Beware of the 11 Things Women Lie about on Dating Sites

Beware of the 11 Things Women Lie about on Dating Sites
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You met someone online, interacted for a few weeks and decided to meet in person for drinks. You would imagine you would see the same thin, blonde, woman with killer eyes you’ve been chatting with? Think again!

Statistics show that both men and women lie on online dating sites. 81% people surveyed said that they lied about something or the other in their online profile. More so, women lie 10% more than men in the dating profile. While there are a lot of success stories of online dating, the fact is, online daters lie! What the daters lie about differs from person to person. If you are looking forward to finding your soulmate online, beware of the 11 things women lie about on dating sites.

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1.      Profile Picture

Portrait Of Beautiful Young Woman With Earring. Jewelry And AcceIf you see a girl with a very hot picture, don’t drool over her. Over a third of the hottest profile pics are a year old or older. It is also a fact that the older the woman, the older are her pics.

What is beyond any comparison is that the pictures are not of the person you are chatting with but of a hot fashion model styling for an international fashion brand. You can easily get a lot of them from internet. So don’t lose your sleep over something that does not exist.

Fact: 20% Women put older pictures / thinner pictures in their profile, that’s when it’s their picture.

2.      Marital status

First of all, be careful about who you are meeting online. When going to singles dating sites you will run into many people who are already married and people who are already in relationships. A lot of married women create online dating profile to deceive innocent and genuine singles, looking for real dates. Their profile tells you they are not married, not engaged, however, in reality they could be married women with families.

Be upfront and clarify if the person is really single versus someone who is already involved in a relationship. If you find out they are lying about their relationship status, all you gotta do is, move on. The easiest way to find out this is to carry out a $5 simple search that would tell you about the person’s marital status – single / divorced / have children etc.

Fact: Women lie about their marital status, all the time.

3.      Height

Did you know that an online research highlighted the fact that women over height 5’4” had 60% more chances of getting a profile view compared to shorter women? When you do meet your date, she might very well deceive you with high heels and an inch or two of shortfall in height may just go unnoticed.

Fact: Yes, women do feed in incorrect height in their online dating profile to get more views.

4.      Gender / Orientation

Two cheerful beautiful girls studio portraitAnother common problem that many find out about is that there are some twisted gender issues. While it might sound a bit shocking, there are those who find out that the woman they are speaking with turn out to be a man. While this doesn’t happen all the time, keep it in mind that it could happen to you.

A lot of women might upload a man’s picture on her profile pretending to be a man so that women would be chatting with her and showing interest in her. This could be related to sexual orientation. While a lot of profiles do declare the orientation as bisexual, you cannot avoid talking to someone who is interested only in girls and looking for a partner under  social / family pressure.

Fact: Statistics say that about 80% of women who claim to be bisexual are only interested in female gender.

5.      Children

It is not rare for a woman to lie about children in her life. A man would usually shy away from taking responsibility of a child, that would accompany his prospective date. Having a child, would perhaps reduce the number of men being interested in the profile. A lot of women say that they do not have children, in order to begin a conversation. A truth so clear, can never be hidden. However, sharing the same when the relationship has advanced would reduce the chances of the date leaving her.

Fact: Women lie that they do not have children.

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6.      Being independent

Should I tell how independent I am or should I not? Women ponder on this scenario a lot. Yes, statistics reveal that men aren’t super excited about meeting and dating a woman who is so independent she is completely 100% self-sufficient. For this reason women tend to lie about it. They would say that they are still dependent on their parents while they are not.

Fact: Women showcase as they are dependent to attract more men.

7.      Weight

Most people tend to tweak this part of the profile. It’s just easy to type in 100 lbs. when actually they weigh 50 lbs. more. People are actually scared to place in their real weight. This can be huge factor why people avoid being judged by their weight. Apparently, it’s still the physical attributes that come first.

Fact: Statistics say that women typically deduct 10-20 pounds from their real weight.

8.      Age

Age is nothing but a number, but not to online dating users. Age, like weight, like height, is everything. People love to play around with their ages and placing in that they are somewhere between 22 to 29, but the truth is, they range somewhere from 31 to 40. This is another example of lies of women online do.

Fact: Women typically enter their age in the lower band that in the higher.

9.      Personality / Lifestyle

best-dating-tipsPersonality makes people remember you. Lifestyle is another huge issue when it comes to online dating. Making yourself sophisticated and classy may sound fine, but in reality you’re really into chugging down barrels of beer, loves rock concerts, and partying all night till the break of dawn.

Fact: Women tend to create their first impression / personality which is very different from their real self.

10.  Salary & Place of Work

Both women and men lie about this one every time. They pretend they own a fat check book that in fact they make less than $100,000 a year.

Another lie women tell in online dating profile is about their place of work. They lie about their place of work in order to impress the man. They might claim to be working in an oil exploration offshore rig company while in actual fact they are in a small one man business place earning a small salary. They also want to be discreet about their place of work, to avoid being traced.

Fact: Statistics say that women make 20% less than what they usually say. 90% of women lie or are not clear about place of work in the profile.

11.  Education

The women also tend to lie about their level of education. Most women who are not highly educated may be claiming that they attended high school in one renowned university in the world.

Fact: Women usually lie about their level of education or university.

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While online dating has been all the rage these past decade, the ugly truth about this is people online aren’t that honest as you think they are. According to studies, about 81% online dating users lie about their profile pages. The funny thing about it is, when people date other people online and eventually know about their little fibs, they just laugh about it. It’s probably fine if you tweak your profile just a teenie-tiny bit, but if you make up something totally fictitious, then you better have a good explanation. Beware of these ugly lies when you look for your girl online.