How to Flirt with a Girl: Tips on How to Ask a Girl Out

How to Flirt with a Girl: Tips on How to Ask a Girl Out
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How to flirt with a girl? Are you looking for a quick guide on how to approach a girl who looks at you flirtatiously? It is very difficult, rather impossible to know what exactly is going on in a girl’s mind. They are mysterious, you know. If you are wanting to flirt with a girl in a friendly way, you have to make her curiosity levels go up. You will have to impress her enough and make her want you. If you do that, she will be yours.

You have to leave a positive impression on her. Don’t try too hard, but try to play in a subtle manner and then if she reciprocates back, go around with some more flirting. When you think she is comfortable with you, ask her out.

Here are some tips on how to flirt with a girl

how to flirt with a girl

1. Keep a Lookout for Flirting Signals.

Yes, it’s not just guys wanting to flirt, girls too enjoy being flirted with. Most of the times they would send signals that are meant for you to be an invitation to flirt. Their signals are subtle, and you need to be on the lookout for them and decode them as you see. If you do sense a flirting signal, make sure you flirt back and look at her in a flirtatious way.

2. Make the First Move.

Now you got the flirt signal but how to approach the girl. Show the confidence to make the first move if you see hints of someone flirting. Approach the lady and strike some interesting conversation. Loosen up a bit and leave the anxiety and nervousness behind. Confidence is the purest form of flattery. That would show up with your body language and your eyes.

3. Always Maintain Eye Contact.

Do you know how to flirt with a girl with eyes? Eyes say everything. Make sure you maintain the eye contact when you talk to her. It sends electrifying feelings when you look straight in her eyes. Don’t stare and make her uncomfortable. Just hold you sight for a little longer than usual. Lock your eyes with hers. That will start an immediate chemistry between the two of you .

4. Take Care of Your Looks.

The first impression goes a long way. A girl would not find you attractive enough if you are not dressed well. Dressing is not just about wearing a nice shirt or putting on decent shoes. Your overall look, starting from how your hair looks, your facial pricks, the choice of you shirt, trousers, shoes is what makes you attractive. It is also about what kind of accessories you sport as a man. It is about your overall groming. If you do not look attractive and are not well dressed you would not be a candidate for flirtation to begin with. You might be an awesome person and a fantastic charmer, but if you failed the look test, you do not get passed to next round. Dress like you are an alpha male.

5. Choose a Good Perfume.

If you have passed the alpha male test, and have received signals of flirtation, you would have surerly made the step forward to approach the girl. That is perfect. When getting close to the girl, it is so important that you smell good as well. A girl would rememeber you from the smell from the very first time you met. The selection of perfume is important. It should not be too smelly at the same time not so light that she can barely smell you. Don’t spray too much either, that will be an overkill.

6. Put your best foot forward.

Now no one is going to get minutely impressed if you behave like a jerk. You have to be the best man around her. If you cheat your way, you will never get an opportunity or a second chance to impress her. If you like a girl you know, you have to make the best effort to impress her. Before you go about flirting, show her that you are a nice decent man. You have to be someone that attracts girls attention.

7. Compliments make everyone happy.

Notice her. If this is not the first time you are meeting her and you notice a change in the girl’s hair or makeup or dress or just anything about her, man you are missing a big opportunity. Observe the subtle changes and compliment her. She will be happy to receive the compliment and she would appreciate that you noticed it. What more does a girl want than someone who cares for her.

When you compliment her, make sure it is not ‘just another’ compliment. It has to be memorable and lasting. It has to be personal at the same time you have to not cross the line of respect for each other.

You can compliment her by saying,

Oh, what a tee. OMG. You look fab.


Nice perfume. You smell so good.

When you make the compliments personal, you are creating a memory for her. The next time she wears that tee or perfume, she is going to think what you said. This will be a step towards to pave your way into her heart. If you are curious to know hot to flirt with a girl in an inexpensive manner, showering personal compliments is the best way.

When you compliment in the initial days, do not make sexual compliments. It may sound vulgar and you may come across as a cheap and desperate person. So save them for later.

8. Get some alone time with her.

Flirting with a girl can happen anywhere. When you flirt with her in the presence of your friends, it has a different feel to it. Shying away and hiding your moves from people around when only she can read what you are upto, gives a kick. However, try to spend some alone time with her as well. Flirt when no one is around. She will feel special when you do it to her when there is no one around. She will be able to respond truly about her feelings. It will also be easier for you to read her moves.

9. Girls like a funny bone.

Girls like good sense of humor. They like spending time with guys who can make them smile or even more, laugh. Who wouldn’t wish to be happy after all. When flirting with a girl, recollect a funny incident and narrate that. The more quality and happy times you spend together, the more happy memories she will have about you. If thinking about you makes her smile and feel good, you are already making way into her heart.

10. Tease her now and then.

Teasing is another form of flirting. You always don’t have to be funny or touchy with her. Teasing lightens the atmosphere and she begins to get comfortable with you. That opens up the door to dating as well. So when you find an opportunity, do pull her leg just a little bit to make her smile. Don’t overdo it as it may feel disrespectful.

11. Play with dirty conversations.

phone flirt

If you have become comfortable flirting and pulling her leg and cracking humor often, its time to take another step forward. Have some alone time speaking to her over the phone, and get into some sensuous or dirty flirtation. Late nights work best for flirty texts. Warm up with some casual talk and then get closer to the line, but don’t cross yet. See her reaction. Is she enjoying it and responding back or getting serious and wanting to hang up on you? Flirt chat is good way to get the stage set.

12. Get touchy feely.

Being touchy feely arouses sexual tension. You want that. When you touch her, hold the touch a little longer. You may touch her when crossing the road, or when moving a hair strand from her face, or removing lint you see on her dress. Find an excuse to touch her, and when you do it, make her feel the touch. This is tricky here. If she is resisting the touch, back off. There is a line that you need to draw between flirtatious touch and being cheap.

13. Ask her out often.

You may have not ask her out yet, with the fear of being rejected. On a lighter note, just throw in an offer to go for a movie or dinner. Don’t be too serious about it and don’t repeat your question. If she laughs it out, laugh along. It just means that she is not ready yet or you need to work harder to impress her. She may also be unsure if you were serious about it or not. That will arouse curiosity and excite her.

Well, one day when she does accept your offer, woo hoo !

14. Make those late night calls.

Late night calls just happen to ease of the sexual tension between two people. Somehow, during these bewitching hours, the long, deep conversations awaken sexuality. If you want to flirt with a girl and move on from just friends to mutual attraction, reach out to her late in the night. It could be just a text or a phone call. This really works and helps cross the boundaries of friendship in no time.

15. Let her see you as a dating potential.

An attraction leads to sexual chemistry between two people. However, just having the chemistry is a job half done. She may be liking spending time with you and enjoying the long conversations that the two of you may have. You however, want her to go out with you. That will only happen if she sees you as a potential date.

Give her hints of your liking towards her and that you would like someone to go out with. If she is interested and single she will pick those hints and accept the invitation.

16. Don’t be always available kind of guy.

If you want the girl to stay intrigued and have that curiosity level, make sure you give her time to think about you. In other words, remain as mysterious as possible. Tease her and maker her thoughts go wild. This will definitely make her want you more. 

Once you know how to flirt with a girl the right way by playing it safe and taking one little step beyond friendship each time, you’ll see that flirting with any girl you like doesn’t always have to be a game of chance and hope. Use these subtle flirting tips to flirt with any girl you want the friend way!