Ruby Gemstones Jewelry – The Mystifying Charm and Magnificent Allure

Ruby Gemstones Jewelry – The Mystifying Charm and Magnificent Allure
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The obsession of humans for gemstones has been perennial. Since the existence of mankind, gemstones have not only charmed with their striking beauty but also swayed us with their strong metaphysical properties. They are recognized as a channel to the world of spirituality and astrology. Over the centuries, people have discovered that with the use of precious stones, they can unlock their hidden powers and re-define their personality. Due to such unmatched significance, leaders, warriors, kings, and famous personalities have embraced gemstone jewelry to accentuate their aura and supremacy.

Gemstones are categorized as precious and semi-precious stones. The difference is their rarity. Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond are assumed to be the oldest, rarest, and priciest gemstones while other crystals are categorized as semi-precious stones. Toughness is another aspect on which a gemstones is evaluated and the precious stones possess an unparalleled durability on this count.

Among all gems, Ruby is the most preferred and loved stone for making jewelry. This stunning ruby gemstone jewelry is venerated for its deep color and appealing luster. Ruby is rightly called as the King of gems. Being ascendant of the sun, ruby is a dominant gemstone that bestows the power of supremacy on its possessor. It manifests wearer with the qualities of leadership and they find themselves at the top in their field. It is no doubt, thus, that ruby is preferably worn by the people like industrialists, bureaucrats, and politicians to accentuate their decision making powers.

In fact, due to its unprecedented quality, it is considered supreme among all the precious stones in the world of astrology. Its vivid hue with crispy blood red color appears blissful in any sort of jewelry, especially finger rings. Untreated ruby are most expensive stones on the earth and can be costlier than diamond, depending on their origin, carat, and shape. In the context of gemstones, origin matters a lot. As such, Ruby extracted from the mines of Burma (Myanmar) are assumed to be the most significant and valuable gem for jewelry. It also originates from India, Sri Lanka, and other parts of Asia.

Since historical times, jewelry studded with ruby has been associated with the royals and nobles. In fact, rubies have beautifully adorned the crowns and tiaras of the kings and queens. This stone with its beautiful and well-shaped appearance has been preferred to develop a striking personality and garner respect as well as admiration from their subjects. They believed that ruby delivers spiritual and health-related powers protecting the kings and royal members from hidden rivals and negative energy.

ruby-gemstones-jewelryIn the modern times, ruby is seen as a symbol of love. It emits unparalleled frequency that suits couples who are in love and takes their relationship till the end of times. It is believed that ruby accentuates affection in a close relationship. It increases the bond and feeling of togetherness. Because of these admired benefits, couples love to choose ruby for their engagement rings. Perhaps, celebrity couples have also instigated a favor towards these gems by choosing the ruby rings studded with the pristine and the rarest gems for their wedding.

There is another aspect behind the selection of ruby for engagement rings. Apart from its blissful and adoring hue, it is the toughest stone you could have apart from the diamond. With a rating of 9 on Mohs scale, it comes second only to the diamond (10 on Mohs scale). Engagement rings should always be chosen on the durability factor. Ruby is less reactive to pollution, mild chemicals, water, dust, grease, and other such substances. Therefore, it is always a prominent choice over Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire when it comes to engagements rings.


Besides, it is a stone of happiness, prosperity, devotion, courage, and generosity. Legends revealed that ruby can heal infinite types of ailments including digestive problems as well as skin diseases. It cures blood-related problems as well.

The rare availability and high costs have made it a dream to own ruby. Apart from its endless benefits, ruby is also loved for its magnificent color. Jewelry made of ruby looks absolutely outstanding. But, it might not be affordable for everyone. Hence, you can try substitute stones which are equally magnificent in color and properties but with a lower price tag.

Red Garnet:

Red garnet is the best substitute for ruby. Available in five shades of red, it can perfectly match the endurance of ruby. Pyrope Garnet is the most equivalent to ruby with its significant appearance. It has somewhat equal benefits that are possessed by its precious counterpart. It is widely embedded in silver and gold, right from costume jewelry to classy fine jewelry.

Red Zircon:

Though underrated, Red Zircon is one of the finest stone in the world. It is equally endeavored with blissful powers. Zircon is an eye-catching stone significantly found in all sizes and variety of cuts. This feature allows using zircon in different jewelries like rings, earrings, pendant, and bracelets. Though it is a little brittle in nature, its excellent luster and hue compensate for the same.

Red Spinel:

Many times, red spinel is mistakenly considered the ruby due to its undistinguished hue and luster. Red Spinel is rarely found in nature, but it is a cheap substitute of ruby. It has hardness, fire, luster and brilliance of a highly-rated precious stone. Due to its gems qualities, it can be studded in any sort of jewelry and has been the favorite stone for jewelry designers since years. Being ascendant of mercury, its spiritual powers are little different from those possessed by ruby.

Fire Opal:

The name of Fire Opal has originated from its fiery orange hue. Unlike other opal stones, fire opal has more transparency and luster. Hence, it is used as a substitute of ruby in many forms of jewelry. Since many ages, it is revered as the stone of real love and represents the karmic powers.

Andesine Labradorite:

Emerged in 2003, Andesine Labradorite is found in a wide variety of shade. Its red hue almost looks like ruby. It is highly used in fashion jewelry due to its iridescence property. It deflects a different shade from different sides which is a phenomenon exclusively found in Andesine Labradorite.

So, whether you choose jewelry made from the stunning ruby or from its beautiful substitutes, these gemstones will certainly accentuate your style with their deep red color and passionate charm.

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