G-strings & Thongs Online – Tips to Buy One for You?

G-strings & Thongs Online – Tips to Buy One for You?
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G-strings and thongs are the growing trends of women lingerie. G-string is a type of underwear that is made of triangular wedge of fabric in front and a thin strip of cloth, thereby exposing your butt cheeks, that runs all the way to the back. For many years, this type of underwear was associated with strippers and exotic dancers. Today, G-strings are no longer considered as “a stripper thing” and many women are wearing g-string underwear or g-string swimwear. It has an appeal that women love to flaunt and men crave for!

Wearing a g-string has a lot of advantages. It eliminates panty lines especially when wearing tight-fitting pants and clothing. G-strings demarcates the waist line perfectly and once you get to use g-strings, you will find that they are pretty comfortable too. It can also be a good addition to your lingerie collection which can be useful in spicing up your sex life.

There are many online fashion stores offering an exotic selection of sexy panties and lingerie in diverse flirty styles. Rhinestone accents, ruffles, lace trims and so on, the list goes on making the collection extremely alluring to every woman. If you want to have a delicate and sensuous feel by wearing the finest G-string, visit any one of the reputed online shopping stores.

But before buying g-strings or thongs you should consider a few suggestions? Read on to find out.

Tips on buying g-strings online

g-strings onlineOnline sales and purchase have increased extensively all across the world. Even for lingerie, women prefer to navigate the different lingerie websites instead of making exhausting tour to the different lingerie shops to find their perfect fit. Online shopping can be a fantastic experience for you, if you abide by some rules. There is no one to harass you, no unwanted crowds and no hassle of the salespersons.

Take a quick look at some of the essential tips that you must consider while shopping online for lingerie.

1. Determine what kind of g-string to buy.

G-strings come in varieties – black C-string panty, crotchless lace thong, micro g-string, front heart g-string, and even vibrating lace thong. Therefore, it is important to identify what and where will you use the g-string for. Are you trying to eliminate panty lines? Is it for everyday use? Do you want a little frontal coverage to show off your Brazilian wax? These are only some of the questions you need to ask to find out what type of g-string you’ll need. Sensible undergarments are available in extensive collection. No lingerie shop can ever provide you with so much sizes and designs as an online gstring store. Any lady is ought to find a lingerie piece she has dreamt of. Here are some of the types of g-strings available.

Types of g-strings

a. V-string

This is a g-string variation that looks like “V” from the back. These are much more comfortable than the traditional g-strings.

b. T-back

T-backs are bold fashion statements. They consist of waistbands that tie each hip and forms a “T” when viewed from behind.

c. C-string

C-strings are strapless g-strings. They stay in place because they are made of flexible internal frame that keeps them in place. They are commonly use to eliminate pantylines. The c-string sits on woman’s genitals and a thin strip runs between the buttocks. When viewed from the sides, it forms a C-shape, hence the name C-strings.

d. Micro g-string

The micro G-string is the skimpiest G-string available in the market. Similar to chip g-string, they come under the sensuous lingerie category, and should only be worn after bikibi wax. Micro g-string can also be worn as swimwear too.

e. Chip g-string

Chip g-string is for sexy, sensuous looks. The front has a much lower cut than normal. These

f. Tanga

Tangas are a transition between bikini and normal g-strings. If someone is looking for skimpier undergarments compared to a bikini, tangas is the answer. They have adequate from cover and sit little above buttocks, thus exposing lower half of butt cheeks. The waitbands could be like g-strings or wider fabric.

2. Check the materials.

Acrotch lace gstringside from the variety, g-strings are also made of different kinds of materials. If you want something for everyday wear, cotton is your best choice. G-strings made of lycra or thin cotton is advisable, if you are only after the elimination of panty lines when you want to wear tight-fitting bottoms.

If you’re looking for something sexy and intimate especially on “special” occasions, go for silk. You can also go for something lacey and netted for that romantic late nights.

But if you want to go wild and daring, try leather thongs. Leather thongs may not be really comfortable for everyday and all day wear, but they are really hot pair of lingerie.

3. Know your size.

The thing with online shopping is you can’t try on the merchandise right then and there. You run the risk of something not fitting you as well and then you may have to get it changed in case the g-string doesn’t fit you. Measurements vary in different countries. For instance, the extra small for UK is 8 while it’s 4 in the US and 36 in France. Therefore, know your size by measuring your hips and waist. Then check out the sizing chart where you intend to buy your g-string online. Remember, comfort is the key and you should know how to select comfortable lingerie.panty-style-guide

4. Choose a reliable online store.

This is another consideration when you buy g-strings online. There are a lot of stores that carry lingerie and have a wide variety. However, you need to go by reputation. Therefore, limit your choices to three reliable and trusted online stores with tons of choices and do your shopping there. If a particular online store offers discount coupons or free shipping, then much better. Saves you a couple of dollars too. If you stick to a store or brand, you may be able to get more out of them for being a loyalty customer. Hence, store selection is important in the process of online shoping of g-strings.

5. Don’t forget to check and compare the prices.

Aside from the store, the size and the purpose why you intend to buy a g-string, it is equally important to check the prices. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is always made of the best quality while low quality g-strings aren’t always the cheapest. Hence, always check and compare the prices for each store with similar items.

6. Check the shipping facilities.

black gstringsShipping of undergarments has improved to a great extent. Reputed lingerie online shopping sites honor orders of all kinds.

There are certain sites which offer free shipping facility and there are others which only charge a minimal rate for as many items as you purchase.

Before placing the order with the site, you must check what the shipping method of the online shopping portal is because various online stores might offer varied shipping methods.

Stocks are generally delivered within two business days.

7. Make sure the online store provides return policy.

This is a great proof of genuineness of an online shopping store. Does the company accept returns of damaged merchandise or merchandise that does not fit all that well. You need to look for ‘Returns with no questions asked’ kind of a store so you do not have to worry about returning it.

8. Read Reviews

In todays digital world, online reputation stands out. No company can be offering a pathetic customer service and remain hidden. Online reviews and comments play an important part in managing a reputation of the store. Read reviews for the store and the product before you purchase.

9. Identity Thefy

Besides all these, one very important thing that you must check how far the site can secure your privacy since you have to share certain personal details like credit card details, contact information, your email id and so on, while making the online purchase. You should check that the site uses an https protocol. How to check that ? Well just look at the url on the address bar. If it says https instead of http, it is secured.

Personal preference and “cuteness” factor will always sway your decision on which g-string to buy. Depending on your choice of style and design, always keep these tips in mind to better help you in buying g-strings online. Despite all these factors, it is always advisable that when you sit for shopping online, you should keep some time in hand. Don’t be in a hurry! Make sure you check everything with great details and then only place your orders for the perfect lingerie.