Buying Jewelry for Children?

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Being a kid is fun. You play with dolls/ action figures, dress them up, create make- believe stories of how they find their prince charming/saved the world and all that jazz. Being a parent is even more fun. You play with them, dress them up, adorn them with jewellery and take a lot of photos. You really like how those tiny pieces of jewellery make them look. And sometimes when the mommies are not around, the kids themselves go and try on their jewellery. Admit it parents, even you did these activities at some point of time in your life as kids. Kids are easily fascinated by shiny jewellery, and often play with them.

The following is a list of some jewellery for kids:

Rings: Rings are fun for children. It adds a lot of shine to outfits. Rings for children are made of stainless steel and titanium.

Bracelets: Children’s bracelets are adorable. They make great jewellery gifts, perfect for loved ones. They are available in different styles, designs and colours. Cuff bracelets made of silver or platinum and decorated with hearts or gems are costly but they look elegant. Bracelets meant for older children are often made of leather, nylon or canvas as they are trendier and funkier.

Necklaces: Necklaces are great for school going students, but must be avoided by infants, as there is always a risk of it getting caught up somewhere, posing a choking hazard. Elastic necklaces are a good choice for younger children. Silver and Gold chains are expensive and hence best suited for older children. Often necklaces are worn to compliment the outfit worn by the person.

Headbands: Headbands are not a part of jewellery per se, but they add to a baby’s outfit. They make babies look adorable. Cloth and elastic headbands with flowers and lace are splendid for spring and summer events.

Earrings: Many parents decide to pierce their child’s ears at a very tender and young age. As girls grow older, they may choose to add more holes on their ears or perhaps other parts of their body, like the nose, or lips. Clip on earrings are available for infants. Petit, shiny earrings are ideal for babies and young children.

Sets: Children’s jewellery sets make great gifts, and are a good way to purchase matching pieces on a budget. Various sets are available in the markets, with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, hair accessories and even watches.

There are a few tips parents should consider before buying jewellery for their kids.

Be aware of any allergies

If you’re a parent who like his/her kids dressed with all sorts of jewellery for play time, costume jewellery would be the best option. Apart from being cheap, they’re also in most cases non-toxic and hard, if ever the child happens to swallow them. But be careful as costume jewellery can contain copper and other cheap metals. Though reactions due to these metals aren’t all that dangerous, skin staining and rashes aren’t uncommon in children as their immune system isn’t as much developed as adults’. Real metal jewellery might be expensive, but a better choice if any reaction occurs.

Beware of tiny pieces

Apart from being fascinated by shiny stuff, kids also love beads and dangling jewellery, the most enjoyable ones being the beaded necklaces, hand earrings and bangles. Fitted necklaces and bracelets are best for younger children as these don’t get caught anywhere while playing. Rings too are popular and easy at the same time for children to adorn their hands. Plastic rings are cheap, affordable and easy to clean. Caution should be taken while selecting ring sizes, as a tight one could get stuck, or could cause fatal finger injury. For those parents who don’t mind piercings, a huge variety of studs are available for kids these days. Clip-ons and magnetic earrings are a good option for those against piercings.

Jewellery for ages 10 and up

For slightly older kids, say ages 10 and above, metal jewellery will be slightly more appreciated. Often, older children will want to feel more grown-up and there are not many injuries and health hazards at their age. And so indulging them in a few genuine pieces won’t be such a bad idea. A lot of cute and colourful stuff is available for kids of this age category; necklaces, earrings- clip-ons, studs and dangling ones, to name a few. A great choice for jewellery at this age will be pendants. A single chain and a few pendants can change her look every day. Rings and bracelets aren’t all that comfy when it comes to washing hands as they come in the way, or can come in the way during play time, but wearing them on an evening out or on a special occasion is a great way for them to flaunt the pieces they love. Little stones or zirconia details or shapes will make the rings and pendants a lot more attractive. Since they’re not very costly, different colours can be purchased to match the different coloured dresses they have.

Jewellery for teens

When they reach the teen ages, most girls change their tastes as they find hearts, teddies, flowers and animals like dogs, cats and dolphins to be really cute. Such pendants and rings are really popular these days. Girls prefer brightly coloured jewellery because it helps draw more attention. Metal jewellery too would do just fine. Silver jewellery is the new trend these days and they go really well with stoned pendants.

Jewellery for boys

Why should girls have all the fun? With the onset of the new millennium, jewellery for boys has become really trendy. Miniature silver chains, bangles with some sort of tribal design and simple metal rings have become more popular with the young kids. Many older boys even have their ears pierced and fitted with metal studs and hoops. Watches too are in fashion. Young boys prefer sporty and colorful watches, although some may like the big and flashy ones.

All kids grow, trends change, and so do their tastes. However, they’ll wholeheartedly cherish the things you purchased for them as a child.