Mod Fashion: The Modern Look & Style with 50s Touch

Mod Fashion: The Modern Look & Style with 50s Touch
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Mod fashion is undoubtedly one of the most popular ‘looks’ in the modern fashion industry. It was in trends in the 80’s with the band – The Who – being pioneers of the Mod style.  It was actually about changing monotone fashion in 1950s. Mod clothing is actually well-liked by the regular individual. Most individuals love Mod clothes from decades since they offer some feeling of history, style, and also character that can’t easily be purchased at the stores. Mod clothing has tailored jackets and slim fitting silhouettes that modern men still cling on to. In this blog post, you’ll be able to learn how to style in Mod fashion.

Mod Clothing

Mod Clothing

How to Style in Mod Fashion

Mod style is about attitude, with some wardrobe changes. Bright colors, narrow cuts and bold prints characterizes Mod fashion. The narrow cuts is the signature Mod style and this is even worn today as a modern outfit. If your sense of style is a mix of casual and formal, you like tailored cuts and outfits that stand out, you are already close to Mod fashion.

The Shirt:

Polo shirts really epitomizes Mod style. They are a fashion staple now. The classic polo style and the fit, makes Polo shirts perfectly stand out for Mod outfits.  When wearing polos, make sure you wear all the buttons done up for that clean and classy look. You can also wear simple collar shirt or roll-neck jumpers for the Mod styling.

Jackets & Coats:

Bomber jackets give the authentic Mod look. They can be dressed up or down and ofcourse paired with a well fitted polo shirt or a simple collar shirt with buttons up.  This gives a mix of smart and casual Mod fashion. Jacket zipped up half way, gives an authentic finish to the look.mod fashion


Mod clothing is about tailered cuts and boxy designs. Skinny jeans was not what they were a big fan of. What eventually came up was slim fit jeans, a great compromise between skinny and boxy. Skinny is more Brit modern, comfortable and stylish. This created a sleek and stylish look. The trousers were narrow at the ankle to show off the footwear.


The footwear style most popular with Mod fashion was the Chelsea. These are sleek and form fitting. Usually in black leather they pair well with chinos or full suits. The other Mod style footwear was lace up dessert boots. Mostly in brown or stone color, they paired perfect giving more mod look. For the coolest Mods in the town look, go for the basket weaves boots.


The Mod style is very open as far as the hair style goes. It goes well with ceasar cut, the fresh crop, the crew cut, the ivy league, the layered or the fringe cut. So styling like a Mod is very easy as far as the hair styling goes.


  • Mix formal & casual, like fitted polos to go with chinos
  • Boxy jackets
  • Bright pattern shirts
  • Tapered jeans
  • Show off footwear
  • Chelsea Dessert boots
  • Style the crew cut or the frend crop hair

Slim fited narrow cut trousers with polo shirt and jacket with Chelsea shoes created the best amalgamation of formal and casual Mod style.

Gather Inspiration for Mod Style

For many individuals, it is not a natural born talent to understand how to style the clothing of any decades or era, and as most of the people don’t have that kind of talent they rely greatly on their inspiration from others to be able to figure out the fashion that appears right and doesn’t look fake at all. When people begin to dip their toes into the stylish and vibrant pool of mod style, it is especially useful to collect inspiration through photos. A good idea is to look at a number of the professional online Mod clothing stores, since this might help inspire you.

One additional idea is to mix and match your Mod clothes with modern items. The simplest way to begin putting on Mod clothes is to wear it in conjunction with present day clothing. However, remember that this method is not just restricted to newbies as even some superstars fuse mod clothes with modern day items – often with great results. Why don’t you try complementing some legitimate mod clothing items with some up-to-date accessories, because this will definitely highlight the distinctive style. Assuming you have chosen to sport a nice little natural Mod leather jacket, for example, why not complement a great look with a modern belt or some sophisticated shoes? To make it current and modern, wear just one striking accessory to enhance your apparel.

Mod Clothing Stores

Charity shop or thrift shop good be an excellent place to start with for some Mod clothing items. You will find them located on your High-street. Additionally, it is an easy task to find Mod clothing online, since there are plenty of specialist stores on the market. You can view the online catalogue and can try a certain look you are more comfortable with. However, prior to purchasing your Mod clothes, bear in mind that they will not be a magic solution by themselves. What will make you the best will be your own personality if you can possibly carry the fashion completely. To take pleasure from your clothes and revel in putting them on and this individuality will undoubtedly be easy to come across. Trust me on this!

mod clothing

Last Words

The Mod although seemed to have rules, really was about guidelines. Very similar to the other alternative clothing like grunges, hip hop, emo, boho chic fashion. It was more about taking the rigid fashion of the 1950s and making something bright, stylish and absolutely rebellious. When it is to be rebellious, the rule is that there are “no rules”. Get inspired by Mod look and vibe and change it into a style that suits you.Consider that making use of the mod scene does not always mean that you must leave your most liked fashionable looks behind you. It requires a great deal of self-assurance to renovate your wardrobe. This means inventing an old-fashioned look, that will intimidate a lot of people. However, don’t forget that you can use aspects of the Mod clothing look discreetly, if you’d rather. Inspiration usually comes in a number of ways and that means you don’t need to close your door if you believe you don’t have the capability to change your style.Now that you’re fully fluent in Mod style, your wardrobe probably needs some updating.

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