Nail Art – Origin & Trends

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There are so many ways; beautiful nails can make a difference to your look.  There are no hues that you cannot wear. Nail art can broaden your style horizons. Even if you are fair-skinned you don`t have to stay away from colors like nude and pastel , nowadays everything is allowed and you can wear them proudly. There is no girl, no woman in the world that is not familiar with the syndrome “ I have nothing to wear”. This syndrome applies to nail polishes as well. All you need is just one tiny detail and your look, your outfit will be just like you imagined it to be. So why don`t you start with a nail polish. Once you start using it, it will become a part of your life. Just choose the shade that you like and whether you like red nails, star nails, diamond nails, and you will be surprised how fast you can decide which dress, which shoes and bag to wear that day. Some people feel comfortable just by wearing T-shirt and jeans, but they usually spice up their look with a bright color on their nails, instantly they get a look that is classy and it doesn`t seem that they put the first thing that was in their closet. If you are in doubt how to accessorize your outfit, simply choose beautiful nails. Beauty nails can be the perfect accessory. Especially if you are one of the people that don`t like to wear jewelry. Pick up the perfect shade and you will have the look you wanted to have.  Wearing nail polish, or having glamorous nails, for some people, has the same effect on their confidence like wearing high heels. Pretty nails make you feel pretty, and other people can notice the confidence you have.

nail-trendsBeautiful nails are considered to be a precious gift. The first manicurist in the Greek Mythology was Eros. He cut Aphrodite`s finger nails and scattered them on the beach. The fates collected the nails and turned them into onyx, which is a semiprecious stone, that is Greek for fingernail.  There is a belief that nails grow after death, and for that reason long nails are characteristic of vampires.

Origin of Manicuring

Let`s go a little back in history, and see who we have to be thankful to for giving us this awesome trend that gets better and better every year.

There is evidence that manicures took place in southern Babylonia from 4000 years ago. Turkish women painted their nails with a pink tint that they created from boiled rose petals. Nail art was known to the Romans as well, who painted their nails with a mixture of sheep fat and blood. Long nails were related to status. In the Ming Dynasty, women had really long fingernails. They couldn`t feed themselves, so they needed servants to feed them. Because of the long nails sometimes they needed help to get dressed or to perform other personal chores. They used nail polish made of beeswax, vegetable dyes or egg whites.

The Discovery of Nail Polish

Hollywood nails represented a visual medium to every Hollywood film in the 1920s. Actresses were stunning, and modern and they had glamorous nails, beautiful nails that every girl desired. Soon that glossy enamel became commercially available, and everyone could have beauty nails. The first nail lacquers were produced in shades of pink, and very soon every girl was able to have beautiful nails colored in ruby, coral or pink shade for princess nails. Red nails were unavailable until the late 1930s. This happened, when Charles Revson discovered a method to add pigments instead of dyes to nail polish.

Nail Trends

colorful-nailsNobody should have plain nails, when you have the choice to have super nails within minutes. Nail art can change the way we look, perfect nails for perfect look. There are people who do not follow any trends, and they pick their nail color randomly. For pretty nails you can choose a neutral nude with a pink hue, this color gives a nice contrast if you like wearing dark clothes. For top nails, a funky color like dusty grey hue is a must-have. Artistic nails are more and more popular for their strong statement. You can design your nails to match an outfit, or just to point your artistic nature. You can have designs that are meaningful to you and they can be simply created with tiny paintbrushes. Color acrylic and glitter acrylic are very popular, so those star nails are not out of reach anymore. Other popular trends include, having one or more nails pierced, you might get frighten by this, but actually it is pain free. You can wear small studs or hoops on your nails the same way you wear them on your ears. For glamorous nails, and nails that you can see from far away you can use glitter. But for fashion nails, it is better to visit a professional, you might see many tutorials on how to do it but it is not that easy as it looks. A new trend that everyone is talking about is “marble nails” Marbling is a technique in which several nail polishes are dropped into a bowl, allowed to spread, one drop inside another, then swirled, and they create a perfect marble effect. But then again, this technique, and techniques similar to this take time to perfect it. And  it takes a lot of patience, if you think that you don`t have it then you will end up with a mess and not with happy nails.

Nail Art

Today there are  quick-drying polishes for women with active lifestyles, and a vast range of colors, and also we have nail polishes that contain built-in decorations such as glitter for diamond nails, or some tiny metallic shapes for creative nails. In 1990s in America there was a new product on the market “mood nail polish”, this nail polish could change color according to body temperature in reflection of someone`s mood. Women as well as men spend enormous amount of money every year in nail salons. Nowadays, a well kept hands are considered as an important part of a professional image.

Chip Nails

black-nail-polishWhen it comes to nails it is not all glits and glam. Many people have finger nails that are chip. And no matter what they do, they can`t keep them healthy and make them grow. It is no secret that a healthy diet does wonders. In general, all you have to do is to maintain a varied and balanced diet and to keep your nails and body healthy. If your nails do fray and chip, there are so many things you can do to allow them to grow and stay strong and healthy.

Always protect your hands when you are using chemicals of any kind. Always wear rubber gloves when you are washing the dishes or cleaning your bathroom tiles. Try to use a nail polish remover that is acetone free. Regularly moisturize your fingernails and your hands with lotions, oils or creams. It is very good for your nails to soak them in a bowl of vegetables, tea-tree oil and olive and then just pat them dry. If you want, you can also wear cotton gloves during the night to keep your nails properly moisturized. In terms of a healthy diet, nutritionist suggest that you have a balanced diet which includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes such as beans, peas, lentils, and soy product, seeds, fish and lean meats. This way your nails will get all the nutrients that they need to grow. Zinc, calcium and biotin are very important for nail health. Biotin is found in foods like: milk, liver and other organ meats, fish, yolk, yeast, whole grains and cereals, soybeans, lentils, cauliflower. There can be many reasons why you have chip nail. You may not be getting enough iron, calcium, zinc, protein, and vitamins C and B complex. Also excessive use of household cleaning products can destroy your nails. Using detergents and soaps, also nail polishes and nail polish removers can dry and weaken your nails. And if you use your nails as a tool to pick or poke things than you are preventing your nails from growing at a normal pace.