Girls Night Out Ideas: 22 Fun Things for Ladies Night

Girls Night Out Ideas: 22 Fun Things for Ladies Night
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Girls night out is great for breaking away from the hustle-bustle of our lives and exploring the city with a group of girlfriends. It could be an icebreaker! It has been proved that healthy friendships could lead us to a healthy life. Can you remember your last most-memorable girls nightout? Don’t you think you need another one? Certainly! So put on your shoes and off you go – (Only after you’re done with this article of course!). Here are a few things that could help you in spicing up your ladies night out a bit – or a lot!

Fun Things to do on a Girls Night Out

1. Night out in the town

girls night out
Get out and make the most of your night, roaming around the city of lights and breathing in the chill air. Check out for what your city is offering, and visit new places that could also become an interesting subject for you to connect with your mates! If you and your friends prefer theatre, make a night out of it. Get chatty and enjoy each other’s companionship!

2. Host a party

Keen on getting your friends together? Throw up a party at your house and invite all those friends that you want to meet. Could be a wine-tasting party! Buy a bunch of bottles and try sipping on the different tastes. It could turn all funny! Or just let the DJ play and dance all along. You’ll enjoy it, I bet. Once you calm down, you have the rest of your night to exchange your life stories. What could be more comfortable?

3. Swap stuff

Check out your wardrobe for stuff that don’t go well with you. It could possibly suit your friend very well. So without giving it a second thought, just take them to that close friend of yours and exchange. You wouldn’t know how time flies while checking out each other’s clothes, accessories and other stuff! You could might as well host a clothing swap party.

4. Play games


There are endless lists of kickass games that can turn your boring night into a super-hit. Sick of talking? Zest it up with fun games! Choose a game like the purse scavenger hunt, just-do-it, pass the orange, or a few board games that you might enjoy.

You could also play cards or casino games at home. Have a casino theme party and play with money, that can be thrilling.

5. Window Shopping

Pick some mall or a home store, preferably a far location and window shop. Prefer going far, because you get the travel time to have a little chat! The idea of window shopping serves to be a neat time-pass without much investment at all! Enjoy the air-conditioned atmosphere, try out on the latest arrivals in fashion and click random selfies. Nothing could get better than this.

6. Doll-up

Choose a theme and dress each other up. This could be too much fun! Browse through YouTube for make-up tutorials and try it on each other. You might work wonders on this one and if you get lucky the look could be tailor-made for you. You could also try out some alternative clothing and have some fun from an era.

7. Be masterchef


Gather up in your kitchen; try out some lip-smacking recipes along with your friends. Show the world that you could be a kitchen superstar and gorge on all those tasty cuppas, cakes, puddings and snacks you made.

Cooking can be real fun when done together.

8. What’s your next DP?

It’s a good time to glam up, baby! Take turns of snapping your future profile pics of each other and your peeps will definitely assume you’re looking gorgeous as usual in some house party at your friend’s place. Make sure you get your pic clicked from your hottest angle! *Winks*

9. Movie time


What could get better than watching a movie with friends? Grab your popcorn, get a few drinks and play that evergreen movie that you all never get bored of. Are you fan-girls of a star? Watch his movie together then.

Watching a horror movie can be equally thrilling when you do that in a group.

10. Throw challenges

You could challenge your friends to a Just Dance Competition. Whoever dances with the craziest moves is the winner! Do your best Gangnam style dance else take it as a serious challenge and whoever comes closest to nailing Beyoncé’s trademark shake is the champ! Any other physical challenge you could probably think of is sure to be a hit!

11. Spend Money

Go to your favorite restaurant and order the most delicious rarely-ordered entree that you usually skip during your dates. Have it with no hesitation. After all your friends know the real you! There you go, Bon appetite!

12. Old school sleepover


Yes, this is the best plan if you want to know more about your old school friends and what they have been doing. Keep talking and talking all through the night. You will not fall asleep if you are really interested in those talks.

13. Outdoor sports

Grab a racket or two and head to your nearest tennis court. Go for tennis because this is one game where you could always pretend to know how to play plus you get to wear those short and sexy skirts and leap through the air. Give the spectators a wow feeling! You feeling any better?

14. Get Healthy

Who said you can’t have fun in healthy activities? Your night need not always be only in music and wine. Get your girls together and try out some exercises, visit your nutritionist and get onto the field that burn down your calories. Your friends will be a great encouragement for this kind of a sober activity.

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15. Sing Songs

Memorize the lyrics of your favorite songs and sing along with friends. You could even lip-sync to the biggest hits with cute expressions and take a video of your friends doing it. If confident, upload them on the internet and get famous! You can probably do a karoke night.

16. Spa evening


Take your friends to the famous spa that is offering discounts for a group. Relax and enjoy the soothing experience. It will automatically trigger your friends to open up about their near and dear ones close to the heart.

If you want to get a little naughty, go for happy endings spa massage for that unbelievable experience.

17. Arts and Crafts

Get some cool craft ideas from Pintrest and gather your girlfriends to try them out when you are bored. There are tons of things you can make that are super fun at the same time useful for your home. This would serve dual purpose. Show you artistic talent. You can also host a fun painting session and everyone can paint some nice modern art.

18.  Bachelor/Bachelorette Viewing Party

A bachelorette viewing party can be so much fun and naughty. If you do get an invite to such a party, grab it. What you can visualize is really stunning.

19. Book Club

This could be great for like minded individuals. Pick some books for the month that you would like to suggest your girls squad and rotate amongst each other to be read that month. You can go by author or theme or genre. This is great for book lovers.

20. Make-up tutorials

Have a professional or a friend teach some makeup tips to the gang. It could be applying makeup for different face cuts or for different skin tones. Make some Youtube videos and have some fun.

21. Giving back

This could be so much more than just fun get away. You can meet up as a girls night or day out and visit in the neighborhood that would appreciate a few hours of work from your end. It could be old age home or orphanage or kids with disabilities. It is such a great way to give back and have a sense of accomplishiment.

22. Random things you have never done

Go random, choose an activity that you have never ever done before. Get your friends together to do it along with you. The activity could be anything from learning French to something incredible like sky-diving!

Whether you’re going out to a book club, or getting ready for a night out of town, girls night out gives the light-hearted pleasure! So go enthusiastic!

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