LEATHER MATTERS – 7 Tips for maintaining leather boots

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Summer is round the corner, Ladies! So, you’ve bought some bright sandals and are all set to walk in style. Are you about to shove those brown leather boots in the dark corners of your shoe-shelf? Think again. We don’t want our precious shoes to get damaged and smelly, do we? Don’t fret, we are here to help you out! Here’s a guide to maintain your leather shoes well so they shine up like a new penny when you wear them next winter.


1. Quick Fix

Be the ant. Prepare well before the winter comes back. Oh no, we don’t mean collecting food for the winter! Get a local cobbler to fix those damaged heels, resole the kicks, straighten out the scuffing and everything he can do in his power to fix the shoes. Do this beforehand so you won’t have to think before wearing them next year.

2. Suede Dilemma

Scuffs, stains, and mud! Suede eraser to your rescue! Pick one from any local drug store and get rid of those unwanted marks in a jiffy! Suede protector comes in handy after you are done cleaning, to keep them in good condition, round the year.

3. Salty Trails

Salt marks on your shoes? That’s probably from the sidewalks. Don’t worry; there are ways to get rid of those kinds of stains too! Watch the stains fade while you rub in some vinegar and water mixture on them. You could also use vinegar with a little linseed oil to clean the leather. It keeps your leathers from drying out excessively.

4. Smelly Woes in Leather Boots

Although worn shoes are all comfy and nice compared to brand new ones, they could also mean dampness and foul odor. Change those insoles often to keep sweaty smell at bay. Make sure you change the insoles before storing them away to save you the ordeal.

5. Trees Are Best Friends

Apart from changing the insoles, you could also keep your shoes on the shoe tree to make sure it is nice and airy. This ensures the fresh smell as it draws out the sweat and dries out the dampness within. Keeping the shoes on a wooden shoe tree also keeps them in perfect shape.

6. Shine On


No amount of maintenance would work if your shoes still look worn out and old. Polish them and smooth out the leather with any simple shoe polish. Polishing would keep the leather supple and shiny. Remember to use the right color from the different shoe creams and polishes available in the market.

7. Bag It!

Finally, after all that fixing and polishing…you need to cover them to keep them away from any further damage, right? Shoe bags are available in the market especially for leather shoes. Don’t just push them away in your closet- Buy a nice shoe bag for every pair of leathers you own. Keeping your shoes in shoe bags would help maintain their original shape and make sure all that repairing doesn’t go in vain.