How to Lose Weight Fast – 14 Simple Routines to Ideal Weight

How to Lose Weight Fast – 14 Simple Routines to Ideal Weight
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Want to lose weight fast ?

This is what your health and fitness expert would tell you. Follow up on the simple daily routine activities that would allow you to lose and maintain your ideal weight. This works as long as you are in the arduous and torturous process of losing weight by following a strict diet regimen coupled with physical activities that allow you to shed those extra pounds. But the trouble starts once you’ve reached that magical mark! Out go the strict diet regimens and strenuous physical workouts from your daily routine and you are back to where you started. And it’s not long before those unwanted bulges make their presence felt in the most unwanted places! But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can lose those ‘extras’ and still can maintain your ideal weight without being tortured into following a strict diet and ligament tearing physical exercise. All it takes is a slight shift in your day to day living. Nothing drastic, but small innocuous changes that add up to something substantial later.

1. Eat Frequently

The ‘science’ behind this is that, when you eat frequently, i.e. three major meals in a day and say, two snacks in between, your body is never allowed to ‘feel’ hungry. This practice not only prevents you from eating too much but ensures that your body is metabolising optimally. Make sure to include some of the top fat burning foods into your daily diet.

weight loss diet2. Keep Extras at Bay

We all have this craving for dairy products like the cheeses and other high calorie spreads in our daily diet but that’s where things go wrong. Did you know that you can take in about a hundred calories by simply eating a sandwich with a slice of cheddar? Get a rein on this and replace it with a pickle or some vegetables.

3. Use Your Oven Judiciously

Make sure you use your oven optimally. Besides using it for cooking your ‘other’ stuff, make it a point to stash in enough vegetables along with whatever else your cooking. This will bring in the balance in your food intake.

4. Have a To Do List

Being disciplined in your efforts to maintain an ideal weight is the cornerstone to success. Make it a point to have a scheduled approach to your workouts. This will not only help you in achieving your end goal but will also ensure that you have plenty of time for your other activities. There will not be any overlapping of activities. Use whatever method suits you the best.

5. Keep Yourself Motivated

Maintaining a high level of motivation does get difficult at times. And this is only natural. You could be feeling unwell or there could be a lot of things on your mind that is weighing you down or simply you could be feeling just down right lazy to go through the motions of exercising. Don’t worry we’ve all been there. To get out of this rut, put it in black and white, the whole purpose of what you are doing and what you will achieve and how you will feel once that is achieved. Stick these motivational pointers, may be on your refrigerator door or even just above your bathroom mirror. The point is that you see them everyday and reaffirm your commitment.

6. Drink Water

Make it a point to drink at least 500 ml of water during your meal. This doesn’t have to be in one gulp but spread out through the meal. This will not only help you remain hydrated but also give you a feeling ‘fullness’, lessening your urge to eat more.

7. Maintain Equality

When you prepare your meals, your goal should be to have equal amounts of fruits and vegetables along with the rest of your meal. This will ensure a well balanced, healthy meal.

8. Eat Natural

May be you’ve heard this said many times over, packaged, processed foods do not satisfy your hunger. So the next time you feel hungry, make yourself a sandwich or a salad. This will be more satisfying and filling and healthier for you.

9. Set Your Eating Time

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well actually NO. Knowing what , when and how much you are going to eat will ensure that you get a well balanced food intake. You could do this at the beginning of the week or even on a daily basis. This will help you resist the temptation to grab some junk food at odd times.

reasons to exercise

10. Enjoy Your House-hold Chores

Turn the mundane chores of cleaning house into something fun. Let some foot-tapping music become your catalyst as you clean your house. This will not only help you improve your dance moves but also help in burning off calories.

11. Work For Your Snacks

There could be times when you really want to grab a snack to satisfy your craving for food. Hold on a minute. Instead, why not try out some food that require some effort on your part to eat it. Pistachios and oranges are great. The very effort needed to put these foods into your mouth makes you slow down and decreases your craving.

12. Don’t Race

While eating at home or even dining out with your friends and family, be the last person to finish. Savour the food and the experience. It is not a race to be won. Eating slowly will not only ensure that your food is properly chewed but will also aid the process of digestion.

scale your food

13. Scale Your Eating

Whenever eating a sumptuous meal, keep a check on how you feel. If you’ve gorged yourself to your throat and feel absolutely bloated, there’s a good chance you’ve over-eaten. Instead, eat till you feel comfortable, not too full or still hungry. The food intake should always be optimum.

14. Keep A Check List

Keeping track of foods that are healthy will go a long way in ensuring that you maintain an ideal weight. Make a list of all the healthy food stuff that need to be replenished and do it at the earliest. This simple practice will ensure that you do not run out of healthy eating options and have adequate supply of top fat burning foods.

These are the 14 simple ways that can help weight loss fast. What are your go to ways for weight loss?