Proposal Ideas: 83 Creative & Romantic Ways to Propose

Proposal Ideas: 83 Creative & Romantic Ways to Propose
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Romantic proposal ideas are by far one of the best ways to propose your lady love. Engagement or marriage proposals are special romantic moments in everyone’s life. Propose her in a way that you make your lady love remember that all her life with a smile.

Are you looking for best ways to propose for marriage? Propose based on what suits you and your relation with your love. Whether it is funny proposal or a romantic way to propose, whether it is cute or cool proposal idea, whether it is unique or creative proposal, there are lot of simple proposal ideas for her to make it BIG for lifetime.

Here you see 83 proposal ideas to make those moments ever memorable.

best proposal ideas

Big Proposals

The big proposal ideas have to be something flashy and public. You are proclaiming your love to her in front of everyone. There are plenty of unique ways to propose to make it a big event.

1. Propose in a fantastic location:

Select a favorite place like a hotel rooftop with an exemplary view, a national park with monumental value etc. which hold some special relevance to both of you. Arrange someone to get the picture of the moment and once you reach there, drop down on your knee and make her the happiest woman ever.

2. A musical performance proposal:

If your partner is a fan of a special band, you can specially arrange one for her with her favorite selection of songs and propose to her at the end of it. If the performers are willing, you can even suggest to put her name in between the lyrics.

3. Propose after the curtain falls:

Take her to her favorite production show and arrange with the stage manager to get a chance for you to propose after the curtain falls on the stage and organize someone to take a picture with all the settings of the stage.

4. A caricature proposal:

If she is a fan of art, have a set up with a street caricaturist. Take her for a walk and have the caricaturist sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles of ‘Will you marry me?’ and ‘Yes!!!’.

5. A dance floor proposal:

Go out for dancing on a special night and arrange with the DJ to hand over the microphone to you so that you can dedicate a song and propose to her romantically on the dance floor in front of everyone.

6. Sky writing proposal:

Sky writing is one of the best ways to propose. Make it big and grand. Hire a skywriter and give instructions to him to spell out your proposal in the sky. This will surely make her blush.

7. A media proposal:

Arrange a full page newspaper ad with your special words. Another way to do a media proposal is to have an arrangement with the local radio station and propose her on air.

Romantic ways to propose

Girls love PDA or public display of affection. They fall for romance and romantic proposal ideas. Think of some romantic ways to propose and make use of them when proposing, she will surely love it. Here are some thoughts on romantic proposal ideas to help you out.

8. Propose in her ancestral marriage location:

It can be her parents and grandparents favorite location where they got engaged or married. Take you chances and remind her of the history, and then go on to create yet another family history and propose her.

9. Under water proposal:

If she likes scuba diving, plan for a adventure day with friends and propose your girlfriend under water with some water proof life-size note. Don’t forget to have a friend take some awesome photos.

10. A message from the sea:

Take her to a beach for an evening. Write a beautiful message, put and seal it in an old bottle. Then let her find it while you are enjoying a beautiful evening on the beach. Wait behind her, knee down, while she is reading your message from the sea.

11. Propose in a place of worship:

If you are a regular church or temple goer, let the pastor or priest announce a special message and propose in front of the congregation. This will be both sacred & romantic proposal idea.

12. Constellation proposal:

One of the very romantic ways to propose her is under her star constellation. Whether she is or is not a fan of stars and constellations, proposing her under the night sky with stars above will create an unforgetting moment. This is one of the sweetest ways to propose.

13. Birthstone proposal:

Find out her birth flower & birthstone and propose with a bouquet of her birth flowers and a ring with her birthstone in it.

14. A souvenir proposal:

Create a marriage shrine with the souvenirs from your past in your living room and propose in front of that. It will remind the two of you the moments that you have experienced together. This is a creative way to propose.

15. Dream vacation proposal:

One of the best ways to propose is to take her to one of her favorite vacation places which she has never seen. Arrange a trip to that location and propose to you girlfriend there.

16. Enact her dream proposal scene:

If she has a dream about her marriage proposal that you know about, enact it exactly in the real proposal and make her happy.

17. Photo booth proposal:

This may not be a very great idea for proposal for some, but for some it is a very economical proposal idea that will be captured forever. Propose her in a photo booth and keep the moments alive in pictures.

18. Landmark proposal:

Plan a trip to a landmark that is very dear to her. Propose her with the landmark in the backdrop and make it a romantic moment for life.

19. Propose outdoors:

If she loves going outdoors for long walks, plan a wonderful picnic lunch. Prepare the lunch with her favorite things and propose in a fantastic spot.

Unique proposal ideas

The unique proposal ideas are all about catching her attention in the most unexpected way. The success of unique ways to propose depend on raising of the element of surprise to the highest level. It also requires creativity and genuineness. Here are some best ways to propose that are really unique.

20. Halloween proposal:

halloween proposal idea
Dress up during the Halloween time in something she would least expect. Make a proposal in that unique and brilliant dress up to catch her off-guard.

Work a little hard on those pumpkins and impress with some creativity on Halloween.

21. Pet proposal:

If you are looking for unique marriage proposal ideas, try to gift a cute and adorable puppy to her with a ring on its collar. It will be not just a unique idea but the cute puppy will just make the moment extra special.

22. Calendar proposal:

Make a special calendar for her with the distinct messages, pictures and mark a particular day as the proposal day. Go ahead and propose her on that very day and show her the calendar.

23. Favorite movie proposal:

If there is a favorite movie proposal scene that she likes, watch that movie with her on a lazy weekend. Pop the question while watching your favorite movie with that special proposal scene.

24. Scrabble proposal:

If she loves playing board games, set up the scrabble for the two of you. A unique way to propose is to do a scrabble proposal in your game time.

25. Propose with flowers:

Make a flower petal trail to welcome her home. Make a bouquet with her special flowers and propose her with a ring in the middle of the beautiful bouquet.

26. Intercom proposal:

Do it over an intercom. If you are working in the same company with intercom facility or living in a residential area that has the intercom facility, or can access it anywhere you go together, do it unexpectedly and make her happy. This is a cute way to propose to your girlfriend.

27. Keyboard proposal:

Do a keyboard proposal by changing the keys of the keyboard and replacing it with a modified one saying “Will you marry me?” keys. This would be a surprise, surprise!! What a unique way to propse !!

Cool Proposals

If you are not a person adhering to the traditional way of proposing your lady, there are lots of cool ways to propose from. Have some clue from these cool proposal ideas and find something more suitable to your style and rock her world.

28. Propose in another language:

If you are doing a tour together through different cities you love. Pop out the question, say in French if you are in France and while she is trying to translate it in her head go down on one knee and show the ring to her.

29. Leap year proposal:

Do a leap year proposal. It is a big thing in Italy. Make it a big deal and surprise her. This would truely be a cool proposal idea.

30. Crossword proposal:

Make a cross word puzzle with special clues about your relationship and propose through it.

31. Invisible proposal:

Write the message with invisible ink which will glow in the dark on your T-shirt or wall and wait with a ring for her in the dark.

32. Fortune proposal:

Talk to local Chinese restaurant and have a special fortune cookie message for her. Propose via a fortune cookie with a “will you marry me” message.

33. Tech proposal:

If you are a techie, make a mobile app that can display your message when you are asking the great question in her phone.

34. Ringtone proposal:

Set her phone with a special ring tone when you get a chance. Set up a meeting outside and when you see her, call her and convey your feelings via a ringtone.

35. Scientific proposal:

If you are a science expert, arrange some chemical reactions to make a nice show with some color change, fizz and sparks. At the end of it, bring up the ring.

36. Bike proposal:

Take her out on a motorcycle for a long countryside romantic ride. Spot a nice peaceful place and propose to your girlfriend in the middle of nowhere, just you and her.

37. Aerial proposal:

Arrange for a great skydiving session and during the skydiving, scream it loud and propose her in the clouds. Skydiving is a thrilling proposal ideas deserve a ‘Yes, I do’!

38. Wine lover proposal:

If your lady love has a great taste for wine, take her out to one great wine tasting event and propose her in the wine yards.

39. Movie buzz proposal:

If your girlfriend is a movie buzz and you know her favorite romantic movie, arrange for a trip to its locations and propose her there.

40. Titanic proposal:

A cool way to propose her is in a way that reminds of the love story of Titanic. Propose among the remnants of a shipwreck.


Creative Proposal Ideas

Creative wedding proposals ideas have the potential to show your partner that you really love them to give an everlasting memory to cherish for ever. A creative proposal will catch her off guard and she will be spell bounded about your creativity. You can find your own creative and best ways to propose, but here I am listing a few to help you.

41. A roller coaster proposal:

If your girlfriend is one of those adventurous people, plan a trip to an amusement park. Take her on the top of the giant roller-coaster and propose her mid air. Now you have to be very sure that she loves those rides, else it may turn into a disaster.

42. Musical proposal:

Well, this one has to be very creative and very touchy. If you have a girlfriend who is a music lover, compile a mixed-tape with lyrics from her favorite songs.

43. Sky banner proposal:

Let the whole world know about it with a huge sky banner proposal. You can hire someone to display it under a helicopter, if you can spend that kind of money. The other not so expensive option is to propose with a sky banner hanging down from a hot air balloon.

44. A message on the ground:

Now this is absolute reverse of a sky banner proposal idea. In this you actually have a proposal message for her on the ground. You can choose that to be an area that is less visited. It could be a remote beach or a grassland or on a hill. Write your proposal message and make sure you have a friend watch that for you. You then plan to take her over that area in a helicopter or small plane that you can hire and let her read your messgae. Uhhh!! So creative, I am loving it !

45. LED proposal:

If you can get a permission from the authorities of a tall building, have an personalized LED proposal set for her on the terrace. She would be a super surprised to see her name flashing.

46. A hidden ring proposal:

Propose her with a hidden ring inside a cake on her birthday. You will have to go an extra mile with the baker, but its totally worth it.

47. Poem proposal:

If you have an admirer of your creative words, write a sweet poem for her. Express your feelings and also take her back on the memory lane when you first met her. Touch her sweetly in your expression of love.

48. Lyrical proposal:

If you are a writer and also a singer, write a special song, give your own music and sing it for her. This would be a special and unique way to express your love for her.

49. With a special note:

A very unexpensive but touchy way of proposing is by writing her a special note. Place the note in a book she has been reading and let her find it when she picks up the book next.

50. Comic book proposal:

If you are one of those talented people who can draw nice comic chraters, make your own comic book. Have that published with your proposal at the very end. What a funny proposal idea, yet romantic, isnt it ?

51. In a mystery dinner:

Take her for a mystery dinner. While you are solving the murder mystery together and totally involved, lighten the tension with a sudden proposal.

52. Puppet show proposal:

Organize a special puppet show for her and have the charaters pass on your proposal to her in a cute comic way.

53. Stage proposal:

Stage a special play for her and propose het at the end of it.

54. A special musical proposal:

Stage a special musical play for her and at the end of it propose to her with her favourite song.

55. Through a fake marriage announcement:

If you are at a wedding of a close one, have a fake wedding annoucement be made with your and her name. That will surprise her. See her reaction to it and if you think she loved the drama, go ahead and propose her.

Best Proposal Ideas

The best proposal ideas may fit into any category. They can be romantic, creative or cool. It might touch the heart of your partner and they may get convinced about the depth of your feeling. Here are some of them for you to check out.

56. Propose on a special day:

Propose to her on a special day like the Valentine’s day.

57. Propose in a horse drawn carriage:

A proposal like in the pre historic days would be so awesome. Propose to her in a horse drawn carriage. It would be romantic as well as unique prposal.

58. A flash mob proposal:

flash mob proposal

Organize a flash mob to dance on her special number. Towards the end, join the mob and go on your knees. She will feel special and this sure will be one of the great proposal ideas.

59. During Christmas:

If she has been waiting for you to ask her this for all these years, pick Christmas as a day to gift her the present of love.

60. Propose at a fancy hotel:

Take her out for a weekend getaway and book a nice resort or a fancy hotel. Propose to her in the ambience of this fancy hotel.

61. Hide the ring (again):

Gift her a bouquet of her special flowers and hide the ring at the bottom of the stems. As she would unwrap the bouquet to place in the vase, she will find the ring.

62. Icy proposal:

If you are in one of those places where it is very cold, and windshields are covered with ice, try this. Offer to scarp the ice from the windsheild for your girl before she leaves for work. Carve “Will you marry me?” on the windshield. Do not try this if the temperature is rising fast. You need the weather report to do this in time.

63. Waterfall cavern proposal:

Take her to a waterfall cavern and propose her in a unique style there. The sound of the water and the natural beauty will make it one of the best proposal ideas.

64. Anniversary proposal:

Propose on the anniversary of your first meeting. It will revive old memories like nothing else.

65. A Jacuzzi proposal:

Book a sensational spa day and propose her at the end of the pamparing in a jacuzzi.

66. Airport proposal:

This has to be timed right. It could be a time when you both are departing at the airport. Make it sensational by proposing loud from about 50 ft apart. This would be a very cute proposal idea, and will gather attention of everyone around. She would love the PDA (public display of affection).

67. At the place where you met first:

First memories are always special and fresh. Take her to the place where you first met and propose her in that very same place.

68. In an exotic Zen garden:

Plan a trip to exotic Zen garden and propose to her there.

69. During a family dinner:

Plan a dinner with her family and propose to her in front of every one. She will blush with joy.

70. A foreign country proposal:

proposal ideasTake her to an exotic foreign land and propose her there. It would always be a special day for her with memories for life.

71. A photo shoot proposal:

Plan a photo shoot with her and during one of those close moments wispher in her ears. She will be floored and this would be a great way to propose.

72. Leafy proposal:

Try raking the leaves in his or her backyard and arrange them to spell out your marriage proposal.

73. A message on a kite

Invite her to spend the evening with you. Pre arrange a flying kite in the sky and take her out to read the proposal message from you.

Cute Proposals

If your girlfriend is a softie, she will like the cute proposal ideas. It will give her the feeling that you are understanding her perfectly and she may like to spend the rest of her life with such an understanding person.

74. A bath proposal:

Now this one needs some real hardwork. You will have to work towards replacing her bathing soap with a similar ones that she uses, but only this time the soap will have a ring hidden inside it. Let her figure it out one day and scream with joy.

75. Wall paint proposal:

Paint the bedroom wall with your big question and take her by surprise when she comes back home.

76. A messenger pigeon:

In the olden days, messages were sent through pigeons. These were trained and knew the path to their destination. Get a messenger pigeon carry the message for your lover.

77. In a flower botanical garden:

If she is one of those who loves nature or flowers, take her to a fully bloomed botanical garden. Propose her in the middle of colorful flowers and she will be all yours.

78. During a surprise birthday party:

Plan out a surprise birthday party for her and invite all her friends for that. Propose her just after the cake cutting and she will be extra happy for the birthday gift.

79. Under the pillow ring:

Keep the ring box under her pillow and let her find it in the morning when she is making the bed.

80. Glow in the dark proposal:

Get the glow in the dark letters and stick them to your celing in say “Will you marry me?” When you hit the bed, switch off the lamps for your special question to glow for her. It would be a romantic proposal idea.

81. Ring in the ribbon proposal:

This is very inexpensive way to propose, but it would touch her like nothing else. Tie a ribbon from the bedroom to all round the house. Stick small notes all through with memories of the two of you and expressing how much her partnership means to you. Stand on the other end of the ribbon with the ring. Itn’t it a cute way to propose your girlfriend?

82. During a hot balloon ride:

Plan a hot air balloon ride one nice weekend and propose her in the hot air balloon.

83. Choclate box proposal:

Gift her a heart shaped chocolate box and inside of it, the replace one chocolate with your proposal ring.

Since the tastes and interests of people are different, it is not easy to suggest the best way to propose, which are equally acceptable for everyone. The fantastic idea of someone may be not the unique proposal idea for someone else. But now you have a total of 83 awesome proposal ideas to choose from. One thing that most girls do like is public display of affection. When you pick your choice, do think if your girl would fall for this idea. If you have further more ideas better than this, let us know through your comments.

Which are some of  your best proposal ideas?