Coregasm – Exercise Induced Orgasm

Coregasm – Exercise Induced Orgasm
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Coregam !! What is coregasm? Ever heard of THAT word. Pretty sure you have heard of orgasm. Is this a new entrant in the urban dictionary? Coregasm is associated with the tingling feeling down below, between your legs, when you are working out. It perhaps is a reason for someone to workout. How motivating, isn’t it? Women have been raving about this sensational miraculous workout sessions that give them the feeling similar to having an orgasm. The thought of having an orgasm in a gym full of people, in itself is tintaliating. While having an orgasm in the comfort of the home, with a vibrator and a comfy pillow is what women have been doing for ages, having a feeling outside of that is something different. This magical feeling during or right after a workout session is called coregasm. While there are myths attached to women having orgasm itself, coregasm is entirely different subject area.

Do you think women can really achieve coregasm by working out in a gym? Sure. Experts have revealed that, and during some surveys women accepted experiencing an orgasm during exercise. Squats never felt that great before. Here, we share some tricks and trips on how to get coregasm and reach a climax, while working out.

What is a coregasm?

coregasmA coregasm is commonly refered to a feeling similar to orgasm induced during exercise. Exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP), is something that a lot of women have experienced. Its a reward for working hard on your body.

How coregasm works?

Orgasm is usually experienced during an act of sex or through adult toys or while watching or thinking about steamy sex. On the contrary, coregasm happens during core exercise. You don’t need to be having steamy thoughts to climax. At times people do not even have any sexy intentions when they experience coregasm. Coregasm is often achieved after several reps of abdominal exercise. It is common to achieve coregasm when doing kegels.

Women who have a strong pelvic floor are more likely to be able to achieve coregasm through exercise. Want to know the benefits of Kegels on your sex life? Strengthening your pelvic floor leads to better, stronger orgasms, helps with bladder control, and tightens your vagina.

How to do kegels?

To get started with kegels it is important to do the following”

Finding the right set of muscles:

To know how to go kegels, the first step is to identify which muscles you need to work on. You have to identify your pelvic floor muscles. You use these muscles, when you want to stop urination. Try to stop urination midstream. If you could do that, be aware of the muscles you have used. If you know which muscles to use, you can do the exercise in any position.


Once you know which muscles, you need to start working on those. Try contraction and relaxation at 5 seconds intervals. Then increase that to 10 seconds. This will help you strengthen your muscles.


Tighten only your pelvic floor muscles, for you may do it incorrectly by strengthening your thigh, buttocks or adbomen muscles. Breath freely. Do not stop your breathing.


Repeat 3 sets of 10 repititions a day at the minimum to see results.

What does a coregasm feel like?

Coregasms don’t feel like traditional orgasms for either gender. Women report that instead of the slow build and exploding climax of a clitoral orgasm, a coregasm is said to feel more like a vaginal orgasm. This orgasm is a smooth contraction that happens throughout most of the body and can last for a long time, or so say coregasm regulars.

coregasm when runningHow to have a coregasm

There is no surefire way to experience a coregasm. Women have reported to get that feeling when doing biking, yoga and weight lifting. The options are plenty.

Here are some tips to have coregasm.

#1 Do cardio first. The gym rules say that you should first do strength training and followed by cardio. Well we switch this to increase the chances of coregasm. Start with a cardio workout for 20 mins.

#2 Train dirty. While elliptical is a great way to get in your full body cardio, it probably won’t give your a coregasm! Women more likely will experience exercise induced orgasm (EIO) when engaging high intensity interval training (HIIT) instead of leisurely walking.

This means you have to engage in core workouts such as chair positions and crunches. Great to keep you and your vagina fit. Ain’t that a win/win.

#3 Don’t force it. If you workout with a thought of having a coregasm, then we would advice you to pick a vibrator instead. Coregasm cannot be forced. You get them, and it just means ‘you GET them’. As long as you are engaging your core, you are on the right track. When you keep on exercising, and experience coregams, you will be able to learn what exercise works best for your body.

Once you do experience an EIO, you’ll be able to better learn what exercise works for your body.

#4 Find an exercise that works. Coregasms are more likely to occur during ab exercises and yoga. Coregasms will occur when your core is really at a point of fatigue. It is going to take quite a number of reps to get you there, so don’t expect a screaming O after three crunches. Practice doing L-sits, single-leg planks, crunches, and arm pulls over straight-leg crunches to see if they start to float your boat.

It is unlikely to have an orgasm during a low intensity elliptical. They tend to happen from intense or demanding exercise. For example, for women who experience them while doing crunches, they pretty much never happen on the fifth crunch and are more likely to occur after 50 or 100 crunches

In you least expect it, but we bet you didn’t expect it to happen while you were working out. According to some serious gym-buffs, coregasms are all the rage. Who knew the stairmaster could be so much fun?