Happy Ending Massage Spas

Happy Ending Massage Spas
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We have heard and seen Asian happy ending massage spas around us. They are extremely popular in the world of sensual massages.

Decades earlier, being a massage therapist was a worry for most parents. A girl being a masseur accompanied with thoughts of naked man laying down in a closed room with their daughter.

Today, message therapist are well respected and it is a big industry in America and all over the world. A lot of institutes offer formal training and certification to be a masseur. It is a profession, in demand.

You would have heard about deep tissue massage, swedish massage, hot stone massage and more. What is happy endings massage?

What is a happy ending massage?

Thappy ending massagehe Asian massage, happy ending, is a very commonly heard type of massage. A happy ending massage is a special kind of massage that ends with an orgasm. It may or may not have a sexual contact, as it is usually through a hand job. Surprisingly, this is offered to both male and female clients, though men are the typical customers.

Erotic happy ending massage stories are well known. They are a mix of truth, half-truth and urban legend that tingles the imagination of men. Even when sex now is casual and there is unlimited porn on the internet, happy ending massage spas are very popular and are visited often. Most of these stories talk about women providing such services to men clients as the high point of a massage.

The truth however is that far more women receive this erotic, sensual or happy endings massages than the public is aware of. There are myths that men have around female orgasm. Women are equally desparate to seek orgasm. For some women are seduced in the massage process and decide to have an erotic experience while there are others who are set out to find a place where they can get a happy ending massage.

Some women offer themselves as “ripe and ready” for a sensuous erotic experience by indicating their desire through their body language and others by their thinly-veiled alluring behaviors.

Finding happy endings spa

There are some very peculiar characteristics of happy endings spa. It will be hard to go unnoticed if you look at some of the below callouts.

tantric massage

The name:

If you have to find whether a happy ending message is on the spa menu are not, look for the tip-offs, like the name of the spa itself. It would be something like Pleasers Spa or Pleasures Spa or Happy Spa.

A happy ending massage menu may also say, all-body massage, tantric massage, thigh massage, oriental touch and body-to-body massage.

The location:

The location of these spas are usually away from the prime location. They are located in some inner streets, not very accessible or seen.

Some of these spas are basically front ends for prostitution. They are often being raided and shut down. If you are planning to be a customer, keep this in mind.

The appearance:

The other hint is that it would have a very shady appearance with a neon sign saying “open”. A women would never go there.

The frontdesk:

The frontdesk would not be as appealing to a grand spa. It would have very basic necessities. You will not find a lounge for waiting or luxurios couches and waitress who offer lemon or cucumber water with nuts etc.

The masseur:

The masseur would be usually girls with average looks. You may also find them wearing high heels. They will be referred to as “girls” rather than therapists or masseur.

The choice:

In a massage that offers happy endings, you also get to pick your “girl” when you ask for services. In most masseur, its more based on appointments or availability, but here you pick a girl.

The payment:

Most massage parlors ask for a payment and tip after the massage is complete. In happy endings spa you will need to pay and tip in advance. That is a sure sign of what you are getting into.

How does the happy ending really happen?

foot massageIn a happy ending massage the masseur would do the massage as normal. She / he would start with the back massage and then ask you to lay on your back. It would start with leg massage and come in long motions till thighs. You will feel that the thigh massage is getting closer and closer and eventually you will find the hand of the masseur in your groin. This would end with a great hand job.

That may sound pretty exciting and something that is every man’s fantasy to get a handjob by a stranger girl. The best happy ending experiences have been when you do not expect anything. You stay totally relaxed for the release to happen.

For women, it may come across as, “I notice that your too tight on your chest. I could do a breast massage if you like?”


“Would you like a FULL body massage?”

Is happy ending massage legal?

While happy ending massage is very common in Asia. They are easier to find in Bangkok, Bali, Thailand and other Asian countries. Cebu City, Philippines offers lingam massage performed by highly skilled therapists. It is massage of the “lingam,” or penis and is very sensous.

In America, places that give happy ending massage are illegal and no legitimate spa would offer that. If you send groaning and grinding signals suggesting you need a happy ending, the therapist will likely warn you to stop else she would stop the massage.

However, for any man or women, a happy ending massage is a fantasy that’s totally worth thinking about!

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