Broke But Sexy: Why Cheap Fashion Can Be Great Fashion

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Broke But Sexy: Great fashion for less

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to look sexy and chic whilst being broke, and if cheap fashion can actually turn out to be great looking fashion? The answer might be surprising, but it really is possible to look fashionable and attractive even when wearing cheap clothes. The trick is to know: what to buy, where to buy from, and what makes you look good.

Small changes go a long way

Good news first: it is possible to avoid high fashion brands, which often require investments of many hundreds of dollars. Rather, choose off brand products that suit the individual budget and apply small changes that will create an expensive look. It is crucial to have an understanding of what to buy without shelling out big bucks. A small change like swapping the buttons on a top could change how your garment looks and make it pricey. another trick that works is dropping the cheap belt that came with a dress and replacing it with a bold and attractive one.

A look underneath

The 80s have taught us to look beyond expensive business cards and suits and to focus on what’s underneath. Well, the same still goes today. Your clothes can never look best, if you do not feel comfortable with what you are wearing underneath them. If your bra and underpants so not fit well, nothing else on top will. 80% of women across the wold wear a bra that is not the proper size. This can be easily fixed by a visit to a lingerie store where trained professionals can help you select the best, comfortable and right size lingerie for you. Buying a bra in flesh tone will help you wear it under everything you have. Also, the underpants should be no show, and do not buy a smaller size that would pinch you skin and leave ugly bulges.

Made to fit

The reason why models and other famous personalities often look great in the clothes they wear is that they got them tailored to their personal shape and size. Simply put, if clothes do not fit well, even the most fashionable and expensive items can look bad. Getting something tailored can make it instantly appear pricier as it now perfectly compliments your body. And best of all, thanks to the Internet, this no longer needs to cost the world. Online shops offer bespoke clothes at highly affordable prices.

Accessories matter

Wear jewelry and accessories that can make the outfit stand out. Sometimes, a statement ring, an ear cuff or a necklace is all that is needed to change the impression from cheap to designer expensive. Rule is: It does not have to be costly to look good. You can always find something that looks impressive and is within your budget. Also, make sure that you are wearing the right kind of shoes to compliment the entire look. A short stop at the shoemaker’s doesn’t have to be expensive – and it can make not just your shoes, but your entire attire shine again.

Your clothes don’t matter – you do!

There is no such thing as great clothes. What really matters is what looks good on you. Especially if you’re only shopping for clothes once or twice a year, you need to develop a routine to get a feeling for what works and what doesn’t. Go to shops and try clothes and different combinations to develop a sense for what works best on you. Choose colours that complement your personal skin tone. Muted colors, generally, look elegant but avoid prints and textures that are too bold. When in doubt, buy it in black – darker colours tend to look more expensive as you can’t distinguish imperfections so well. Whatever you do, meanwhile, don’t be afraid to ask. Take a fashionable friend or consider investing in a style specialist, for example, to help you with developing your taste and taking the first steps – as well as identifying the individual style that suits you best. Although clothes are an expression of your personality, no one knows more about your personality than your friends.

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