About Us

Welcome to the official blog of Mall of Style, an online fashion mall founded in August of 2012. With a mission statement to bring latest fashion accessories at affordable prices right to your door step. We buy in large quantities from manufacturers and bring it to you direct with no middlemen. With focus on getting latest style and fashion accessories, and not being restricted to the market, we get the best quality and unique fashion accessories for you.

We evaluate our manufactures and quality check their products for genuinity – every time. We do not carry products that do not align with our quality standards and manufacturer’s products specifications.

Buying in very large quantities from the manufacturers helps us negotiate the prices with them. With no layers of wholesalers / retailers and department overheads of giant retailers, we manage to restrict our landed costs. We get price advantage and we pass on the benefit to you by giving you the best possible price. Our prices would be lower than other retailers. Jewelry sale and jewelry discounts, make our trendy jewelry and fashion accessories more worth.

We do not carry a magnanimous product line and we do not sell anything and everything. We focus on stocking only those fashion accessories which are latest and which our customers love to buy. We include new accessories to our inventory every week. Not just that, we also make our own customized designs, so the designs you see in our e-store may not be available elsewhere.

Mall of Style sells its products through the ecommerce storefront – www.mallofstyle.com only. We have no brick and mortar stores.

Our ecosystem and business model enables us to get you top quality at very affordable prices. We are very proud and confident of our products.

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