Selling Jewelry Online? 40 Reasons why we failed, until now!

Selling Jewelry Online? 40 Reasons why we failed, until now!
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Selling jewelry online is an art and needs great business sense. Do you think that you have failed to sell jewelery online? Some latest studies revealed that around two million people do online shopping for jewelry in a day. No doubt it is a successful business venture for many. We tried and we failed in selling jewelry online in the past. But now, we know better. We have learned precious lessons from our own failures. Today, we have an active money site and a very promising blog. We have learned the hard way. However, we would like to make it easier for you by sharing from our experiences. We will tell you some basics for setting up an online jewelry shop.

Here are our tips for selling jewelry online.

1. Follow trends

To get the interest of your buyers, one has to follow recent trends while selling jewelry online. Fashion is changing day by day in all fields, so as is the case in fashion or costume jewelry. Buyers search for the newest trends and as an online jewelry business person, you have to supply them. It is important to know what is in trends. You could look at fashion blogs or set up the ‘jewelry trends’ keywords on Google alerts. That way, you can receive emails from google if any new articles come up on ‘jewelry trends’.

2. Avoid fake jewelry

Avoiding fake jewelry is important. Sell genuine pieces with absolute guarantee. Fake merchandise will harm your online reputation forever. To avoid fake, be careful to source your inventory only from authorized suppliers. Buy established brand names like Baubles Co, AZONeoglory, Italina Rigant and the like. Select suppliers who are part of the BBB reliability program. Check their online credibility. Identify real vs fake jewelry made of sterling silver, murano glass etc. Differentiate between real and fake Pandora beads.

3. Differentiate yourself

To sell fashion jewelry one has to give a good reason to the customers to buy. Selling handmade or environmental jewelry is always attractive for buyers. They are made by artisans who are well paid and they are made in an environment friendly manner. Sell jewelry that is rare of the likes of Kundan jewelryThewa jewelry, eco friendly jewelry or Murano glass jewelry.

4. Find out apt niches

If you are keen to know, how to start selling jewelry online, we would say find out the perfect niche as a first step. It can be something like cocktail rings, some special kind of men’s jewelry or some hot designs for teenage girls etc. It is your job to coin the perfect niche and move from there. Once you establish yourself in one niche, you can always expand and explore other niches.


5. An apt listing title

To attract more online customers, you need to have a proper listing title. The common terms like ‘diamond’ ‘gold’ ‘rings’ ‘jewelry’ etc. should be mandatory in the title. With that you should include the necessary features like brand, material, size, color and so on. This not only tells the buyer enough about the jewelry, but this also helps selling online, as giving appropriate title would help search engines pick your page for a relevant query. This will hence get you more online traffic. Selling at the trade fair may give you a platform to market your products to a wider audience in a short period of time.

6. Give the perfect description

It is ideal to have a perfect description about each of the items you want to sell online. They have to include basic information about your item as well as its details. The description should be brief, systematically organized and simple to read. Make the headlines bold and give bulleted lists. Give the size, dimensions, original retail price, estimated value and some information about the collection, its authentication, grade and other such details.

7. Photos and videos

While giving the details of the items, give clear and accurate photos of each of the items separately. It is good to give links to some videos and also highlight the beauty and quality of your pieces. Adding photo gallery with your listings is the next step to sell fashion jewelry online in a successful manner. Always remember that your customers are not doing the touch and feel before buying. With appropriate details, you are giving them the right information they need for their buying decision. Not providing accurate or adequate information would give you either dissatisfied customers or increase the chances of returns.

8. Do some research

To succeed in selling jewelry online, you have to do some essential research to know the trends, and to know details about your own pieces. Examine the pieces you collected to sell for special signatures, dates, markings, brands or engravings. Learn about the company which produced the pieces and their designers. Find out about the stones and materials used, production era, the rarity of the jewelry and so on.

9. Authenticate your jewelry

Prior to online selling of jewelry, you have to authenticate and get appraised the expensive items. It will provide you with a proper estimate on the expected price range and it is helpful to acquire customer confidence.

10. Picture perfect background

While you are showcasing your jewelry, you need to represent them brilliantly. The right background is essential for that. Give a solid black or white backdrop to picture the item. The contrast will catch the customer’s attention. For achieving this use a plain poster board in the preferred color behind them. You need to take photos from all angles to give more information to your buyer. Suitable lighting is another important detail you have to check. If you are new to photography, learn the basics.

11. Payment options

It is good to give enough payment options to your customers. Other than accepting credit and debit cards,  PayPal payments also may work to increase customer confidentiality. Some websites also allow payment via checking or savings account. In some countries its normal to have cash on delivery option. Based on your competitors and region, provide the most common payment options on your website.

12. Shipping & handling costs

Specifying the shipping and handling costs in your listing will show transparency. If you can incorporate a shipping calculator with your listing, it may work well with long distance customers. For expensive items, you need to purchase shipping insurance for extra protection.


13. Perfect packaging

It is essential to do the jewelry packaging in a perfect manner. Use bubble wrap, form and corrugated boxes to keep the items intact. Wrapping, boxing and sealing each of the sold item in an impeccable manner is optimal. No one should receive a damaged item when they bought it with so much expectations. Think of some creative jewelry packaging ideas for your store.

14. Social Networking

Stay active on social network. Have presence on all major social networking sites like Google plus, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Give customers an opportunity to tag your brand on social networking. That would help give you more visibility and also act as a marketing tool for your, for no cost.

15. Reviews

Request for reviews post sale. Having a follow up review email works in most cases. A lot of times people buy if they see a positive review on a product. Not knowing what similar customers feel about the product leads to a confused buyer, and eventually you may not be able to convert visitors into buyers.

16. Discounts & Sales

Discounts and clearance are always a motivator for sales. Offer discounts on special occasion and have some clearance deals that may be a motivator for some.

17. Personalization

Every customer is unique. Their buying behavior is also unique. Personalize the view for returning customers based on their past purchases or browsing history. That way you are showing them what is more appealing to your potential customer, rather than a hit and miss.

18. More like / Also purchased

Showcase sections ‘More like this’ which would display similar jewelry as the current selection. You can also add sections like ‘Customers also purchased’, that can give a view of what customers are buying.

19. Reward loyalty

Acquiring new customers is always expensive compared to retaining customers for repeat sales. One of the easy ways you can retain customers is by signing them up for a loyalty program and rewarding them based on their purchase. Customers usually come back if they have any loyalty points that they would like to redeem.


20. Live feeds

Showing what other customers are browsing on your website in a live feed would encourage other visitors to look at those products as well. You should be careful though about the speed and performance when opting for live feeds

21. Performance

Performance is a direct indicator of site popularity. Not only are the visitors going to stay back if your website is fast enough, but also the search engines are going to love your website, if it is fast. Make sure the site speed is above 85%.

22. Design

While customer shop for great products and appropriate pricing, having an eye catching design is the first step to that. If your website is not designed correctly and is not pleasing to the eyes, you will have a higher bounce rate. This would have a negative impact on your online traffic, long term.

23. Search

Intuitive site search would help your visitors find what they are looking for quickly. Search with categories / sub categories narrows the search results and helps visitors take actions. Narrow search based on pricing, color, brands etc to turn visitors into customers.

24. Navigation

Have a simple site navigation so that the potential customers can navigate to the right category / sub-category and find what they are looking for easily.

25. Contact Information

Have contact information page clearly visible on all pages. Give the visitors multiple options to contact like phone, email, fax, live chat.

selling jewelry online

26. Browser compatibility

We are living in a fast paced internet world. Your potential customers may be using different devices to browse and there are so many browsers out there. Your website should be compatible with all modern browsers.

27. Sign up form

Provide a sign up form on your website. That way you can collect email ids of people interested in your products and keep them updated on new arrivals, deals and offers.

28. Responsive / Mobile friendliness

Having a responsive site is utmost important in today’e techno world. Make sure your website is responsive and looks just fine irrespective of a desktop, laptop, apple or android device. A majority of people these days shop via mobile devices and it is important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly.

29. Blog

A business website with a blog gives more content to the visitors. In addition, a blog also gives you an opportunity to talk more about your niche. It also attracts blog owners to share content via guest blogs.

30. Clean call to action

Have clear call to action on product category, description page. A very bold call to action always attracts users to add products to cart.

31. Branding

Have a clear brand logo. Use it on your money site, the blog and any email or print marketing. Branding is very important if you would like to create your own brand.

32. Freshness

Freshness of content is important. Update your site with new products frequently. Not only will that keep your customers engaged and active, it will also send a message to search engine that your site has fresh content that needs to be crawled. The more your site gets crawled, the higher it gets ranked in the search engine results.

33. Simplicity

Keep your site simple. Do not make it busy or crowded by adding a lot of content everywhere. Keep it simple and sweet. Blogs definitely need to be rich in content, however, product descriptions should be clean and simple. Keep the description pages light and simple to read and understand.

34. Best sellers

Have a section for best sellers. This would immediately tell new visitors what your best sellers have been and definitely increase chances of they buying one of your best sellers.

35. Weekly deals

Think about having a weekly deal for your visitors / existing customers. Notify them through email marketing. Weekly deals should be attractive priced for sale.

36. Mini shopping cart

Have a mini shopping basket on your website. This would give a summary of cart items to the potential customer in a quick look. Mini shopping carts always help in higher conversion.

37. Analytics

Configure your online website for analytics and review them regularly. Take corrective action based on your analytics results. It is a known fact that analyzing analytics gets you more visitors and turns visitors into customers. Not just that, analytics also increases your average order value.

38. Secured checkout

Make sure that your checkout pages are secured. Online shopping is via credit cards and the last thing your want your customer to realize after putting items in cart and creating account is to realize that your checkout pages are not secured.

39. One page checkout

Keep checkout pages simple. A one page checkout is always a bonus. Keep billing, shipping and payment information in one page and that would increase your chances of successful checkout.

40. Easy hassel free returns

Returns are a part of online shopping. Some stores are online only and in that case, giving customers an option of hassel free returns always gives more confidence to buy. Customers do not want to run around to return the purchase. Make returns easy.

So here was our list of easy tips to make you a successful online jewelry seller. Share your strategy for selling jewelry online. What has worked best for you and resulted in higher revenues? Is there something that you would say has worked brilliantly for you in the past?

Share more about your strategy and let our readers be benefited by it.