Beauty Tips For Women At 40

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If you want to age well and as late as possible, taking care of your body, leading a healthy life style and maintaining your body in a good physical shape need to become imperative.

Reaching 40 is not a reason to panic because the signs of aging can be kept at bay for a long while still if you learn to take proper care of yourself.

So here are some tips you can follow.

Taking care of the face, neck and cleavage areas

No matter what type of complexion you have, you need products that will improve the level of hydration (based on hyaluronic acid, liposomes, ceramides), that will stimulate the production of collagen (vitamin C, fruit acids, alpha hydroxy acids – AHA, peptides), that will tone your complexion (e.g. with derivatives of vitamin A) or ones that have a regenerative effect and are anti-wrinkle.

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How to take care of these areas:

• Soft cleaning with a light cleansing milk – it removes the dust, sweat and make-up and it cleans the pores;

• Tonifying – a tonic face lotion (without alcohol) to clean the skin without harassing it and to remove all the fat (this actually prevents drying) or a green tea lotion;

• Peeling – with bran or cornmeal soaked in milk (once a week) to remove dead skin and to make the complexion smoother in order to allow creams to have a better absorption;

• Nourishing and moisturizing – use special anti-aging hydrating creams that also contain oils, vitamins (Retinol – vitamin A) or Q10 (coenzyme) – these regenerate the cells and reduce small wrinkles.

Cosmetic treatment and massage

For a mature complexion, the cosmetic treatment is recommended once every three weeks and it involves toning through special massage methods (delicate moves) and the use of products with anti-aging effect. Whether you do it at a spa or at home, the facial massage, combined with a moisturizer on the tonified make-up free complexion stimulates blood circulation and gives your face a nice colour, strengthens facial muscles and even removes toxins and impurities from the skin.

Massaging the body is also important in order to maintain a good tonus and it has to be made regularly with a brush in the shower, for example, using circular moves, starting with the feet and gradually moving towards the heart. This stimulates blood circulation and the metabolism, fortifying the tissues, thus making the skin more elastic. After the massage, a body lotion is recommended or a cream that is applied while the skin is still moist in order to allow the nutritional elements to act faster.

Cosmetic masks or natural ones

Both are an important element that work miracles, especially the ones rich in fat because they reduce wrinkles, stimulate regeneration and make the skin softer and smoother. As far as natural masks go, bananas, honey and milk musn’t miss from the list of ingredients because they nourish the skin and slow aging.

Taking care of the eye area

The skin around the eyes is especially delicate because it is thinner and has almost no fat tissue. This is why it needs treatments that have been especially conceived for this area: anti-aging, anti-bags and toning eye creams.

Any cream or mask you apply, the wrinkles, dark circles and swellings will not disappear in the next second, but they will become less visible. Eye products are applied with the tips of your fingers and gently massaged through delicate strokes allowing the creams to go faster in the skin.

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