Accessorizing Your Maids for the Big Day

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Just picking out your bridesmaids’ dresses isn’t enough. Their accessories also need to be picked out, to prevent any unwanted clashing on the big day. If your bridesmaids are sporting matching outfits, their jewelry need not match, and they can experiment with their look within a certain range. It is important that their accessories are congruous to their outfit and to each other. You don’t want one bridesmaid to sport crystal earrings while another to sport feather ones. Yes, harmony is essential. Another essential is simplicity. Let’s look at some ideas you can follow for accessorizing your maids for the big day. These are most important women on your most important day.


Go Bare

You can ask your bridesmaids to go zero on the jewelry, wearing just a simple pair of studs. This look brings out a certain kind of elegance, letting their dress do all the talking. A sparkly dress doesn’t need a heavy sparkling necklace. The minimalist approach has a bonus: it helps highlight your bridesmaids and doesn’t take away attention from their pretty dresses.


bridesmaid-red-dressSynchronize your bridesmaids’ jewelry to follow a certain theme. Their jewelry can be the reflections of your own; if you are sporting crystal jewelry, their pieces can be variations of the same, bringing a harmonious look to the group.

Flower shaped jewelry can be sported too. All the accessories don’t have to be matched to the stone, sometimes sporting just one piece of jewelry, like a brooch or a decorative jewel studded hairpin does the trick.

The aim is to unify you and all the bridesmaids without overdoing it to the point of duplication.

Make it yourself!

This idea is our favorite, because it helps get the look you desire without having to scavenge shops searching for the one piece you want. You can have a fun get-together with your bridesmaids prior to the wedding day at a bead shop and have them create their own pieces. Piecing the jewelry together and gifting them to your bridesmaids is also a wonderful idea!


Matching dresses need to be paired with matching shoes. However, at this stage, your bridesmaids may not want to indulge in expensive shoes after having purchased an expensive dress. Golden or silver shoes compliment any dress color and the style can be such that it can be used later as well. Look for cheaper options of shoes, instead of branded ones. Make sure that the shoes have a minimum of 2-inch heel for an elegant look. Flats don’t go well with long gowns, especially when your bridesmaids are not particularly tall. Heels enhance the look of your legs and hips. If the bridesmaids have floor length dresses, then the shoes need not match. In the end, it’s all about what looks pretty and doesn’t burn a huge metaphorical hole in your bridesmaids’ pockets!

On the other hand, if your maids are wearing different outfits, they can sport different shoes too.

Creativity Counts

You can go beyond the conventional with your accessories, and do something innovative. Sporting fun hair accessories, like flowers, give a very fresh look. Remember, simple is elegant. If you feel that your look will be too cluttered, chances are, it will be. Maybe a single ring can do justice to the whole look and not require further accessorizing.


Your bridesmaids don’t need huge, oversized purses on your wedding day. A small clutch that holds their essentials is enough. While they need not carry matching purses, ensure that their clutches don’t clash with their dresses. The smaller the purse, the better it is. Besides clutches, some other purse options include drawstring pouches and wrist strap bags. Clutches can be simple or all-bling, depending on the dress you sport.


While bridesmaids can go bare neck, sometimes a simple pendant does wonders to the whole look, adding sophistication. However ensure that the necklace goes well with the neckline of the dress. If your bridesmaids are sporting v necks, few strands of pearls look really pretty. If they are wearing a simple dress, a large statement necklace will look glamorous. Generally, 14 inches is an acceptable length of a necklace that goes well with almost all neck lines.


If you are going big on the earrings, make sure that you go bare neck. Earrings can be simple studs or large chandelier earrings, they just need to look good. Again, simple is better. If you intend to go all out on earrings, ditch the large clunky necklace. Simple studs look elegant too, and never go out of fashion. They can be paired with a simple pendant to complete the look. Remember, if your bridesmaid is wearing a clunky necklace; ask her not to wear earrings to prevent killing the outfit.



A beautiful bracelet will look amazing on your bridesmaid’s wrist and be all that she needs for the wedding day. If she is wearing a sleeveless dress, she can sport a chunky bracelet that looks good on her bare arm.

Remember brides-to-be, it all comes down to sporting what you are comfortable in. Give your maids the freedom to pick their accessories. You can ask them to select from a certain type, like pearl accessories for example, and let them do the rest. Another great idea is to gift your bridesmaids their accessories- a token of appreciation that they can wear for the rest of their lives and remember your special day. When in doubt, stick to the basics. Certain looks are timeless and look good with all types of dresses. If your bridesmaid isn’t comfortable with wearing large chandelier earrings, give her the liberty to choose a pair of studs. Also, the type of the metal in the accessories is important to prevent any unwanted clashing with the color of their dress. Clear crystal accessories look sleek and sophisticated. And of course, always remember the perennial rule, when going extravagant on the dress, don’t go nuts with your accessories, it will undermine the dress.