French Manicure: Do-It-Yourself Nails

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Want perfect looking nails? Have a party coming round the corner? Or do you have a need to feel pampered and look especially pretty on certain occasions? One sure way to get that is to do a French Manicure.

If you are lazy to go to the spa and get things done, or your busy schedule stands in your way of getting those attractive nails or you just can’t afford it and yet can’t do without it, what’s better than getting it done by yourself in the comfort of your home? If you belong to one of these categories, then, you have come to the right place. So let’s get on with it.

For the Do-It Yourself French Manicure, you will need the following stuff. The best way is to find them in a fashion store online.


– Nail polish for the tips

– Nail polish for the rest of the nail ( a classic French manicure)

– Clear nail polish for the top coat

– Nail guides or tapes (is available in any drugstore or supermarket)

– Nail polish remover (if you are the kind to mess it up frequently)

– A small brush

– And probably the most important of all………….Patience

Its French Manicure Prep Time

629px-give-yourself-a-french-manicure-step-3Wash your hands to remove any dust and you could give yourself a gentle massage to get that spa feel. You should then remove any existing nail polish, to get a clean work-space. Next comes the trimming and shaping. Trim your nails to the desired length and make sure that they are all even and smooth at the edges. Usually, longer nails look better for French Manicure.

Decide the shape of your nails. You could go for either square or rounded nails with your french manicure.  After deciding the shape, use the nail filer to get that shape. For a perfect natural look, remember that the side and the tip of the nail should be straight, with a gentle curve connecting the two. It should appear as if you were mirroring your cuticle line.

550px-Give-Yourself-a-French-Manicure-Step-1Dip your hands in a bowl of warm water and soak it in for around two minutes. Then, use a cuticle pusher (or an orangewood stick) to gently push back those soft cuticles.

Remove any dirt or grime from underneath your nails by using the other end of your cuticle pusher. Now wash your hands again to get rid of the filing residue.

Before you apply that first coat of polish, buff the top of your nails and massage cuticle oil onto your nails.

If you are one who would like to take care of your nails, just as you watch your weight, here are some tips to keep your nails stronger.

Moving Onto Your Tip

gel-french-manicureYou need to apply a base coat before you move on to your tip. Paint on a thin, even delicate layer of sheer pink polish and allow it to dry. For gelled nails, curing has to be done under the LED light for about 45 seconds (not more than that).

Now repeat this again with a second coat of polish. Allow your nails to dry or cure completely before you move on. There are two ways to apply the tip to your French Manicure, that is, by using a guide (as given in the image ) or by free hand.

When you are using a guide, apply it to each finger, one at a time just below the part where your nail goes from white to natural. Then, press it down firmly so that the tip color doesn’t get on to the rest of the nail. It will be easier for you to do one hand at a time. Now take your first color (i.e. the color for the tip) and paint over this area, making sure that you paint up to the guide.  Always paint from one side of your nail to the other.  Repeat this process for each nail and let it dry completely before removing the guides.

FZOEQSTGB3XKICF.MEDIUMTo apply the tip by freehand, you will be requiring your most important ingredient. Yes, you are right, it is patience. Using your tip color, swipe the bush from one side to the other of your nail in a continuous smooth manner. Lightly brush color on to the tip of your nails and let it dry for a few minutes or cure under LED for gelled nails.

Don’t forget to repeat this with a second coat and then wait for it to dry or cure. Now dip a small brush into the nail polish remover and remove the paint on the inside of the nail, leaving your smile line, by a slow circular motion. See to it that this line curves slightly to avoid making your fingers looking stocky. Let it dry.

french-manicure-74Now remove that nail guide and apply a last and final coat of polish. Let this coat dry for a few minutes and voila, you have completed your very own French Manicure. You can apply a top coat every day to increase the longevity of your french manicure.

Some Precautions

  • Avoid a sawing motion when filing your nails as it might break.
  • Do not inhale the fumes of the nail polish remover. Use it in a well ventilated area.
  • For a better look, make sure your fingernails are clean and healthy.

Some Color Tips for French Manicure

French-Manicure-At-Home4-600x398Your French manicure doesn’t have to be a classic with the same old pale pink fingernails with a white band at the tip. No doubt it looks good, but you can go a little out of the way and add your own spin to it and give it a more modern feel. You can go wild with a variety of colors and have fun.

maxresdefaultYou could try on red and white for Valentine’s Day or pastel shades for Easter. Neon bright tips look beautiful in summer. You can give your nails that extra bang by adding glitter for super sparkle anytime.  If you are the ambitious type, then try the fish tail French manicure.

If you are looking to buy some classic original french manicure, Orly is a good choice.