Do’s and Don’ts for Wedding Jewellery

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They say “Beauty is a fragile gift” and it truly is, fragile, delicate, especially when you are the bride of the day. The day you have imagined all your life through, is finally here. You now have just a few months in hand. Now the thought is stronger and it keeps getting more intense each day.

What to wear and what not to wear? Will I look good? Pink is better than red or shall I choose red as the colour of the wed? Should I wear a tiara or should I choose a veil, lest everybody will know the fear I feel?

Ah, there you are, the bride to be, with all your fears for the big day. First just relax, and acknowledge that no matter what you choose, no matter what you wear, you will still be the beautiful bride. However beauty must be delicately handled. Here are some dos and don’ts for your big day.

For Every Bride-to-be

Do start before time

red-jewelry-set-1[1]Keep time in hand, it will first of all give you lesser stress for you always would know there is time. You will have time to try your accessory with your entire outfit. You will have time to replace it without any last minute chaos.

This will simply make you feel better and less worried. With time in hand, you can be more creative and innovative.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Inertia is the ideal way of life and we are inclined towards it. You may want to stick to what has always worked for you. Maybe you are sure it will work this time too. What has worked well till now may of course work well but something different might just be better. You may leave the audience in awe with your entirely new look.

For those who Love to Accessorize                                

Do keep an eye for the latest trending collection

For your love to accessorize you would love to be in tune with the latest collection from the latest designers and experts. Check out new designers as well, they might simply offer you something you have never seen before. Who knows one of their latest collections may simply be made-for-you…!!!

Don’t try to be someone else

Don’t try to fit into someone else’s shoes. Keep your style unique, that’s the mantra. It might be possible that what is good for others may not be good enough for you. You simply deserve better and after all what can be better than YOU…!!!

For Brides on a Budget

Of course we all have a limit especially when bridal accessory is not the only expense in hand. You may find it a little difficult and even take a little longer but nothing is impossible. Remember where there is a lock there’s also a key.

Do be real

Try to keep it real but it is not necessary that everything that costs less is cheap. You can still go for alternatives such as pearls or sequins, the real ones of course. They fit in the budget and do not look artificial at the same time.

Do consider borrowing

However even consider borrowing some stuff to match with what’s new. Don’t feel shy to do so, it might happen that you fall in love with something that takes too much to leave. You are not alone, brides all across the globe face these issues and borrowing for one day is not that bad, especially on a day such as this. It simply might be the best choice for your big day.

Don’t go for artificial jewellery

Do not take accessories that simply appear expensive. What’s artificial will look artificial one way or the other. Imitation jewellery is a complete no. They often appear black in the pictures. And you surely want the pictures to be perfect for they are going to stay as memories of the big day even years later.                                                                                                                         

For the Online Shopping Bride

Do Surf Well

pearls-jewelry-set-1[1]Well of course on an auspicious occasion such as this why limit yourself to the boundaries of your town? Go online, and look for the right jewellery all across the globe. Surf well, compare prices and look for offers.

Some may simply offer an extra accessory or two to go along with the necklace. You may not have budget issues but more for less is never bad. Is it??

Do read the item description carefully

Look out for the detailed description of similar items on different websites. Make sure what you are ordering is authentic. Go for trusted brands. There is a reason these brands are trusted then why take chances on your big day.

Don’t Hurry

We know you are stressed out and you want it to be as fast as possible but don’t hit on the first jewellery you like. Don’t be in haste; else you will be wasting time with the wrong orders and their replacement. Always have patience and self-control. Haste will only increase your stress.

For the Fashion Bride

Do Hire an Expert

You want everything to be just perfect. From your dress to your jewellery and even the right shoes….!!! So you can always hire experts who will guide you all along. They know what’s hot and what goes with what. They simply might give you awesome advices and additional advantages. Proper accessory can make a simple dress look exceptional and the wrong ones can… know what I mean…!!!

Don’t move out of your comfort zone

Well you are a fashion freak and what can be a more appropriate time to showcase your fashion expertise than your wedding?

Yes this is correct but don’t get over excited and try anything and everything. Be careful and never move out of your comfort zone for the sake of fashion. This is just not the day for adventure.

At last remember every bride is beautiful and every bride is the star of the day. Whatever may be, walk down the aisle with that smile and your fears will vanish.