Accessorizing with Whites

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The elegance of a dress can be enhanced by the right selection of accessories. White is the symbol of peace and also gives a unique look and feel when worn. Generally wearing the accessories that match the dress color is also a different way to present ourselves. As mix and match has become the trend of the society, we can accessorize with different types of jewels and other stuff, to look gorgeous.

The Angel Look

white-angel-lookThough white color has a dull look, but if it’s properly used with the right choice of accessories, it could be taken to the next level. The white dress is the spring equivalent of the classic little black dress. The white dress can be fashioned up with the right accessories, i.e. it can be dressed up or dressed down. Decide on the type of look which you would love to see yourself bearing. It’s wise to decide beforehand, whether the occasion demands a glamorous look or a bold look or just a beautiful ethnic style. If the choice of dress and accessories do not suit the occasion then all our efforts will go in vain. Have a clear cut picture in your mind and visualize yourself how you would appear in that white dress.  You can also take tips and fashion fundas from your near and dear ones to sizzle the party. We forget what we own and spend thousands of bucks in purchasing the same product which is already lying at one corner of our closet so it’s high time to reevaluate your closet before you go out for shopping. The shoes, jewels and accessories to match the white dress should be selected properly.

We should always experiment with different mix and styles. Some good mix and match activities can click the right choice to dazzle at the occasion. On the contrary, may be a normal white jacket which you frequently use can be the ideal choice to accessorize the dress with or a scarf or shrug might just suit the purpose.

Watch what you wear

Make sure to dress neatly and present yourself properly. Our way of dressing should always add beauty rather than posing a vulgar look. As white is a transparent color enough care must be taken to give the look that we aim for. Hence set your goal properly and select the right clothing that makes you comfortable. The dress which we are zeroing onto, should feel good, rather than wearing something that would just make other people give a glanced-look and also will result in a tiring face for us which leads to a gloomy occasion. Add color and unexpected elements. Pair a white dress with a chunky, colorful necklace, a unique clutch and strappy heels for a night out with the girls. Fun sneakers make the look more casual and comfortable.

Match your white attire with a simple pearl necklace and classic black heels. This would give you a royal look. Add a silver clutch purse for elegant appeal. A white beaded dress also looks great with a dressy cardigan for colder evenings.

Fashion cult

white-flower-dressBlack dress can be added with any color, as black always gives a unique style statement. Polish up punk rock. Mix up your white halter or white strapless dress with black tights and black ankle boots. Add a black necklace and a shawl or biker jacket, for the evening, and you are ready to rock!

A vintage type of look could be tried for night outs or late night parties. Accessorize a white evening dress with a vintage brooch. Place it directly on your dress or pin it to an elegant shawl. Finally, add a classic silver or golden purse.

The little white dress will never go out of taste. It is always one of the hottest trending options which everyone loves to own. It’s so easy to accessorize this small white dress which is also known as LWD i.e. little white dress. Add a tone of make-up to add a glitz to your look, but make sure you do not apply loads of it and end up looking like Casper!

To choose the right accessories for white dress it’s better to match it up with silver or light bronze shades. The bangles, rings and clutches can fall in the above shade to complement your dress. If you add a silver dangling ear ring or a shining diamond stud, it will add to your beauty. Not only this, a long evening gown can look pretty if you carry a black colored handbag with you. If you don’t feel like donning a gown, a strapless white dress can also have a pretty look if you could carry a black clutch with you.

Handbags for White Gowns and Silver bag for white evening dresses can be considered; Silver bag for your white gown would be an ideal choice to flaunt with your dress at any occasion. The shoes which you select can be either of black color or silver. Gone are the days when people strictly used to wear shoes which would match with their dress. You can also try black colored shrug for your strapless white mini dress. As summer season is approaching, white is the choice for which most of us would opt for, so that they don’t regret it later.

It’s time to choose the right ones

Your hairstyle plays a major role in your outfit. Always keep in mind that each face would suit a different hairstyle. A person wearing a white gown but having with curly hair might just look odd; hence, choose the hairstyle that would suit the outfit as well as face. Always maintain simple jewelry as too much of it will only spoil the outfit.

A simple white dress can look gorgeous if you pair it up with a bright colored belt. Cherry red will give your look a bold pop of color, while a wide gunmetal belt will give your dress a little more of a contemporary feel.

So be wise to make your choice!