Shoe Trivia: All about the lovable beast!

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Have you ever seen a woman who is not in love with shoes? Women just don’t have shoes or love shoes; they are obsessed with them. Be it the long admired pair of heels or a pair of cute ballerinas.

Ever wondered how shoes originated! Be it sports or heels; boots or flip flops; every shoe style has a story of its own. The renowned brand ‘Nike‘ was inspired by waffle iron. Different cultures have shoes unique to them and the look of footwear has evolved through centuries.

Not just limited to women, men are partners in crime when it comes to sporting footwear that is trendy, fashionable and unique. No longer the limitation of shoes is formal black or a sports shoe from a named brand. The choices have widened and so have the shoe closets.

Here is some shoe trivia for all you shoe lovers. Learn the surprising facts all about shoes.

 ZALANDO Infographic

  • Daisy

    Me loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee shoes. this is great !

  • Sally

    nice facts revealed. Didnt know about a lot of them.

  • Linda

    This is a very nice infographics. I am sure ladies would enjoy more than men. Sharing on my pinterest.

  • Wauw did you made these images yourself? You’re very talented! I loved reading all these facts as I am OBSESSED with shoes and they are always my favourite part of an outfit haha! So thanks! xxx