Biggest Style Mistakes To Make At Work

Biggest Style Mistakes To Make At Work
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The clothes we wear can have a really big impact on our own energy levels as well as the way other people perceive us. Therefore it is really important to focus on what you wear, especially at work. Although many women are getting good at dressing up the right way there are still some persistent style mistakes women make at work. Here are the biggest mistakes and tips on avoiding them.

Fashion Accessories

Wearing the right kind of accessories at work not just gives you a bit of style, but enhances your confidence as well. Fashion accessories have always been a women’s style statement. When you wear a statement necklace or style a trendy bracelet, make sure it does not distract people around you. Loud colors, accessories that make a lot of noise, accessories that are not comfortable are a BIG NO for workplace. Go for subtle fashion jewelry that gives you a personal style, as well as does not negatively effect the work environment.

Inappropriate Shoes


Majority of women just love shoes but somehow it seems to be problematic subject when it comes to work. There are so many women who make a mistake of wearing inappropriate shoes to work.

The biggest problem is high platform heels that are more suited for a nightclub or special party occasions. You don’t need to wear these to work. Simple stilettos or black heels work just fine at work environment.

Make sure you also don’t appear in unprofessional looking flats or flip-flops. Yes, some people actually do make this mistake and it isn’t a professional look even if you work at the kindergarten. There are a lot of good ballerina flats that’ll still give a professional look for you if you don’t like heels.

Overdressing To Work

It is really important that you learn to dress according to the specific situation. This also means that you need to ask about the work clothing you are expected to wear and then find ways to mix and match your items.

The problem is that you don’t often need to wear a full-on suit to work, for instance. Sometimes you see women coming to their work place in a black cocktail dress and it might look so out of place.

Know the dress code specific to your work place and stick to it. If you have something more important and official coming up then wear something more official. Naturally, this also means that you don’t show up to work in a tracksuit either.

Tips Regarding Religious Clothing

It is also a good idea to talk with your employer if you have a really specific dress code, for instance due to your religious beliefs. You cannot be discriminated against if you want to wear a headscarf for instance, as long as you find ways to ensure it isn’t a health and safety concern.

There are luckily a lot of really fashionable items available for businesswomen with strong religious beliefs.

Little Tip About Perfume

Finally, although perfume isn’t related to your clothing it is still something that a lot of people get wrong. The fact is that if you work with other people you don’t want to make them faint from the amount of perfume you wear.

The key is to wear it just a little bit if you really want to wear some perfume. The safest option is to opt out and for instance use some scented lotions instead. As long as you have a good deodorant you’ll be safe.