How to Match Your Hair Style and Outfit Correctly

How to Match Your Hair Style and Outfit Correctly
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Matching Your Hair Style and Outfit the Right Way

When it comes to creating the best look for work, the gym, or any formal or semi-formal occasion, it’s important that all elements in the look match. The first elements that need to be matched are the hair style and outfit, and when it comes to matching them, the rules to follow are as many as the things a woman can do.

Formal Events

While the perfect dress, accessories, and your plus one are highly important to a formal event, how your hair is styled is actually more important. How important is your hairstyle in a formal occasion, you ask? Your hairstyle makes or breaks an outfit.

Different hairstyles suit different styles of dress

* A lace dress looks amazing with a loose and wavy updo finished with shine spray.

* A dress with a plunging neckline or v-neck needs to be balanced with hair worn down and long or loose curls set in a bob.

* Halter neck dresses are designed specifically with the neck in mind, so make sure to choose hairdos that expose the neck design of the dress. The best hairdos for this purpose are a chignon, high bun, or fishtail braid.

* If you’ve chosen to wear a girly, strappy dress, style hair in a chignon or loose bun to achieve a romantic and feminine charm.


* One shoulder gowns must be balanced out by sweeping hair to the side without the strap. Curl or wave side sections, then pin it up or fix in a volumised braid or low bun.

* Strapless dresses are amazing when you expose your neckline and shoulders fully, so lift hair off those parts. One great idea is to braid your hair and lift it off into a mid or high bun.

* Planning to wear a sweetheart neckline or turtleneck gown to an event? Make sure to match it with a sleek or volumised ponytail to ensure that everyone’s eyes are focused on the dress itself. Get eyeballs focused on your dress AND hair by having a Human Hair Extension Online product installed on your head by a stylist.

* Want to go all out and wear a backless gown? Match it with an equally daring hairstyle! Choose to sport big, sultry, voluminous, wavy hair secured in place with a clip.

Work or Interview

* Wearing the classic office attire—composed of a pair of heels, a classic watch, small pieces of jewellery, blazer and skirt (or pantsuit)—is more than enough to give you an air of power in the office or the interview room. But with hair that matches the classic corporate getup, you can be assured of respect and acceptance from your colleagues or interviewers, not to mention the fact that you can get heads turning too. So match the outfit with a slicked back hairstyle like a high bun or a sleek and high ponytail.

* If you’re more into feminine work outfits such as flowing skirts, summery dresses, and flowery blouses, choose a no-fuss hairstyle. One great option is a bun (side or low bun). Clipping the fringe to one side also works. Alternatively, if you have time, create a French braid.

sports hairstyle

What makes these hairstyles great is that they are feminine and smart, but still practical. They prevent strands from falling on your face whilst typing an article or report that needs to be submitted before noon. If created well, they also don’t need to be fixed every so often.

Sports or Workout

Playing sports or working out means a lot of movement on your part, so it’s important to choose practical hairstyles to go with practical workout clothing. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to enjoy your game and do your workout right with all the hair falling on your eyes and face.

The best hairstyles to match your gym attire with include braids, high ponytails, tight buns, and French braids. Finish with strong hairspray and numerous grips. Finish creating the look with a coloured headband.

smart casual hairstyle

Smart Casual

What makes smart casual smart is the fact that it’s both comfortable and appropriate for a lot of great places. But in order to make the most of the smart casual look, it’s important that you match your hair with your jeans, tight-fitting top, and high heels combo.

Because smart casual is a mix of formal and informal clothing, you need to choose a hairstyle which is not so formal and not so simple. Some great options include the side ponytail, high ponytail with a few strands wrapped around the band, and sleek and straight hair let loose.

How to Accessorize

Hair accessories improve the appearance of one’s hair whilst ensuring that they stay still. They are another visible element for one’s look, and for this reason, you need to choose accessories that match the colour and/or design of your chosen outfit.

* To do this right, pick a favourite element of the top or dress you plan on wearing (colour or pattern) and choose an accessory or a number of accessories that match that feature. For example, if your top has chain straps, then put a head chain on. Does your dress have sequins? Put on a hair accessory with sequins!

* You can also experiment with accessories that do not necessarily match an element of your clothing but look good with it anyway.

Other Things You Need to Know About Matching Outfit and Hair

* Matching both hairstyle and outfit is one way of making a positive impression on others during special occasions, work, and even when working out in the gym. To ensure that this happens, you need to take your time doing this. Not only that, you may need to constantly check out your appearance in the mirror to see if the look suits you perfectly or if there are elements that need to be changed.

* Choose to highlight the striking colour of your shoes by matching them with a headband bearing the same colour as your shoes.

* Modify a certain hairstyle so it looks simpler or more elegant.

* Downplay your chosen outfit with a hairstyle that’s guaranteed to make heads turn. Achieve the opposite by wearing a striking dress and sporting a simple hairstyle.

* Just have fun figuring out what suits your appearance and your personality!