. She is carrying a baggage in your relationship if her ex’s new relation is making her annoyed and irritated. You can reinforce signs your girlfriend is cheating from her mannerisms. Being angry, distracted or going quiet all of a sudden and appearing glum are signs she is still cares about her ex. Why would you think she cares about who her ex is dating? Why does it matter to her still? These are signs she still loves her ex, and hopes to get back in his life.

8. Are you her rebound guy?

Sometimes your girlfriend may be using you as her rebound guy either to make him jealous or to really get over him. This may happen often, when two good friends enter into dating mode. You may have been in love with her for many years and distantly watched her move from one boyfriend to another. She would have never considered you for a romantic relationship. Finally she realizes you care about her and starts to date you. But now she is bored with you as she feels you as her friend, not her boyfriend. Now, are you thinking, is she using me to get over her ex? The unfortunate answer could be, yes !

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signs of a cheating spouse

9. She loves to talk about him

She loves to talk about her ex always, may be not with you but with her old friends who are her ex’s friends also. If she is constantly asking about him, talks about him and tries to know all his whereabouts. She still thinks about him romantically and you need to think about your place in the relationship. If she loves any kind of conversation about him, that is a sign she misses her ex. If she is in a relationship with you and still misses someone else, these actions show signs your girlfriend is cheating.

10. She tries to meet him

She may plan to bump into him and will say to you that it was an accidental meeting. While reading between the lines you can find the reality. She might have been stalking him on facebook, and known the place he is going to be and may choose the same place to hangout. She might follow him on social sites or plan a weekend get away with common friends, knowing well that he may be around as well. Wanting to meet him, stalking him are signs she still loves her ex.

signs your girlfriend is cheating with her ex

11. She wants to be his friend

All of a sudden your girlfriend wants to be friends with her ex and she may claim that she is really over him and so now it is safe to be friends with him. She wants his friendship because he is really a nice guy! If you come across ‘just friend’s kind of argument, just ask yourself – “Is my girlfriend over her ex?”

12. Is her love real?

She always tells to you that she loves you but then picks a situation to speak about her ex also. If she is behaving like this, you are being a little liberal and letting her simply use you. It shows that she is not taking you seriously and wishes to resume her old relationship with her ex. Her love for you may not be real, if talking about someone else brings her more joy that being with you. This indicates signs your girlfriend is cheating with her ex boyfriend. You should be aware and not let her use you.

13. He tries to get in touch with her

He tries to get in touch with her and strangely she allows that because she doesn’t want to be rude to him and ignore him. She pretends that she is innocent in this and gives the reason that she didn’t want to break his heart. However she is not bothered that her actions are breaking your heart. Wanting to be with him, wanting to not break his heart are signs of your girl’s infidelity in the relation. Beware! Being open and welcoming to her ex’s advancements to be in touch are signs your girlfriend is cheating.

14. She appears moody

She gets distant from you and appears moody after her meeting with him at all times. Staying alone and smiling as if she is in a dream is another sign she’s cheating. She demands space from you and gets in touch with him if she knows he is still single. If she is getting into this zone of smiling by her self and day dreaming, oh boy, she is head over heels in love with her ex.

There is a certain limit for you to bear all of these. If you see most of the above mentioned signs in her behavior, it may be true that she is not over her ex yet. Now it is time for an open conversation with her and tell her to make her priorities clear. After that conversation you can decide where to go from there.

These are some of the subtle signs that you will see if your girlfriend isn’t over her ex. Women cheat, and it is important to know why women cheat.

Do you know of other signs she isn’t over her ex? Share with our readers below what you consider as signs your girlfriend is cheating.


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