Baby Shower Outfit Ideas For Mom To Be & Guests

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas For Mom To Be & Guests
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Baby shower outfit ideas are so important for mom to be and guests. Baby shower dresses are NOT just another clothing. Baby showers are a joyous occasion, celebrating new life and marking a whole new phase in the lives of the parents-to-be. Whether you are the soon-to-be-mother or one in the guest list, your outfit should compliment the occasion. You don’t want to end up as the out-of-place guest in the tight fitting sequined dress just as much as you don’t want to end up being the under-dressed mother that looks like pregnancy has taken a toll on her. Fret not, for with these golden tips, you are ready to rock the perfect baby shower look, as the mother or the guest!

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Moms-to-be

Chances are, at the time the party is hosted, you will be sporting a lovely baby bump. Yes, the baby bump is lovely, regardless of what it may feel like to you. It encompasses new life, which in itself is fascinating and beautiful! Don’t attempt to cover up or conceal the bump, let it show! The baby shower is your special day, and if it’s your first, you may need to follow certain guidelines to ensure you don’t end up being uncomfortable or stifled.

baby shower outfit1. Feminine colors

Go for softer shades that highlight your femininity and give you an at-peace look. If you are feeling a little daring, you can opt for brighter hues like yellow or cotton candy pink. With shades of cream or white, add splashes of color to look lively. For a color baby shower outfit theme, make sure that your dress complements the theme.

2. Comfy shoes

Baby showers call for a lot of standing around and making small talk. This means that you may have to rethink your 5-inch heels. Wearing heels to a baby shower is a disastrous option for your feet and your look. Opt for simple open toed flats or cute strappy sandals. If you are tempted to wear heels, do not go above 2 inch! There are so many options to choose from when you think of shoes.

3. Dress

When it comes to dresses for baby shower, your comfort should always win. As the mother-to-be, you are the guest of honor and, by extension, the centre of attention of the party. Traditionally conservative, baby showers are attended not only by your friends, but also by your relatives or the relatives of the father-to-be. Wearing a skimpy dress will make you uneasy and conscious of your dress all the time. Keep in mind your neckline – a plunging neckline doesn’t bode well with the ambiance of a baby shower.


If you have to convince yourself that you can pull the dress off for the party, opt for something else. There are plenty of options available that will be really comfortable and make you look absolutely glorious! By the third trimester, women experience the pleasures of no sleep, back-ache and frequent urination. With all these perks, you would want to be dressed to maximize your comfort. Certain jersey knits look lovely while being super-comfortable.

Elastic bands are the no-negotiable option for waistlines on your skirts or pants. It is important that you be able to sit without your waistline poking into your belly. Go for breathable cotton blends to experience comfort and trend at the same time.

Importantly, if your baby shower is hosted in winters, dress in sweaters and jackets that can be easily removed, lest you start feeling uncomfortably warm and want to cool down a bit.

4. Undergarments

Baby showers can be an all day evening with friends and relatives being with you for hours. It is important what you wear under your outfit. A cami, good fitting bra, stockings, shapewear, belly band, panties, anything under your dress should not dig in the wrong places else it will make it very uncomfortable.

5. Accessorize it

Amp up your special day outfit with sparkly studs, statement bracelets, and luxury statement necklace! When you look good on the outside, it helps make you feel better on the inside!

6. Nail It

On this special day, do not skip a great manicure and pedicure. It would add a polished look to your baby shower outfit. Make sure you paint your nails with a nail polish that is safe for pregnancy. You may go to a salon or just DIY French manicure.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Guests

If you are teetering between going dressy or casual, just check in with the party planner. Often, if the party is being hosted at someone’s house or a backyard, it is safe to opt for jeans for a casual look. However, if the location is a fancy restaurant, go for a dressier option – something you would wear to a wedding. Keep in mind the weather, too, wear lighter fabrics for summer showers and heavier ones for winter showers. Most baby showers host various games for the guests to participate in, so make sure you go for something comfortable which lets you move around freely.  If you are still in doubt, why not check in with the other guests to find out what they would be wearing? This will prevent you from sticking out and feeling odd.

1. No to heels

Wearing heels to a baby shower equals being uncomfortable all through the party! Most of the baby showers plan extra games for guests to play; you don’t want to be sore and uncomfortable in your heels!

2. Stay conservative

Remember, the event may be attended by people who won’t approve of your back-less short dress with a plunging neckline! You don’t want to be that friend of the mother-to-be! (You know, the one that is referred to as the *insert objectionable term for a promiscuous woman* by her relatives!)

3. Colors and prints

You can dress in frilly tops or pastel shades, and be completely in place for the occasion! In fact, since most of the baby showers are all female, lacy and frilly tops in floral prints blend right in! But don’t overdo the look; you don’t want to look like a Hello Kitty ambassador!

You may want to invest in some light colored blazers that neatly tie your ensemble together. Avoid colors like black and navy blue that give your blazer a work feel.

Dresses in all white or all black should be avoided to such events.

4. Accessorize classy

Three words should have you set: Keep It Classy. Don’t overdo the look; it’s a safer bet to under-accessorize than to look overdressed for the shower. Wear shirts with detailed collar to cut out the necklace all-together. Simple and conservative jewelry will blend in more than flashy pieces. However, it all comes down to you; if you feel that a blingy necklace goes well with your dress and you are able to maintain the conservative look, go ahead! There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to jewelry- as long as it looks good, flaunt it with all your confidence. Make sure that your jewelry jives well with the neckline.

These were some tips for baby shower outfit ideas for mom to be and guests. Tell us how would you imagine dressing up for baby shower?

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