How to Catch a Cheater: 21 Discreet Ideas

How to Catch a Cheater: 21 Discreet Ideas
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Are you seeking advice on how to catch a cheater? Is your partner cheating on you? Have you been feeling insecure and frustrated in your relation? Sometimes your instinct may tell to you that your spouse or partner is cheating you. But if you attempt for a direct confrontation, they will never agree that they are cheating and may accuse you for doubting their commitment in the relation. In that case you can go for some discreet ways to find out the truth. Secret or private investigators help you find if your partner is cheating, however, they come to the rescue only when you have large dollars to shell out. If you are one of those, who have some indication that your partner is cheating, start with some easy and discreet ways to figure out if your doubt is real or just an illusion of your mind.

21 discreet ideas On how to catch a cheater

Here we have 21 ideas that are simple and will lead you to the truth about your partner’s infidelity or commitment. It will give you ideas on how to catch a cheater without being caught.

1. Observe your partner’s behavior

To catch a cheater, a close observation of their behavior is mandatory. If you see some changes in their usual habits like spending more time for working out, more careful in dressing style, or using a more seductive perfume or aftershave etc.,. you should be a little more careful. Sometimes there won’t be a specific reason for the change and they can be simply spontaneous. However, if you do see sudden change in behavior and preferences, watch your partner to see of you see more signs that depict that he is probably cheating on you.

Advice: Observe change in behavior

2. Do some discreet spying

Some discreet spying is a good way to catch a cheater. Once in a while just drop in without any warning to their work premises or return home earlier than usual without creating the sense that you are snooping on them. You should have a good reason in hand for these un-timely visits. If you have a cheating partner, they will be angry and may not be able to give you a happy welcome.

Advice: Be discreet

3. Garbage digging

How to catch a cheater who destroys all the evidence? Garbage digging, is the answer. You may get a clue from the disposed things if you try to dig them. If you want to find out about the cheating of your partner, digging recycle bin could be a good place to start of with. If they are frequent users of computer, through the regular checking of recycle bin you may come across some scrap of information or a photo as evidence.

Advice: Check what they trash

4. Phone checking

If your partner is reluctant to part with his phone and is carrying it even to the bathrooms, you may get some evidence by checking his phone. Try to get a peek when you get a chance. You can do it when he keeps the phone to get charged. If you see the phone is password protected or you find the phone log is erased or a history of several calls to the same unknown numbers or a phone bill without details of the call information etc.,. this will help you to strengthen your case. Again, a lot of people take their devices to the bathroom, so it may be a hint, but not a 100% sure shot reason why your partner is taking the phone to the bathroom.

Advice: Check phone

5. Try some spontaneous sex

how to catch a cheaterHow to catch a cheater husband in an inexpensive way? Go for spontaneous sex!! Attempt to have some spontaneous sex, once he returns home. If he gets angry and tries to avoid it to the maximum, there may be a chance that he was with someone else and not so energetic for another bout of sex soon.

Advice: Get closer spontaneously

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6. Follow a fighting and walking out partner

A cheating partner is happy for picking fights and walking out afterwards, as it gives them a good excuse to meet their lover. Try to follow them with an intent of apologizing for the fight. Be very careful when you are following them. If your partner is not really cheating, this would potentially have an adverse impact on your relation.

Advice: Follow them

7. Watch in night

A cheating partner is likely to change their sleeping habits. They may stay up long during night or wake up early to make calls. If you pretend asleep and remain alert, you can detect their movements and find out the truth.

Advice: Watch change in sleep pattern

8. Are they demanding space?

Sometimes, your partner is asking for space and demands you to respect it. They may become impatient to answer your questions and may rebuke you for nagging. Occasionally, it may be a sign for their cheating.

Advice: Watch out need for more space

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9. Attempt to hide something

If you see your partner is getting jumpy and seems nervous when you drop in unannounced when they are on their phone or computer, it may be a hint that they do not want you to know their business and they have something to hide from you. Hiding is default to cheating.

Advice: Watch if they are hiding

10. Sudden changes in timetable

Is your partner changing his time of working hours or social visits and spending long time away from home during the night and never takes you to meet his friends? You can see these signs as something not being right and he may be doing something behind your back. Wanting to stay out and not taking you along to meet his friends could mean that he is trying to keep someone away from you. This could mean he may be cheating on you.

Advice: Stay alert on schedule changes

11. Secret phone calls

If your partner is trying to make his phone calls always away from the hearing distance of you, it is not a good sign. If you check their calls, you may see coded messages to random numbers. It is sure that they may never use the real name and straightforward messages to convey with their partners in crime. Hence, that does indicate that they are being secretive about who they are talking to.

Advice: See if they are secretive on phone calls / messages

12. Hiding passwords

If you see your partner is changing his passwords on the gadgets and trying to hide them from you, something is snoopy there. They will also be careful to keep the computer screen away from your line of sight all of a sudden. You can catch a cheating partner by installing some software that can record the activities. However, be careful if your partner is tech savvy.

Advice: Changing password in gadgets is not a good sign.

13. Polishing the appearance

If they put in more time on hitting the gym and grooming themselves with new clothes, cologne etc., they have some extra reasons for it and that may be a new relationship. The driver for a sudden need to look good, could be a new love interest.

Advice: Watch out of sudden desire to look good.

14. Going out more

Has your partner be going out more? They may find more reasons to go out however when you express a desire to go out with them, they discourage you strongly. If you observe such contradictory behavior, these are signs that your partner is hiding something from you. This could be a sign of a cheating partner.

Advice: Careful if they want to go out without you.

15. Use a hidden camera

If you are desperate enough to catch them, you can use some technology. Hidden camera is a good aid to catch their cheating. You can place it in the room where they hang out most and spend more time. That way you can see for what they are up to.

Advice: Beware! If there is no cheating & they come to know about it, you would repent for life.

16. A fake facebook profile

Do you know how to catch a cheater using social media? A fake face book profile may help you catch them red handed. Make it look legitimate with some random friends and invite your partner to join. If they accept, go ahead and start flirting within a few weeks. From their response you can take a clue about what they are upto.

Advice: Never login from gadgets that are common between the two of you.

17. Use a software

You can catch a cheating partner by installing some software that can record the activities. However, be careful if your partner is tech savvy. There are some softwares like keyloggers which are downloadable from the net and installed in a computer. It will run in the background discreetly and can record the details you prefer such as the passwords used, letters typed or even record videos that appear on the screen.

Advice: If your partner is tech savvy, be careful.

18. Use a GPS device

It is a little extreme, but if you are desperate, you can justify it. Get a tiny GPS device and fix it on the underside of your partner’s vehicle. With that you can track their movement and catch them red handed, if needed. You could also install an app on his phone, that can send you his coordinates.

Advice: Do not disclose you were following unless you get some proof.

19. A Night recorder is good

A night recorder can work on a phone in stand-by mode. It can pick up the sounds around it during night. If you leave your phone as if you forgot it in your partner’s car, you may get some clue from the recorded sounds once you took it back from the car. You can hear what your partner was upto.

Advice: Make sure the battery was full and place the phone so it is not to be seen. Importantly, place on flight mode.

20. Check the app history

Checking the app history over the phone or laptop, may help you to find out something about the partner’s movements, if you doubt them. Even if, the search history is deleted from the gadget, the app history can be handy for you. You can check if they have any app related to online dating or speed dating sites or apps for partner match etc,

Advice: Checkout the kind of apps that are being downloaded.

21. Check for online reviews

Sometimes, restaurants of hotels ask for reviews and after a visit there, your partner may give them one. If you accidentally come across some of them or about a movie reviewed by your partner viewed not with you, you can use that hint.

Advice: Access online accounts to look for some clues.

The tips above are for the troubled people who are wanting to know how to catch a cheater. These are discreet and inexpensive ways to catch cheaters. Use your logic and take your pick and know the truth clearly, if you are doubting your partner. Using technology to catch a cheater may be handier but not so inexpensive.

What are the other inexpnsive ways to catch a cheater that you would suggest?

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