21 Signs a Guy Likes You

21 Signs a Guy Likes You
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Are you looking for sure signs a guy likes you?

Well, the day I claim to know what guys think, is the day I take over the world. It can be one of the most frustrating things when you don’t know if the guy likes you romantically. If not an open acceptance of feelings, there are some teeny-tiny signals that actually can indicate if someone likes you more than friends. Listed below are a few of the love signs which are more of body language attractions. Not fool-proof, but definitely popular opinion. Male body language attraction is different than that of a female. If you wonder how to tell if a guy likes you, look for these signs of admiration.

Here are 21 obvious signs a guy likes you.

1. That smile

If his smile looks like it’s curling more differently than usual with the warmth genuinely reaching his eyes, chances are he likes you. Don’t go around expecting half-grins; every guy has his own definition of ‘special‘. If you observe closely, you will see signs he likes you. His smile says it all – loud and clear.

2. Stares

tumblr_lsxamq6wjQ1qb6t6wo1_500When a guy silently stares at you (something like Flynn Rider’s; not Patrick Bateman’s) with a look of something more than cordiality, it can actually be one of the signs a guy likes you.

Especially when he smiles and looks away after you catch him staring, you’re a step further.

3. Posture

Leaning in towards you while you two are talking, a little degree of tilting his head, turning his entire body your way, etc. might tell something about whether he favors cuddles or just hanging out. Leaning closer to you is an obvious sign a guy likes you. However, some guys have a habitual posture, so don’t solely go by that.

4. Eye contact

Does he maintain steady eye contact when you’re talking? If yes, you have his focused attention and he’s really interested in what you have to say. But remember that some guys (especially shy ones) can break eye contact owing to their nature, which might not necessarily mean they’re distracted. Eyes sends very obvious signs a guy likes you. If you can read his eyes, he cannot fake them. If his eyes get softer when he looks at you, he perhaps likes you romantically.

5. Soft voice / tone

If your question is how to know if a guy likes you, listen to their voice. The tone of their voice and their speech patterns are key indicators of whether they like you or not. If you always think, ‘he talks to me in a soft voice’ or ‘his voice deepens when he talks to me’, those signs are more than what his words can say. A voice little huskier than usual, or carefully chosen words mean they’ve put more thought & meaning into their talks.

6. Private mode: On

getty_rm_photo_of_man_telling_woman_how_he_feelsHere’s a biggie: if he shares the more personal aspects of his life, like his fears, or family issues, he trusts you a lot. Guys don’t share things easily; so if you’re at the receiving end of such details in some deeper conversations, it shows he’s really serious about you. Consider this as of the the sure signs a guy likes you.

Here is a flow chart that gives you more hints if he likes you.

signs a guy likes you

7. Ping!

Some guys usually feel comfortable to express themselves and their thoughts on texts or calls. If such exchanges tend to be longer and deeper, with an edge of nervousness or hesitancy on their part, it means they want to get closer to you. They are just the shy one to express themselves.

8. Accidental touches

In some cases, accidental contact might not be that accidental after all. Lingering fingers, brushing elbows, touching knees, etc. might mean they’re romantically inclined towards you. These are signs he is into you. Hurray!!

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9. Compliments

More frequent compliments means he’s noticing you a lot. They are an indication that he respects and admires you, and feels it’s important enough to let you know he thinks that way. Compliments clearly mean that he is watching and observing you very closely, all the time.

10. Mannerisms

no-strings-attached-01_320If he acts more refined around you, and adopts a better etiquette than the one he normally has, he’s trying to present a good impression in front of you and get on your good books. He might soften the edges of an otherwise rugged temperament, which implies he cares about what you think of him. That just shows signs he is interested in you romantically.

11. Thoughtfulness

When he goes out of his way to do you favors, or puts more thoughts into whatever he gifts you or buys you, he might be attempting to jump over the friend zone. So that long-desired novel or a mix of your favorite songs might have a meaning that goes beyond paper or plastic.

Look for such signs which are more qualitative and not quantitative. If his goal is to care for you and bring a smile on your face by whatever means, he does like you more than just a friend.

12. Talks about his past

If he shares details about his past relationships, like their nature, what went wrong, what he thinks about the phase, etc. he probably wants to get closer to you and trusts you a lot to make way for a deeper connection. These traits indicate fondness and are signs a guy likes you more than a friend.

13. Offers comfort

Guys don’t offer helpful, soothing comfort to every random girl. When he sheds those layers of toughness and showcases his sensitive side by offering you a shoulder to cry on, you mean a lot more to him than you thought you did. He wants you to be happy and considers you more than a casual friend. He may admire you, but has never expressed himself that clearly.

14. You’re different

Lend a keen eye to the way he is around the other girls he knows. Does he talk to them, behave with them, or treat them the same way as you? If the answer is “No”, you obviously mean more to him than casual friends. Observe his voice, his eyes when he speaks to other girls. Check his body signals of leaning towards the other girl or does he touch them too often. If he behaves differently, it perhaps means that he is treating you more than just a friend.

15. His friends

This one’s pretty straight- when his friends pair you both up and tease endlessly, and he does nothing to contradict it, he’s making his intentions quite plain that he likes you and wants you in his life.

16. Setting

The places where you meet can also reveal his thoughts. Is it to just grab a drink at an overcrowded pub full of loud chatter? Or is it to some place quieter, which requires you to enjoy the experience together? If he prefers quieter places, it means that he wants to spend quality time talking to you.

17. Spends more time with you

He tries to get into the same group that you are in, he always gives you a ring telling he’s “in your area”, and he often asks you to hang out. All this means that he wishes to grow closer to you and get to know you better. Wanting to be with you and spend quality time with you is one of the signs a guy likes you and is interested in you romantically.

Couple Cooking Part Two18. Activities together

The kind of stuff you do when you’re together can also tell a lot about his intentions. Is it normal buddy-stuff or something that has romantic undertones? Cooking together is loads different from catching up at a loud mall over coffee.

19. Looks matter

If you notice that he’s taking extra care of his appearance say, spritzing on a tantalizing perfume, better clothes, pampered hair with mousse, etc. chances are he’s trying for the exact same thing- for you to notice him, because he’s aiming for a more intimate niche in your life.

20. Introducing to family

If it’s friends that you hang out with the most when you’re together, he might just see you as one too. However, if he tries introducing you to his siblings, besties or (whoa) parents, he has some solid plans for the future regarding you both. This is a strong sign of his interest in you more than just a friend.

21. His own hints

This is perhaps the plainest of them all. He tells you some things which, undoubtedly though tacitly, express his desire to have you in his life as his own girl.


Armed with all these, you’re sure to find what his mixed-signals or body language really means. It’s up to you to take it a notch further or stay put. For the former, go rock it! But for the latter, remember, nobody likes a drama-queen. So be considerate and practical in dealing with a guy who likes you.

Do share other signs, you think are strong signals of liking in your relationships.

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