Alternative Clothing: Fashion, Looks, Origin, Stores

Alternative Clothing: Fashion, Looks, Origin, Stores
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What is alternative clothing?

Alternative clothing or alternative fashion is something that stands apart from mainstream widely acceptable commercial fashion. Alternative fashion refers to fashion specific to subcultures such as like hip hop, goth, hip hop, heavy metal, emo, scene, boho, cyberpunk, industrial, street / urban, hipster, steampunk, grunge and more.

Finding alternative clothing is never easy. Very few high street stores stock emo, rockabilly, Gothic and steampunk themed attire, so you may have to get a little more creative in your search. One of the benefits of dressing in an alternative style is that you aren’t bogged down to certain rules. Alternative clothing was created by people who think outside the box and want to do something that doesn’t represent widespread social views. Keep this in mind when you’re searching alternative clothing stores.

Before we go for the search of alternative clothing, lets see what are the different types of alternative clothing.

Types of Alternative Clothing

1. Grunge Fashion

The grunge fashion was a hit in 90s. It was full of denims, halter crops and mesh. It was launched in the mainstream by Nirvana (Thanks, Kurt!). Grunge is all about low maintenance wardrobe with an added sassy look. The grunge fashion has an attitude and makes you look cool in an instant.

Here is how you should style for grunge fashion look.
Tops: Chic camo, sleek shiny raincoats, plaid fannel shirts, reckless tees.
Bottoms: Daring faded and ripped denims.
Shoes: Boots and laced up sneakers.
Accessories: Stay light on jewelry. Style a leather bracelet. Simple earrings.
Head-gear: Beanie or a bandana.
Hair: Long, tangled locks. Unkempt look. Bleached or dyed look.
Makeup: Heavy on eyeliner and mascara. Bright red lipstick.
Overall: Layered clothing, unkept look, sassy with an attitude, low on hygine, music.

2. Urban Gothic Fashion

Being gothic is a lifestyle and not just a fashion statement. From the music you listen to the boots you wear to the clothes you style. It originated in 80’s in England and is marked by dark, antiquated and mysterious features. This morbid fashion reflects in pale complexion, colored hair, black lips and clothes.urban goth style

Bottoms: Pinstriped pants, black jeans.
Shoes: Tall black boots or men’s platform boots.
Accessories: Chokers, lace gloves, bat earrings.
Hair: Express creativily. Color or leave natural. Spikes, clump or messy hairdo.
Makeup: Dramatic. Black heavy eyeliner, red lips and dark shades.
Music: Band shirts like Christian Death, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees.
Colors: Black isn’t the only color. Dark reds, voilets, whites, green, gray are also popular.
Overall: Tight clothing, dark morbid looks.

 3. Boho Chic Fashion

Shoes: Brown, beige or tan with low chunky heels in leather or suede.
Accessories: Layer accessories. Jewel toned scarf, bracelets, danglers, necklace with a natural stones. Colorful fringe ethnic handbag. Vintage sunglasses.
Head-gear: Fedoras & floppy hats, floral headbands.
Hair: Long, wavy hair in natural browns, blondes and red.
Makeup: Neutral to smokey eyes. Natural lip care.
Colors: Natural tones – white, beige, brown, dark green earthy reds and orange
Overall: Laces, fringe and embroidery with natural colors. Loose fitting, flowy clothing. Floral patterns, ethnic inspired prints.

4. Biker’s Fashion

Biker’s fashion is all about styling that look of a pro biker. Bikers are really proud of who they are and what they do. It is more than just that biker physique and visting the biker establishments. It is more than riding a sporty motorcycle.

bikers fashion

Shoes: Boots with heels.
Accessories: Chain wallet, Motorcycle, Tatoo (skill, flame, eagle, motocycle), biker’s gear.
Head-gear: Bandana.
Hair: Long and braided.
Colors: Black
Music: Any
Overall: Bike, leather jackets, boots, bandana, ATTITUDE.

5. Hip Hop Fashion

Urban fashion, also known as Hip Hop, was originated in early 70’s. Hip hop fashion has given opportunity to rap artists to come up with there own brand clothing line. With its cool and carefree look, hip hop fashion has always been in the market.
hip hop fashion
Shoes: No-lace sneakers, mid-rise boots.
Accessories: Hoop earrings, petite chain.
Head-gear: Fitted base-ball cap.
Hair: Go all natural.
Colors: No barrier
Music: Kanye West, P. Diddy, Pharell
Overall: Sagging pants, hoodies, jackets, baseball cap and bling.

6. Emo Fashion

Shoes: Converse.
Accessories: Layered jewlery (- stud, spikes beads), music band wrist bands, studded belts, clip pins to bags, headphones, facial piercing.
Hair: Bangs, spikes or back comb, Color them black or platinum blonde.
Make up: Heavy on eye liner, paint nails black or neon.
Overall: Tight jeans, band tees, layeres accessories, headphones, facial piercing, converse.

Places to Buy Alternative Clothing

1. Second Hand Stores

Second hand stores are a gold mine for alternative clothing. Don’t let the name “second hand” put you off. Think about how many people receive Christmas or birthday gifts that they don’t like. The clothing may be as-good-as-new, but at just a mere fraction of the price. In addition, you may find old clothing that represents certain eras in time, such as the 60’s and 70’s – perfect if you’re looking for a vintage getup.

2. Garage Sales

Garage sales may not have as much selection as second hand stores, but you can certainly find something unique. While second hand stores will often throw away damaged clothing, people selling at a garage sale probably won’t. Garage sales usually consist of stock from people who simply want to get rid of junk and make a little money in the process. If you find something you like, feel free to barter, you’ll be surprised how low you can go when someone wants to get rid of something.

3. Online Stores

Online shopping is one of the only ways to find good quality alternative clothing. While there are plenty of stores out there, not all of them will suit your needs. Specialist stores only stock alternative attire and have a good reputation for providing a quality service. You even search for clothing based on specific styles.

If you want to start a new wardrobe, but don’t feel comfortable wearing second hand or vintage clothing, then online stores are certainly the best way to go. If you’re new to a particular style, going full steam ahead may be a little overwhelming; so have a look around, take your time, and don’t go overboard.

Top online stores for alternative clothing:

There are some specialist stores that are popular only for alternate fashion. They have huge collection of various alternative clothing available. When buying from online stores, do consider these tips.

  1. I am Attitude
  2. Rebel Circus
  3. Darkside Clothing
  4. Rebels Market
  5. Spiral USA
  6. Too Fast Online
  7. Infectious Threads
  8. Good Goth
  9. The Culture Trip
  10. Tragic Beautiful

This was a little information on the various alternative clothing that is far off from the mainstream commercial fashion. You can checkout the options in the various online stores and try your luck at the yard sale and thrift shops.

Which is the alterative clothing style you like the best or would like to style if given an opportunity?

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