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Any girl would go crazy for fashion jewelry. It gives the outfit a touch of feminism and glamour. Be it necklaces, bracelets or earrings; girls can never have enough of them. Let’s take a look at the different kind of earrings and what looks best based on your face cut, occasion and hairstyle.

Types of Earrings

Stud Earrings

cube-earrings-0[1]Stud earrings are worn everyday by men and women. They float on the ear or ear lobe with no visible connection point and hence have a distinguishing characteristic from other earrings varieties. With a post at the tip, that penetrates through the ear piercing and held by a removable friction back or clutch. In some cases, studs have a screw at the rear that secures the earrings. This helps in preventing expensive  earrings from being lost or misplaced.

Hoop Earringsdrop-earrings-18k-colorful-0[1]

Hoop earnings are circular or semi-circular in shape, just like a hoop. They typically have metal tube with a skinny wire attachment at the tip, that penetrates straight through the ear. This tube is hollow and is designed for the to go through the ear and securing it in place back to the tube.

Dangle Earrings

elegant-champagne-crystal-drops-0[1]Dangle earrings, conjointly called ‘chandeliers’ go through the ear piercing and flow down from the earlobes. Obtainable in various lengths, starting from one cm to shoulder length, danglers are hooked up to skinny wires that go through the ear to be connected with a small hook at the rear. French hooks are a variation of dangles, that droop from the ear, with no closure at the rear, although tiny plastic retainers are typically used at the ends.

Slave Earringsslave-earrings

Slave earrings are worn on formal occasions, like weddings. In such a kind of jewelry, the stud is connected with a fragile chain to the ear cuff or a cartilage piece worn higher on the ear. Slave earrings are usually worn to support weighted dangle earrings and divide their weight.

Clip-On Earrings

Real Pearl Stud Clip On Earrings - GreyAmongst the non-pierced earrings, clip-on earrings are the oldest and most preferred. They need a tension clip, that secures the jewelry to the ear by pinching it into the ear lobe. Attachable earrings were extremely in style in America, however their quality started declining with the approaching of punctured earrings within the sixties and seventies. However, attachable earrings are once again gaining recognition recently, although their prominence is rare.

Magnetic Earringsmagnetic-earrings

Magnetic earrings are extraordinarily in style amongst those who don’t have punctured ears. The jewelry in in place by attaching the earring to the ear lobe with a magnetic back, through magnetic attraction. It’s because of this magnetic attraction that these earrings stay in place, thereby resembling punctured studs. Magnetic dangle earrings or magnetic back earrings are perfect for teens.

Stick-On Earrings

stick-on-earringsStick-on earrings are a novelty item extremely in style amongst children and teenagers. They need adhesive backs that stick to the ear lobe, giving the looks of a punctured stud jewelry.

This kind of earrings has its own pros and cons. They are extremely affordable, thereby it can be bought in large numbers. No worries if they are lost. The disadvantage is that they last as long as the adhesive lasts. They are pretty much use and throw earrings.

Which Earrings to Fall for ?

Earrings by Closure

Earrings are available in many alternative varieties – studs, hoops, danglers, pendant and attachable. Studs and hoops generally have a backing manufactured from metal or plastic to carry the jewelry in place, whereas danglers can hook into the outlet and droop without a backing. Sling backs or fold backs are danglers which have clasps that snap into place. Chandeliers and discs are often studs or danglers. Select stud backing for earrings and loop dangles with light-weight. Heavier ones would need further backing or a sequence that goes over the ears.

Earrings by Face Cut

If you have got a spherical, short face, long earrings like chandeliers and chain earrings could look awkward and so will small studs. The simplest variety of earrings for you could be a stud with a little dangler which will balance out your face. Long faces could dwarf a pair of stud earrings.  If you have got a long neck chain earrings or tassels that lightly graze your neck, it can look lovely too. Long earrings can slenderize fat cheeks and face. If your face is (inverted) triangular then flat disc earrings and hoops can look smart.

Earrings by Hairstyle

Contemplate some dangles and medium sized studs if you are sporting your hair up and away from your face. Giant earrings would possibly look too clunky along with your updos unless you’re in a casual, bohemian surroundings. If you are sporting your hair down, and it is is long enough (till the shoulders or below) select a bigger chandelier jewelry.  Earrings that are too tiny can hide due to your hair and not be seen in the least. Chandeliers are a wonderful possibility if you are leaving your hair down. Hoops and discs look smart with plaits and ponytails.

Earrings by Wardrobe

If you have got a conservative wardrobe for the workplace, then you may need to stay with easy studs and tiny hoops to go along with your trousers and skirts. Here an easy diamond or gold stud is your best bet. On the opposite hand, long dangling chandelier earrings are fabulous to wear with tunics, dresses or jeans for outings. Novelty earrings, asymmetrical coupled earrings are best suited to pairing with casual outfits.

Choosing the proper earrings can build a good impact on people who see you for they can take the attention away from any blemishes, complement your hair-do, and facilitate lengthen or slenderize your face.

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