Did you Miss the 15 Sensational Perfumes?

Did you Miss the 15 Sensational Perfumes?
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People wear perfumes, for various reasons. It however ultimately boils down to the fact that it makes them feel happy. The feeling of happiness is evoked from the presence of pheromones, the past memories the scent invokes, a strong feeling of escapism, or the reflection of individuality through fragrances.

We all want to smell nice throughout the day as we go about our daily businesses. There are so many sensational perfumes, each of which usually come with different fragrances. This is to ensure nobody is left out and that everyone can get a fragrance they enjoy. Different fragrances are also worn on different occasions and just like any other trendy fashion accessory, there is no single perfume that can be worn everywhere. This explains the many brands in the market, the increasing companies joining the industry and other diversifying to include these essential products.

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Perfumes speak volumes about the person wearing. The top 15 sensational perfume brands in the market are:

1.     Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce and Gabbana light blue is a classy perfume with a fragrance that spells out elegance.  As the name suggests, it offers a light scent that can be worn even to official events without attracting undue attention, but still have the presence of the wearer felt. Because of its gentle fragrance, it is mostly preferred by women from all walks of life. It presents the person wearing it as gentle, caring and mindful of other people around them. Its sweet fragrance attaches elegance and glamour.

Wear it  to: Show elegance

2.     Shalimar

This is a perfume that was inspired by a love story and comes in a visually appealing bottle. It comes in sensual fragrances such as vanilla, Iris and Bergamot which create a feeling of sensitivity around the person wearing it. Because of this, it is mostly worn to romantic dates especially when one intends to win the heart of the other person as these fragrances are irresistible.

Wear it  to: Show romance

3.     Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

This is a feminine perfume that has been in the market since 2001 and currently being considered as one of the top selling perfumes in America. It mainly targets young classy women who would like to make a statement wherever they go. Its scents are shouting and best recommended for the loud and aggressive women. The modern fragrance expresses sensuality and freshness.

Wear it  to: Show sensuality

4.     Chanel No. 5

Chanel no. 5 has many features of the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle owing to the fact that they come from the same manufacturer. This is however an improvement of the previous version and it is one of the first women fragrances to ever be produced. It is inimitably luxurious, infinitely seductive, its legend lives, each year adding to its mystery, its depth, its desirability.

Wear it  to: Show seduction

5.     Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb

Perfume And Pink FlowersThis is a classic perfume with a floral appeal that does not shout but gives an illusion of someone with a quite, collected personality. The flowery scents cannot be attached to a specific source, but comes with a combination of sweet scents ranging from rose to orchid and jasmine among others. Such sweet smelling perfumes allow the person wearing them to have a relaxed and comfortable feel as they go about their daily duties.

Wear it  to: Show positivity

6.     L’Air Du Temps

This perfume is feminine and comes in the best of fragrances which include jasmine, sandalwood, gardenia, rose and Iris. All these fragrances produce a scent that can be a personal brand, especially when one chooses to stick to one. L’Air Du Temps comes in an attractive bottle that is compact enough to fit in a makeup kit, the other reason why it is famous with ladies. They can carry it with them wherever they go and reapply in the course of the day, if the need to do so arises.

Wear it  to: Show feminism

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7.     Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a perfume brand that has experienced growth in terms of sales as a result of some controversial issues surrounding it from different parts of the world. Nonetheless, it is a perfume of choice especially for women because of the enticing scents it comes with. The appealing fragrances that come with this perfume include jasmine, sandalwood, myrrh, pepper which is a bit unique and the common rose.

Wear it  to: Show uniqueness

8.     Joy

This is one of the most costly fragrances globally and this can be attributed to flowery scents of roses and jasmine that it comes with. It is also the most preferred by the classy women who care much about their appearance and do not mind spending a fortune and look and smell good.

Wear it  to: Show class

9.     Polo Red

This is a perfume for men and one that has come a very long way, to become one of the most used perfumes by men in America and the whole world. It is mostly worn during winter or when attending night events because it is said to create an atmosphere of warmth.

Wear it  to: Show warmth

10.    Polo Black

This and the polo red are both manufactured by Ralph Lauren and both have almost similar features apart from the scent. Polo black has a spicy scent that makes it appealing and allows it to be worn anytime to any occasion. Most of the people using it have also attested that it comes with a feel of responsibility and maturity.

Wear it  to: Show maturity

11.     Guilty Gucci

This perfume was introduced into the market in 2010 and the reception was overwhelming owing to its sweet fragrance from the different scents it comes with such as peach, lilac and amber. It is for the woman who shatter expectations, the fragrance gives a sense of power, a sense that she can achieve everything she wants—even the thrill of the forbidden.

Wear it  to: Show power

12.    Miss Dior

Perfumes and smokeMiss Dior is mostly preferred by the young vibrant woman because of the sensational feeling it brings on board. It has a sweet fragrance that creates an atmosphere of romance hence recommended for romantic dates and evening events.

Wear it  to: Show love

13.    Angel Thierry Mugler

This perfume for women is known to have a very sweet scent brought about by a combination of different fragrances. It is also packaged in a unique way, that is in a star shaped bottle and factor that has contributed to its high sales since it was introduced in to the market. This perfume evokes the emotion of childhood memories with a sense of dreamlike infinity.

Wear it  to: Show dreams

14.    Burberry Brit Burberry

This is another unique fragrance for women and its sweet scents are known to give the person wearing it more confidence. It can be worn on all occasions because it is not overwhelming and the scent does not stick on cloths.

Wear it  to: Show confidence

15.    Nautica Blue

This is a masculine fragrance, mostly used by the middle age men when going for casual events. It has a combination of fragrances that create a strong scent which makes the perfume appealing. The moderate scent won’t overwhelm people around you.

Wear it  to: Show casual

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So if you have missed these 15 sensational perfumes, it’s time to grab one. Confidence, love, dreams, feminism, romance – which one would you go for ?