How to Make and Sell Jewelry from Home

How to Make and Sell Jewelry from Home
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Are you looking for tips on how to make jewelry and sell jewelry from home? Before you start your journey, remember this. You should be ready to work hard and update yourself according to the changing trends. In this era of online business, selling jewelry from home is an easy task. You can and you will succeed in it if you are determined enough.

If you are in search of knowing about how to make and sell jewelry from home, here is some important tips to help you.

1. Make good quality jewelry

The quality of the pieces you are making is extremely important. Before enter into this venture, make sure that you are well equipped for that by getting sufficient training to make good quality products. Prior to the process of selling them give a good quality test by giving some pieces to your friends and get their feedback. Surely it will help you to be perfect. Repeated practice is the best way to improve quality.  Always strict to use good tools and make sure that the wire-work is consistent and even. No one wishes to buy jewelry which is falling apart easily. You should offer guarantee on your products and try to give your customers a little more than their expectations.

2. Wear your products

To sell fashion jewelry in a successful manner, you should see yourself as the first customer of them. If you don’t like to wear your pieces, who will want them? Advertise your jewelry with a stylish dress that would highlight your piece. If someone is interested in the pieces you wear, it will increase your confidence and your products would be marketed easily. Remember, wear something you can duplicate or sell.

3. Carry your business cards always

You can always make use of a chance to introduce your business and hand out the business cards. You never know, when you can get your big customer base. If someone becomes interested in your pieces, there is chance for you to get some bulk orders as a result of that. So, keep yourself prepared, ALWAYS.

4. Always carry jewelry to sell

Don’t forget to take some pieces of jewelry with you always and be ready to sell them. Make up a tote or small briefcase and arrange the jewelry attractively in it. Take precautions to keep them intact so you can exhibit them in good shape anytime.

5. Be ready to answer questions

When someone is interested in the handmade jewelry that you are wearing, they would want to know its price, the possibility of buying it, the material, durability and if you take jewelry classes etc. If they show an interest in viewing the pieces you carried with you, present them in an attractive manner, without trying to unfold them one by one. It may be a good chance for to you sell a piece or a matching set of jewelry.

6. Know your target customer

You should be able target different category of customers in various price ranges. If you want to sell in a local fest, take pieces of jewelry in the expected price range matching to the target group. Keep yourself updated about the local trends and events to get an opening there.

7. Set your price structure

The cost of making jewelry and the amount you prefer to get for its sale are the two important factors you need to consider. If you are not clear about these basic things you cannot make a profit. Add up the costs from raw materials plus the price for your time and effort. After determining that, set a price for each piece. Sometimes you feel some creations are overpriced. In that case find out a way to reduce the construction expenses so that you can sell them for a reasonable price.

8. Making profit is important

Making profit is important in your mission to sell jewelry from home. It is your right and don’t hesitate to get the money from friends and family also. If you got skill, you are privileged to collect its reward. If you give concessions in terms of sentiments, you cannot succeed. You can give some special discounts for them and that may make them happy.

9. Keep the price tag

If you put a price tag on your jewelry, it is helpful for customers to know it easily instead of asking you all the time. It is much better if you are not using the string tags, as they may tend to get tangled with the small jewelry pieces. A barbell tag or your own specially made tag tied closely to the pieces may work better.

10. Find the niche

If you are in search of how to make jewelry to sell, you need to find out the void where your jewelry could fit in. If your designs are the imitation of something from the internet, you can’t expect a good market for it. People are always in search of creativity and genuineness. While wearing your pieces they should stand out. If you give them to some dear ones, the moment should become unforgettable. A designer’s mind has the potential needed for it. The thing is, make yourself motivated to go for it.

11. Should have a working plan

While working out a plan, you can see things more clearly. Planning will make you to get improved from time to time. Firstly, simply write your ideas in a plain notebook. When you get a new idea, you can add it into the note. It won’t be a formal plan, but it will do. Once you got all your ideas down, you can rework and improve. It will help as a good evaluative tool too.

12. Persistence is important

You may not always succeed from the very first attempt. It needs patience and persistence. If you do not kiss success in one area, seek another venue. Find out the kind of jewelry is being sold more. Search for new trends. Improve your pieces always.

13. Do online marketing even if you sell jewelry from home

Your home based jewelry business could succeed more if you sell them through an online jewelry store front. For that you need your own website, merchant account and online promoting strategies. In that way, you can expand the horizons and find success eventually.

When you make jewelry at home to sell, bring these tips in mind and they will be helpful you succeed in your venture. You will fail only when you stop giving up.

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