Discover the Top Ten Beauty Turn-Offs

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Cosmetic enhancements play at least some part in every woman’s daily routine. From those that just put on a touch of lip gloss and a single layer of mascara to those who go full on with the foundation, concealer and eye shadows, make up is something most women can’t live without.

The question, however, is how much is too much?

The infographic below shows the top ten beauty turn-offs as said by 1091 men in a research. From the horrible look of lipstick-stained teeth to the alien appearance of orange fake tan, our boys seem to notice (and not like) a lot more about our appearance than they let on.

So ladies, do you find yourselves in one of the paragraphs below? It would seem that some of the things we think are extremely attractive are actually on the flip side of the coin. Fortunately, the infographic also offers expert advice on how to fix things, but the bottom line is, the more natural you look the better.


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