Gold Plated Jewelry – An all season trendy pick

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Balancing your life between work, home and family, leaves you barely have enough time for fashion and style. Is your collection of fashion jewelry trendy? Do you try to craft your wardrobe with neutral pieces that can be matched so that you get dressed easy and quick?

The basic jewelry keeps you fashionable across seasons. While the current trend is about bold statement making pieces & vibrant bohos, there is some selection that keeps you versatile and femme all the time. These are delicate and attractive gold plated trendy jewels. They are fashionable, sleek, trendy, low maintenance & low cost.

Let us get to know more about gold plated jewelry.

What counts for durability?cuff-bracelet-black

Gold is the most durable for making jewelry, however it costs a lot. Gold plated jewelry is just as pretty as real gold and does not hurt the wallet. It can be worn on daily basis. The durability of the gold plated jewelry is based on:

– Thickness. Most quality gold plated jewelry, like Italina Rigant has a very thick layer of gold around 2 micron for it to last significantly longer that the cheaply manufactured gold plated jewelry.

– Jewelry Exposure. Exposure to rough and abrasive surface could result in scratches to the plating. These scratch lines cut through the plating resulting in early aging of the jewel. Even light day to day activities would cause unnoticeable wear & tear over a period of time.

– Exposure to Chemicals. Perfumes, solvents, hair spray & even sweat can result in loss of luster of the plating. With constant exposure the lust and shine would decrease.

– Skin pH.  Lastly, and the most unpredictable is how the skin reacts to the plating. Some skin simply does not get along well and the plating wears off.

Identify Gold Plated Jewelry

– Content Marks. Most gold plated are marked with a stamp of HGE or RGP. RGP stands for rolled gold plate, and HGE stands for Heavy Gold Electroplate.italina-rigant-set

– Corners and Edges. To identify the real gold plated jewelry, check the corners or edges of the jewelry. If the top layer wears off, the underlying metal is first exposed from the corners.

– Electronic Gold Tester. If the plated jewelry is not marked by content or marker, perform an electronic gold test. This will identify the gold plated jewelry accurately.

– Price. The manufacturing of gold plated jewelry involves an electro chemical process that places a layer of gold on top of a base metal. The thickened of gold on the metal is the determining factor for the plated jewelry. Hence the jewelry price would be higher than ordinary plating and much lower than gold-filled jewelry.

– Life. The life of the jewelry is also determined by the thickness of the plating. The more the layer, the longer would the jewelry last.

– Crystals. Sparkling crystals are used in jewelry making. In ordinary plating the crystals used would be Austrian crystals or cubic zirconium. However the crystals for real gold plated high quality jewelry would use Swarovski Elements or Stellux crystals that have a lot better cut and color.

– Base Metal. The good quality gold plating would have nickel and lead free base metal. Often skin reacts with these metals thereby making the jewelry not wearable.

– Designs. The designs for real gold plating would be more cutting-edge and demonstrate endless facets and talent of the designers.

– Technology. The gold plating technology has evolved with time and plated pieces like Italina Rigant Jewelry uses an innovative technique from Japan for gold plating. It makes the luster last longer and the jewelry retains its look for a long time. Good gold plating would not lose luster when rubbed-off.

With the above facts it would be an easy thing to differentiate real gold plated jewelry with that of fake cheap jewelry making.

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